Popular Tourist Places in Paris

Popular Tourist Places in Paris

Posted On : 2022-04-07

Popular Tourist Places in Paris

Paris is also known as the most romantic city and is also symbolized as the City of Love.

Paris, the capital of France stands existed for more than 2000 years now and is one of the most loved city.

Each neighborhood here has its own distinct and inherited appeal which attracts a huge number of tourists each year.

Paris is also well known for its fashion buzzes, its energy and panache medieval pedestrian streets and narrow alleyways.

As you move towards the outskirts of Paris you can experience the Bohemian Villages, the old world charms and beauty.

Each corner of Paris casts its own enchantment spell that allures you to visit Paris.

Discover with us some of the Popular Tourist Places in Paris.


The best time to plan a trip to Paris with your family or with your Partner is from Mid March to June and from Mid October to December.

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Popular Tourist Places in Paris.

1. Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower still stands tall in its ranking and also in its inches. The beautiful tower is known as the Tower of Love.

This is the most visited place in France which still continues to attract hundreds of tourists each year.

The tower consists of 18000 iron sections which weigh around 10,000 tons with a reach of about 324 meters in height.

Recently, the Eiffel Tower was renovated and few changes were established near the Garden Area. The Ponds, a grotto and shady pathways have been created alongside the tower.

To visit the inside of the Eiffel Tower which is allowed up to the first level which is placed at 54 meters one has to walk up the stairs or climb through the elevator.

This level of the tower has a guest room where one can rest along with the gift shops where you can buy gift for your loved one.

A cafeteria where you can have munchies, a resto that serves yummy food, and an outdoor terrace which beautiful views.

The second level of the Eiffel Tower needs to be reached via stairs which range from 344 to 346 placed at a height of 125 meters or can be reached by elevator.

This place has a fine dining resto which serves to relish food. This place serves contemporized and delicious French food.

The third level which is the most thrilling place to reach the Eiffel Tower is situated at 276 meters and needs an elevator ride.

The view is worth taking a ride for with your loved one. It shall be the most memorable view of your life.

2. Musée du Louvre

This museum with an area of 2,10,000 is located in the heart of the Paris. The most visited tourist spot.

The remains of the fortress still can be traced in the underground of this museum. This museum was build in the 12th Century.

This museum is divided into eight departments which are characterized as:

  • Islamic Artwork
  • Egyptian antique collection
  • Oriental antique collection
  • Paintings
  • Greek, Etruscan and Roman artworks
  • Objects of art
  • Sculptures
  • Graphic artworks

This museum bags the title of the world's largest museum. This museum envisages the most lavish and stylish architectural work.

Few other ravishing museums which are popular in Paris are:

  • Musee de L’Orangerie 
  • Musee Jacquemart-Andre
  • The Musee Picasso (Picasso Museum)
  • Centre Pompidou 
  • The Louis Vuitton Foundation
  • Musée Rodin 

3.  Arc de Triomphe

Also known as Champs Elysees is built in 19th Century bagging the title of the largest monument in the world.

The monument on its arc has almost 558 names of the soldiers, generals, and great victories of France which gives remembrance to its martyrs and soldiers who have given their life for their country.

This monument resembles the pride and honor of France dedicating the imperial glory of France.

50 meters tall and 45 meters wide with 22 meters deep this monument gives a beautiful panoramic view of Paris.

4. Cruise on the Seine

The best way to enjoy the City of Love is by having a tour on the cruise on the Seine.

This cruise tour is best to be done in the later evening when the lights of the monuments are lit where you get to see the sparkling panoramic views of Eiffel  Tower, Pont Alexander III, Notre Dame and so many more.

The cruise also offers lavish and yummy dinner dates for its visitors.

5. The Sainte-Chapelle 

The Holy Chapelle lies within the Palais De la Cite of Paris included as one of the most important relics Christ crown of Thorns.

This Chapelle is the home to one of the most sizeable stained glass collections famous from the 13th century.

This place also offers various concerts and traditional opera singing which can be refreshing.

6. Disneyland

Disney land is a land of Toons. Get ready to visit two theme parks one with the sleeping beauty castle and the other with the Walt Disney Studios.

There are a variety of entertainment rides, ranging from exciting rides, resorts, dining places, golf clubs, and thrilling adventures.

This place is spread across 4800 acres which makes a day short while visiting Disneyland.

7. Palace of Versailles

This Palace built as one of its kind is one of the most famous palaces in France. It is a symbol of military power and demonstration of French supremacy.

This palace tour is started with the State Apartment leading towards the Hall of Mirrors followed by the Queen's Chamber.

The French Gardens here are worth a visit along with the huge terraces, and building complexes that take you through lavish furniture and artwork.

The Exceptional accommodations and glided works of this palace leave you amazed through life.

8. Jardin des Tuileries

Take a stroll in this public garden which is located between  Place de la Concorde and the Louvre Museum in Paris.

This place is also referred to as paradise by its visitors. The relaxing evening here is one of its kind.

This garden was created by Catherine de Medici and later was allowed for public visitors.

9. Cathedrals

Paris is well known and famous for its Cathedrals. With some of the most amazing architecture and sculptures, there are many Roman Churches to visit in Paris.

Few Roman Churches which are worth a visit are:

  • Sacré-Cœur
  • Notre Dame Cathedral

10.  Pont Alexandre III

This beautiful bridge joins Invalides on the left bank with the Grand Palais on the right bank.

This bridge is also featured in the list of Historic Monuments of France.

One of the most scenic and beautiful places to visit when in Paris is this renowned bridge constructed in 1986 by Tsar Nicolas II.


Paris is one of the most loved and beautiful City to have in your visit list for all times.