What To Do On Christmas in India

What To Do On Christmas in India

Posted On : 06-09-2022

What To Do On Christmas in India

Ho !  Ho! Ho!

The favorite time of the year which is dearly awaited by all the generations.

Christmas is the favourite festival enjoyed by all generations.

Christmas is one of the most happening festivals that brings a lively atmosphere all around.

Marking the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas is celebrated with the utmost joy and happiness.

Christmas is celebrated all over the world with sheer enthusiasm.

Christmas is a festival of love and light.

Santa is believed to step down into heaven and bless the good ones with gifts and love.

Christmas carols are sung and dances are performed.

Houses are decorated with small lamps or electric lights.

A Christmas tree is being put up at various places and houses.


This year's Christmas is on Sunday, December, 2022.

Next year's Christmas is on Monday, December, 2023.


1. GOA

Reason: There is nothing like celebrating Christmas eve in Goa.

Nightlong parties, the concerts, blue beaches, cocktails and dances are worth your time.

Goa is one of the lit places to celebrate Christmas eve.

Places to Visit: clubs, churches, beaches.

Things to do: Go clubbing, dance out, sing karaoke, and explore the Saturday night bazaar.

2. Kerala

Reason: The Christmas celebration here is tremendous and incredible!

The Christmas carols, the beach parties, the zeal and enthusiasm is worth it all!

Kerala is a serene place to celebrate Christmas.

Places to Visit: Church, beaches, lanes.

Things to do: Sing carols, enjoy Christmas meals, have bonfires on beaches.

3. Manali

Reason: Manali is the best place to visit during Christmas eve.

The perfect snowy Christmas experience will leave you thrilled!

The beauty of the place covered with snow and being lit with lights is altogether a wonderful experience.

Places to Visit: Church, Mall Road, Clubs

Things to do: eat yummy delicacies, dance the night out, shop in Mall Road.

4. Kolkata

Reason: The city gets illuminated with joy and sparkling lights.

Here Christmas is celebrated with a lot of vigor and joy.

You can find ample gifting options to choose from in Kolkata.

Places to Visit: Cathedrals, rock band performances in the grounds, Park Street.

Things to do: Visit exhibitions, and take part in the Christmas carnival.

5.  Delhi

Reason: The festive atmosphere here is unbeatable!

The streets are beautifully decorated.

The atmosphere here in Delhi during Christmas eve is total fun and joy.

Places to Visit: Malls, Dilli Hart

Things to do: Enjoy the theme parties, eat out at restaurants and cafes.

6. Sikkim

Reason: Visiting Sikkim will give you a picture-perfect view of Christmas eve.

A perfect paradise to celebrate a happening Christmas eve.

The place is the utmost clean, beautiful, stunning place.

One of the perfect snowy and mountain-bound places to celebrate Christmas eve at.

Places to Visit: churches, cafes, restaurants.

Things to do: Go on a trek, party all night, eat a feast.

7. Dadra and Nagar Haveli

Reason: At Dadra and Nagar Haveli, one can enjoy a quaint Christmas eve.

Placed between Gujarat and Maharashtra, this place is perfect for a Christmas eve.

The tribal touch here will leave your hearts full.

Celebrating Christmas here is a totally refreshing and unique experience.

Places to Visit: Churches, resorts, clubs.

Things to do: Take a walk on the streets, enjoy yummy meals, visit decorated attractions.

8. Daman and Diu

Reason: The happening cultural shows are the beauty of Christmas eve at Daman and Diu.

Though this place is not so famous to be visited, yet this is one of the fun places to go to.

There are many dance shows, including the Portuguese dance show and many cultural shows.

Zillions of lamps shining in the entire place is a treat to watch.

Places to Visit: Beaches, Churches, Cafes.

Things to do: Attend masses, and witness cultural and dance shows.

9. Mumbai

Reason: Bright lights all over the town and the celebration at the peak is worth a stroll in Mumbai.

The illuminated Christmas trees at various places are worth a watch.

Mumbai is the most happening city where Christmas eve is celebrated with sheer enthusiasm.

Places to Visit: Gateway of India, Marine lines, churches, cafes, clubs.

Things to do: Watch the street lights, go clubbing, shop around, attend mass prayers.

10. Bangalore

Reason: An exuberant festive spirit is witnessed here in Bangalore during Christmas.

From tempting cuisines to desserts, this place has all of it!

Bangalore is one of the best places to visit during Christmas eve.

This place has rich festive and culinary delights.

Places to Visit: Churches, Cathedrals, Bakeries, Cafes.

Things to do: Enjoy feasts, attend the Christmas balls, indulge in shopping.


1. Organise a themed Christmas party for your loved ones.

You can plan and organise a themed Christmas party at your house.

Celebrating a night with your loved ones leaves your hearts fulfilled.

You can dress in various outfits and wear party masks.

Play various games and enjoy the eve.

2. Hold a secret Santa gifting ceremony

Now, who doesn't love gifts !!

Gather a group of family and friends and ask them to wrap a gift.

Prepare a list of names and allot one person to each one to present a gift.

Keep the name of Santa a secret.

Gather the gifts and exchange the same.

3. Build a gingerbread house

This is a fun-loving activity.

Build a ginger bread house and click pictures.

Spend time with your kids and family.

4. Go for a nature walk

Go for a nature walk and take a stroll around.

Enjoy the street lights and decor.

Witness the beautifully decorated Christmas trees.

Hold the hands of your loved one and roam around in the city.

5. Indulge in carol singing

Carol singing is one of the charms of Christmas.

Get some friends on board and indulge in some carol signing.

6. Clean up and Donate

What better than this pure day to clean up your house and donate stuff !!

Donate and witness the precious smiles on the faces of the needy.

Donate the old and the new stuff and make your Christmas even better.

7. Indulge in craft with handmade cards

Handmade cards are the best!

Craft out some beautiful handwritten cards for your loved ones.

Set your hands on some paints and  pencils.

Give away those cards along with some flowers or cookies.

8. Cook a Christmas feast

A grand tasty Christmas food is what makes the day yummy !

Call your loved ones and treat them with a yummy Christmas feast.

Prepare some mouth-watering delicacies.

9. Watch a Christmas movie

Sneak into your bed, put off your lights and watch a Christmas movie.

Gather your loved ones around, eat some popcorn and enjoy the movie.

Enjoy a relaxing Christmas night !

10. Enjoy the Christmas lights

Put on some Christmas lights and lamps at your house.

Take a sneak peak around the streets and witness the beauty of the Christmas lights.

Take beautiful pictures, cherish the memories.


Christmas is a festive full of love and light.

You can celebrate it with full zeal and enthusiasm anywhere in India.

Christmas eve is a day that can be fully enjoyed by all generations.


Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Where can we celebrate Christmas In India?

A1. The happening places wherein Christmas is celebrated in a lit way are Goa, Kerala, Daman and Diu amongst some.

Q2. What is the average climate during Christmas in India?

A2. The average climate during winters in North is in single digit whereas the rest of India is pleasant and cool.

Q3. Is it a good time to visit India during Christmas?

A3. Yes. It is a perfect time to visit India during the Christmas.

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