Kerala Announces Caravan Tourism policy

Kerala Announces Caravan Tourism policy

Posted On : 2021-09-20

Kerala Announces Caravan Tourism policy

'Caravan' refers to the specially built vehicles that are used for travel, relaxation, and stay. The concept of Caravan tourism became quite popular across the globe due to its flexibility and freedom to the holiday. It promotes comfortable and safe family tours even in those places where there is a lack of hotel accommodations.

With the increasing demand for wildlife, adventure, and pilgrimage tourism, there is a need to stay in remote areas, deserts, or forests where there are inadequate accommodations. In such situations, Caravan tourism can certainly help the tourists by providing all facilities, thereby adhering to quality standards and security norms. 

Where pandemic has hit the tourism industry so badly, Kerala tourism is trying to reinvent itself by launching 'Caravan Tourism' which will roll out in few months. Launched by Kerala Tourism Minister P.A.Mohammed Riyas, the Caravan Tourism policy promises a safe and nature-connected experience to visitors. To ensure tourists' security, real-time monitoring of Caravans will be arranged.

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With the launch of houseboats that made Kerala the most visited and global destination by giving tourists a wonderful experience, this new project of Caravans tourism will be a successful product. Moreover, the spots which are least explored will now be easily made accessible with the help of this project.

There will be two types of Caravans. In one type, there can be 2 guests accommodated whereas, the other one can accommodate a family of four members. The two major parts of the Caravan project are Tourism Caravan and Caravan Parks.

Tourism Caravans India

Tourism Caravans involve exceptionally designed vehicles that are specially built for tourists' travel and stay. This project will aid in promoting tourism activities for the benefit and growth of local people by offering attractive investment fundings to Caravan operators.

It will also give the chance to local communities to showcase their crafts and culture to tourists, thereby promoting their local products. The tourism Caravans will possess all amenities such as:

  • Sofa cum bed and dining table
  • Kitchen with fridge, microwave oven
  • Air Conditioner
  • Internet connection
  • Toilet bay with freshwater supply
  • Audio/Video facility
  • GPS facility
  • Charging system
  • Bharat Stage ii compliant vehicle

Caravan Parks

Caravan Parks are the places that enable the visitors to park their vehicles overnight in allotted spaces and go on to their designated destination. 

  • These parks will be operational 24*7 and will provide totally stress-free environment to tourists.
  • These parks will be absolutely safe and secure areas equipped with all necessary features required for safety like patrolling, cameras, compound walls, and other safety arrangements.
  • There will also be medical facilities available in case of medical emergencies. 
  • The parks will also have Tourist Facilitation Centres (TFC) that will provide all the information to tourists about the amenities and services available.  
  • Other services such as, toilet facility, laundry facility, electricity and lightning, and constant water supply will be provided.

In addition, environment and hygiene-friendly practices will be encouraged for sustainable growth. The practices like waste and sewage disposable, recycling, composting would be encouraged in an eco-friendly manner.


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