Yogadhyan-badri, Badrinath, b

Yogadhyan Badri, also known as the Yoga Badri, is situated at a distance of 13 km from Badrinath and is located at Pandukeshwar near Govind Ghat. Yogadhyan Badri Temple is the adobe of Utsava-murti (Festival-Image) in winters when Badrinath is closed. Lord Vasudev Temple was believed to be built by Pandavas. It is an ancient temple and is a home for Lord Vishnu. 

It is believed that the father of Pandavas, King Pandu meditated at this site so that Lord Vishnu cleanses him for his sin of killing two mating deer. The Pandavas were born in the same place and Pandu also died at this site. It is also believed that Pandu had installed an idol of Lord Vishnu in Yogadhyan Badri. This idol of Lord Vishnu is in a meditative posture and therefore it is also called as Yogadhyan Badri. Moreover, the idol is carved from Shaligram stone which imparts a beautiful look.

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