What things are famous in Delhi?

What things are famous in Delhi?

Posted On : 2022-04-01

Famous Things to Do in Delhi

When in Delhi keep your eyes rolling because you just can't miss watching each part and parcel of Delhi.

Delhi is not only the capital of India and the heart of India. Delhi is filled with loads of rich culture and charismatic places to wander and get lost into.

Delhi takes you on the tour of the religious places to cultural heritages to some yummy food culture to some exclusive shopping options and much more.

Delhi is the most famous tourist spots not only because of its title of the Capital City but also because of its own significant taboos.

Whether you are a local tourist or a foreign traveler each time you visit Delhi, it keeps you busy and engaged in one or the other activities.

One can never be bored while in Delhi. Delhi has a lot to offer to its tourists and there are loads of Famous Things to Do in Delhi.

Delhi is also one of the connecting City to many other parts of India and has the best travel options to travel from one place to another in India.

Delhi is also an iconic place for residents of eminent politicians of India. One can visit the residential premises of the old ministers or walk through the lane where some are currently staying.

Japji has a list of Famous Things to Do in Delhi. Let us take you through the same.

Famous Things to Do in Delhi.

1. Indulge in some exotic Delhi Street Food:

Delhi is known for its extremely yummy chaat items and sweet flavor items. When in Delhi do not forget to visit Delhi Haat bazaar which offers some yummy food that you shall relish for your lifetime. Indulge yourself into some:

·         Chole Bature

·         Golgappe

·         Chaat Papdi

·         Stuffed Aloo Parathas

·         Sizzling Kebbbas

·         Mouth watering Jalebis

2. Gawking at the ancient Qutub Minar

Qutub Minar is the oldest and most ancient five-story tower from the British Era times. It is named after its creator Kutub-buddin-Aibak and stands mesmerizing till date.

Purely build from white stone and red sandstone this minar has very minute carvings to add to its beauty.

This place has a minimum entry fee and one can visit the place at any time during the day.

3. Jump into some adventure activities

When in Delhi go and leave yourself into a little lighter side of life by indulging in some heart-throbbing fun activities.

Engage in some heart-fulfilling activities that will make you go back to your childhood days.

Get going and indulge in:

·         Go-karting

·         Paragliding

·         Video games

·         Escape games

·         ATV rides

·         Segway rides

·         Boating

4. Sit peacefully at the Temples of Delhi

Delhi not only offers fun filling places and some yummy spots to hang out but also offers some peaceful and tranquil filled places to go to.

Delhi has some of the most beautiful temples to visit and offer your prayers at.

The temples are so beautifully carved that will leave you in awe. The temples have amazing architecture worth seeing.

The peace in the temples will make you want to sit there for hours together.

A few temples worth visiting here in Delhi are:

·         Lotus Temple

·         Laxmi Narayan Temple

·         Akshardham

·         Shree Sidh Shaktipeeth Shanidham

·         Yog Maya Mandir

·         Jama Masjid

·         Chattarpur Temple

·         ISKON Temple

5. Reminisce yourself with the Indian History

India is known as the land with history. Be it ancient British history or even prior to that the Mughal history, India has it all.

India has a wide list of places to see which were constructed and developed by the rulers that once ruled India.

The historic places which were built after the Independence are also a treat to one's eyes and are a must-visit.

The must-visit Famous places when you are in Delhi with historic significance are:

·         Humayun's Tomb

·         Red fort is also known as Lal Kila

·         India Gate

·         Rashtrapati Bhawan

·         Rajpath

·         Indira Gandhi's former home

6. Listen to some devotional songs and poetries

When in Delhi you just can't miss the ancient qawwalis that are been sung through the ages coming.

The best place to hear the ear-pleasing and peace-giving qawwali is at the dargah of saint Nizam-ud-din Auliya.

Delhi is full of quirky and wise poets that blow your wits with their enchanting poems and delivery of the poems.

There are various shows being performed presenting this side of art which has been left out by the youngsters these days.

7. Bus tour

Delhi also offers various cheap options to travel across Delhi and explore Delhi. One can easily take a tour for sightseeing in Delhi on a Ho-Ho Bus just for Rs. 500 a day.

The bus offers half-day, one-day and half-day tour which you can choose from according to your convenience.

This bus takes you around the significant historic places, the haat bazaars, the temples and much more.

8. Shopping spree in Delhi

When it comes to Delhi you can find many varied options to get indulged in some cheap and worthy shopping.

Delhi is well known for its beautiful Jewellery and Silver articles.  If you know how to bargain you can find the most prettiest Meenakari Jewellery, Kundan Jewellery, Imitation Jewellery,  Silver Jewellery, Bangles and Silver Articles at the most affordable prices.

In Delhi, you can also find beautiful antiques to take back to your home and make your home look exotic in every way.

Delhi has the most aromatic and varied range of spices and condiments which enhance the rich taste to your food.

People who have found love for clothing and textiles can find here a rich variety of scarfs, silk textiles, women's clothing, fashion accessories and much more.

Next in place comes the alluring leather articles which can become a permanent love of your life.

If you are looking for some best decorative items for your house at some affordable prices then what best place than Delhi. Find yourself into shopping finest wooden articles, Sandalwood products, brassware, porcelain wares, earthenwares, and much more.

There are various markets offering all these items namely Sarojini Nagar Market, Chandani Chowk, Dilli Haat, Janpath Market, Connaught place, etc.

9. Lose oneself at the Jantar Mantar

This is an open-air observatory with thirteen different instruments which measure the time cycle.

These instruments help scientists to observe various astronomical cycles. These instruments are designed in a form of maize which never fail to amaze.

A nominal fee is charged to enter Jantar Mantar and is open throughout the day for its visitors.

10. Dance like a dancing beauty

 Delhi has a place known as Delhi Dance Academy. This place has two-hour workshops that teach you various forms of Dances.

If you wanna dance like no one's seeing then my friend you are at the right place. Put on your dancing shoes and dance to the rhythm of Bhangra, Garba, Bollywood style dances and much more.

There is a minimum cost levied which includes the Dancing clothes/costumes and video of the choreographed performance.


How much ever we write about Delhi, it will surely fall short of words because Delhi has much more than this !! There are lot more of Famous Things to Do in Delhi.

So pack your bags and just flee to Delhi.


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