Best Time to Visit Nainital for Snowfall

Best Time to Visit Nainital for Snowfall

Posted On : 18-11-2022

Best time to visit Nainital for Snowfall

There is a serene charm found in the hills of Nainital, no matter when one decides to come. When snow-blanket mountains surround a crystal lake, the belief becomes obvious- this lovely town is a grace by Naina Devi, a divine sanction come true. The village provides a pleasant peaceful respite from the oppressive heat in the summer. This is why it is captioned, “The Queen of Hills”.

This inquest, the best time to travel Nainital for Snowfall arises in every mind when they read about the unexplainable charm that snowfall brings. One of Uttarakhand's premier tourist spots, it has subtropical highland weather. As a result, the hill station only experiences snowfall every two to three years.

But Nainital used to significantly be covered with ample snowfall, whenever it happened. As a consequence, a lot of people enjoy coming here throughout December and January.

Which month witnesses the heaviest snowfall in Nainital?

  • It's advisable to make plans in advance because the Nainital mesmerizing snowfall time is surely unpredictable. The temperature range marks between 1.1 and 12 degrees Celsius. Apart from that, the town has a comfortable environment for most of the year.
  • However, it is predicted that climate change would cause Nainital and the other nearby places to see four to five snowfall events this year. Snowflakes can be seen from late December to early January, which is the coldest period of any year making it the best time to travel Nainital.
  • Around Christmas time in December, snowfall begins. And more snow is expected during the upcoming weekend and month. As a result, you can take in the vistas of Kilbury Bird Sanctuary, High Altitude Zoo, Bhimtal, and Nakuchiatal.
  • The greatest time to visit Nainital to view snowfall is in January, which is also peak snowfall season. At this point, the entire hill town may become completely covered in snow. The town is battered by hailstorms and torrential rain in February and March, though.

How to enjoy the Snow time in Nainital?

  • You must take a cable car to the snow view point if you visit during Nainital's snowfall season. It looks just stunning from above as you can see the entire city as well as several other nearby objects.
  • Due to either the amount of snowfall or the windy days during the month, you can find it difficult to take the cable car. So, always have a few extra days on hand.
  • It is also regarded as the ideal month for honeymooners because they may take in the breathtaking scenery while planning their itinerary. Fresh snow on the coniferous trees gives them a larger than life appearance.
  • In clear skies, you can also engage in activities like paragliding at various locations. Snowshoeing, climbing Tiffin Top, participating in the Nainital Winter Carnival, and shopping at the Tibetan Market in front of the Naina Devi Temple are all enjoyable activities you may do while it snows. Make snow creatures with your travelling companions, of course.

Summer Time in Nainital

  •  The summer months in Nainital run from March to June, and are typically thought to be pleasant for a day of touring. This time of year, the typical temperature ranges between 10 and 25 degrees Celsius. It is recommended to go boating after 4 p.m. because the afternoons can be extremely hot at times, especially in the months of May and June.
  • Heavy rainstorms are predicted in July, and they can last all day. Rainfall in July and September may cause occasional road bottlenecks, but state government personnel promptly clear them. Due to the monsoon season being an off-season, hotels provide excellent discounts and deals for visitors during this time.
  • Since the weather in October is neither too hot nor too chilly during the day, it may also be a nice time to visit Nainital. However, at night, there is a distinct coolness in the air.
  • The winter season in Nainital begins in November and lasts through February. The coldest days of this season saw temperatures that drop to 0 degrees Celsius, giving the atmosphere a lovely foggy beauty. If you enjoy snow, consider travelling between the end of December and January.


If you visit Nainital during snowfall with Japji Travels, you will truly experience a piece of heaven protected by the lopsidedly plunged mountains of Nanda Devi and get revitalized by Nainital Lake. We offer you the finest experience you would never want to forget in a lifetime.


Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Does the weather change frequently in Nainital during winters?

A1. One must always be ready with raincoats and umbrellas. The weather is really uncertain during winters. We can expect heavy rainfall and hail storms also

Q2. What are the best places to visit within Nainital?

A2. Mall Road and Tiffin Top are two exotic places not to be missed when you go Nainital. The magic that the lake does cannot be put into words.

Q3. What essentials to carry along during winters in Nainital?

A3. First-aid-kit, shovel to remove snow from the roads, along with heavy clothes to avoid exposure of skin during winters.

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