Self Drive Car Rentals

Self Drive Car Rentals

Posted On : 24-10-2021

Self Drive Car Rentals

Are you are planning a road trip outside the town or looking for a convenient way to cruise around when you are out of town? Japji travels is here to ease your travel woes. With a self-drive car rental from us, you have the freedom to move around and explore places at your own pace. After spending months cooped up in our homes, a scenic drive ups the hills or down the beach is a must! It is also a perfect way to spend some quality time with loved ones, friends, & family without spending too much money.

How to rent a self-drive car

 Nowadays, road trips are increasingly becoming a favorite. Booking a rental self drive car is a far more convenient option than taking buses if you are planning a trip to hills, adventurous places, & many more.

The self drive cars on rent by Japji Travels offered to the customers are in top condition to provide a comfortable journey. It is always better to go by road if you wish to go on a trip with your family or friends. It is a great idea to opt for self-drive car rental services if you are more in numbers.

Self-drive car rental services have become one of the best options especially for people who need a car for a day or a week. An audacious road trip needs the appropriate self drive car, and you can get a car on rent and drive off to amazing locations.

Benefits self drive a rental car

You can treat the self drive rental car like your own for as long as you are using it & also make your drive a lot more expedient. Here are the best benefits of self-drive car rental services:

Privacy: Today because of the pandemic, Privacy in a road trip is a major concern. In a self-drive car, you can have a comfortable drive with amazing music with friends, family, & loved ones. There is adequate space & safety for your luggage in the car.

Flexibility: When we go on a long drive, we often feel the need to take a few short stops, but asking the driver of a taxi to stop after every one hour can be a little annoying to him. You can even take various stops.

Affordability: If we compare the charges of car rental services with that of a cab or taxi, car rentals are always more cost-effective. You can take the self drive car rental services even for an entire month and the prices will be still pocket-friendly for you.

Safety & Security: If you are taking a taxi, there are risks involved where the driver may fall asleep or neglect some safety guidelines. You can easily go for self-drive car services to avoid all these situations. As you drive the car, you can be under control and take a break whenever you find the necessity of taking some rest.

Hygienic: Today, safety is a major concern for all of us. Face Masks, sanitizers, and social distancing norms for a new normal need us to be extra careful, even when we are on vacation. Renting a self drive car will make sure that you have your personal, sanitized vehicle with you so you can commute worry-free.

Self Drive car hire services

Self-drive car hire services at Japji Travels come with unlimited km so you can capture memories. You can either pick up the cars on rent from our predefined locations or have the car of your preference hand-delivered to your doorstep. So what are you waiting for? Time to book self-drive cars on rent and ride with the lowest prices! When you choose a car subscription with us, you can enjoy:

Flexible Rentals: You can rent a self drive car for an hour, a week, a month, or on a daily basis.

Several Options: Choose from our extensive array of classy hatchbacks, comfortable sedans, and spacious SUVs.

All-India Permits: Our cars come with an All India Tourist Permit, so you can drive to any place without any worries.


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