Why should you visit Ramoji Film City for an unforgettable experience?

Why should you visit Ramoji Film City for an unforgettable experience?

Posted On : 2022-06-11

Ramoji Film City (Hyderabad)

Nothing is more important than a beautiful tourist spot for making you curious about other people's opinions and the world around them. Some great personalities on the globe devote their lives to completing your dream location. Cherukuri Ramoji Rao is a prime example of this creation, and he created archival whereabouts in India. Ramoji Film City covers a total area of 1665 acres. Ramoji Film City, established in 1996 by the Ramoji Group, is a dreamlike celluloid voyage.

C. R. Ramoji Rao built the world's largest film complex. 

Ramoji Film City, India's largest film studio complex, will always welcome you. It is the most popular tourist site in Hyderabad for family vacations or corporate outings. Over 1.5 million tourists visit this location each year. Ramoji Film City is the dream project of film producer Ramoji Rao, who wanted to establish a Hollywood-style studio. Nitish Roy developed the design of Ramoji Film City. 

We recommend a day trip to the Land of a Million Dreams as a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for kids, teens, families, and friends. We recommend that you and your family have a weekend visit to experience the Ramoji Film City day tour's variety of fun, entertainment, and excitement. Ramoji Film City, a fantastic vacation resort, is well-known for its filmmakers.  

With their magnificent moments, they adorn every nook and cranny of the film city. The Ramoji Film City studio tour transports tourists on a nostalgic journey through filmmaking, complete with larger-than-life film sets, enlivening thematic gardens, tranquil fountains, and a slew of other surprises. Travellers can visit movie sets, theme parks, and amusement parks, among other places. Experts are working on completing the Ramoji Film City with rainforests and hilly areas without removing a single tree or mountain. The studio features a central location for the many film units shooting. 

What are the top must-visit places in Ramoji Film City? 


  • A Tour of Film City

Ramoji Film City arranges a vintage tour bus to take you on an unforgettable journey. You may tour the Live Studio to meet your favourite celebs to shoot their scenes.

  • Princess Street

The beautiful Princess Street in Ramoji Fim City comprises magnificent structures that look like they are in a foreign city. 

  • North Town

You may come across exquisitely detailed North Indian cityscapes and architectural models.

  • Bhagavatham Set

Bhagavatham Set always aims to preserve the good things for as long as possible. The beautiful sets from Ramoji Film City, where the famous series aired years ago, were used to keep the legendary series alive.

  • The Askari Garden

The gorgeous garden of Askari, which has a shelter-like building in the centre and a stairway, is a multi-layered work of art that embodies nature's utmost exuberance. At Ramoji Film City's first garden, Askari, one can find peace and tranquillity at every turn.

  • Japanese Garden

The theme of the Japanese Garden, which features a pagoda-like tower and other decorative elements, is memorable.

  • The Sun Fountain in the Garden

The Sun Fountain is beautiful with its flowing water and horse-drawn carriage. It can host any celebration in the great outdoors, in nature.

  • Mughal Garden 

The Mughal Garden is a strictly Islamic reproduction of Mughal-e-Azam. It is a pleasant visit to a historical recreation of the Royal Period! The Mughal Garden is stunning, with its magnificent carvings reminiscent of Mughal architecture.

  • Sanctuary Garden

You can explore a wildlife refuge's surroundings, including sophisticated and well-kept topiaries of elephants, deer, peacocks, giraffes, and other creatures.

  • Angel Fountain

Near some of Ramoji Film City's most popular attractions is the Angel Fountain, which serves as a symbol of beauty.

  • Kripalu Caves

The Kripalu Caves are a wonderful place to visit if you want to feel at one with nature. The cave depicts Kalinga Magadha's diverse beliefs, history, and Bodhisattva. The Kripalu Caves are a must-see as you exit a beautiful treasure of art and spirituality.


Where to stay in Ramoji Film City?

The Sitara-Luxury Hotel and TARA-Comfort Hotel are the best hotels located on the premises of Ramoji Film City. Both hotels are next to each other. They offer delicious multi-food platters spanning Indian, Chinese, and Continental cuisines at the 24-hour dining restaurant. The Hotel Tara at Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad, is a 3-star comfortable resort with over 125 well-appointed Executive Rooms. We guarantee a relaxing vacation that combines superior comfort, beautiful ambiance, and personalized services. Sitara Hotel has over 165 rooms with dining facilities. 


Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What is the address of Ramoji city?


  • PIN Code: 501512 Ramoji Film City, Hayathnagar, Rangareddy, Hyderabad South East, Hyderabad City, Telangana [TS], India
  • Ramoji Film City # 10–76, Mayuri, Begumpet, Hyderabad – 500016. You can call the toll-free number 1800-120-2999 for discounts on group packages.

Q2. What are the best dining options at Ramoji Film City?

A2. Galaxy Restaurant: Located within the Sitara Hotel, Galaxy Restaurant is a multi-cuisine restaurant. It has a reputation for surprising customers with its innovative and accommodating techniques. If you're fortunate enough to arrive just on time, you might have lunch in the location where your pet dined.

Super Star: Super Star gives you the unique opportunity to dine with some of your favourite blockbuster celebrities.

Dil Se: Tourists know this restaurant or its Desi tadka.

Q3. What religious services are available at Ramoji Film City?

A3. Religious services such as Shivaratri, Navratri Puja, and Sankranti Avtar Samavartana are available at Ramoji Film City to celebrate their faith by chanting bhajan and hymns regularly.

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