Allahabad Famous Tourism

Allahabad Famous Tourism

Posted On : 2021-09-28

Famous Places in Allahabad Tourism

Earlier, Allahabad was known as Prayag as it is near to the Triveni Sangam which is the holy place for Hindu devotees. Allahabad is the oldest city in India which has some greatest monuments and people of all faiths. It experiences all seasons from hot (summers) to cold (winters). However, the best time to travel to Allahabad is from November to March.

Allahabad is the ancient city of Northern India with historic stories. Mostly popular for Triveni Sangam- the confluence of three rivers, the city is worth visiting.

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Let's discuss the best Allahabad tourism places.


As the name says 'Triveni Sangam', it is one of the holiest places in India where three rivers- Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati meet. These three rivers are the most worshipped rivers in Indian Mythology and thus, their meeting point is of high religious importance. It is considered, according to Hindu Mythology, that taking bath in Triveni Sangam is flushing away all the devotee's sins and make them pure.

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Triveni Sangam is also known as 'The Holy Land of Kumbh Mela'. Kumbh Mela is held here once in every twelve years and attracts thousands of devotees from all over the world. Apart from the purpose of purification, devotees also perform poojas for their deceased ancestors.

Things to see in Triveni Sangam

  • Pooja Rituals- It is a different experience to see various poojas performed by various pandits there.
  • Confluence of three rivers- The meeting of three rivers in itself is a sight to behold. While you can see the confluence of rivers, you can also notice the Allahabad Fort constructed by Akbar and the New Yamuna Bridge


It is one of the famous Allahabad tourism destinations located in Muhalla Khuldabad, Allahabad. It is a huge beautiful historical garden that represents Mughal architecture. The garden was built by the Mughal emperor Jehangir in memory of his son Khusro. It represents three sandstone tombs of the Jehangir family: Shah Begum (his wife), Khusrau Mirza (his oldest son), and Sultan Nithar Begum (his sister). The tombs have beautiful stone jaalis to allow the light to fall on the grave. There are Persian verses inscribed on the walls that depict the history of Khusro.

The surrounding gardens are loaded with beautiful green guava and mango trees. The designs of gardens, main entrance, and the three-tier tombs are designed by Jehangir's artist, Aqa Reza.

Top Sights to See in Khusro Bagh

  • Allahabad Museum
  • All Saints' Cathedral Church
  • Chandrasekhar Azad Park

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It is located in the Civil Lines area of the city at Chandrashekhar Azad Park, also called Company Bagh. This spectacular museum was founded on 14th December 1947 by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and was open to the public in 1954 at the Company Bagh area. It is one of the best and largest museums in India having stunning gardens and lawns.

Allahabad museum is known as the largest bibliographic resource in North India for books on Indian art and archaeology. It has a rich and diversified collection of paintings, art, coins, sculptures, ceramics, manuscripts, textiles, archaeological objects, photographs, prints, and much more. Moreover, it also has some personal collections of Literary personalities like Gandhi, Nehru, Premchand, and Mahadevi Verma.

Due to its rich collections of artifacts and art treasures, the museum was taken over by the Ministry of Culture, Government Of India. In 1986, it was declared as the museum of national importance under the Ministry of Culture. The library contains approximately 30,000 books on religion, art, history, culture, Sanskrit. All literary people, students, or scholars visit this library to read books. In addition, the library also possesses journals and encyclopedias.

The library has 18 galleries in total and each gallery displays collections of history, art, and archaeology. Some of the attractions in galleries are:

  • Collection of historic paintings of India,
  • Collection of modern paintings by renowned artists.
  • Pictures and photographs displaying the life and achievements of Mahatma Gandhi. 
  • Coins and postal tickets were given by different countries in honor of Gandhi.
  • Pistol of Chandrashekhar Azad.

Museum Timings- 10.30 a.m- 4.45 p.m


Anand Bhawan or the 'The Adobe of Happiness' is a two-story building offering a wonderful sight with high ceilings, large pillars, spacious rooms, and huge lawns. It was bought by Motilal Nehru, Indian political leader, in the 1930s and had been the home to the five generations of the Nehru family. The former Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi spent her early childhood days here with her father Jawaharlal Nehru. In 1970, this building was donated to India by Indira Gandhi, which was then converted to a museum.

The museum showcases different artifacts of the Independence struggle era of India. Visitors can also see Nehru's bedroom, study room, and Gandhi's rooms. There is also a picture gallery showcasing the life of Nehru.


Prayagraj Fort or Allahabad Fort was erected on the bank of the Yamuna river by Mughal Emperor, Akbar in 1583. It is one of the best tourist attractions in Allahabad tourism due to its magnificent structure and exquisite design.  The fort attracts visitors for its beauty and rich historical past. The beautiful and spacious halls and palaces are the key highlights of this fort.

Currently, a major part of this fort is used by the Indian Army. Visitors can only visit certain parts of the fort as other parts are restricted to the military. It has three entryways and all entry and exit points are inscribed with Hindu and Islamic artwork. Its architecture is a mix of Mughal, Persian, and Hindu artwork. The best way to explore the fort is to take a boat ride during sunrise or sunset.  

Apart from these hotspots in Allahabad tourism, you can also enjoy water sports in the Yamuna. Skiing, para-sailing, shallow water diving, etc. are a must to try. Also, you can explore the Civil Lines market for shopping. The market is full of shops that provide basic needs of performing rituals like sandalwood, incense sticks, etc. You can also get books on religious hymns and philosophies.  


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