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From world-famous heritage sites, cultural hubs, and serene gardens to unmatched street food.  Fine dining, and nightclubs, the list of things to do in Delhi is endless. Whether you choose to explore the evocative architecture of the city’s monuments, sample the best street eats in its by-lanes, learn something new at the impressive museums, or party the night away in a club, you’ll realize that Delhi can be a perfect companion for solo travelers. So get ready to discover Delhi’s best experiences.

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Delhi for the solo traveler is like a Pandora’s Box that has many things in store and one can explore and enjoy them once the mind is ready to get to know the city at its core. Let’s talk about where to travel alone in Delhi, solo places to travel in Delhi and places should avoid.

Transport Options in Delhi: Metro and Buses

The first thing one needs to figure out before hitting the streets of Delhi is the way to commute. The capital of India is easy to navigate through the city with amazingly well-maintained road connections. Ring Road and Outer Ring Road, the two main streets in Delhi are the lifelines of the city. Furthermore, if you plan to tour the city on the road, these two streets are something you need to mark clearly on your GPS. But perhaps the best way to explore the city is by the famous Delhi Metro.

If you are a solo traveler trying to get the pulse of Delhi, we’d suggest you make the Delhi Metro your main conveyance mode. Or else, you can hop on a city bus that connects the city through various routes. So where to travel alone in Delhi? Let’s check it out!

Get Moving Conveniently

Delhi is well-connected with flyovers and broad roads that make road travel convenient and relatively hassle-free. The city has all forms of public transport you can think of—Delhi Metro, local trains, Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) busses, radio taxis, auto-rickshaws, and cycle-rickshaws. Spread across all directions of the National Capital Region, the Delhi Metro makes it fairly easy to commute to various parts of the city, even for those traveling solo. Yes, to explore solo places to travel in Delhi you can use all the transports. Just stay conscious.

Building Memories: A New Visitor Tour to Delhi

There are plenty of interesting places to visit in Delhi. Whatever your interests, the capital city is bursting at the seams with a plethora of tourist attractions. Sift through the multitude in favor of these top ten—ranging from museums and heritage monuments to gardens, places of worship, high-end shopping hubs, and bustling localities—there’s enough to keep you on your toes. Additionally, if you’re a first-time visitor to the city, these spots will help you discover the city in all its glory, so make sure they feature on your itinerary.

  • These places are not only fantastic for traveling alone, but also for meeting new people and engaging oneself in art and culture.
  • With a variety of events, and creativity, this location is not only ideal for solo travelers but also for meeting like-minded people and immersing yourself in art and culture.
  • If you’re thinking about where to go alone in Delhi or solo places to travel in Delhi, this is an amazing choice. Furthermore, it is a safe and inviting environment, making it a famous option for single travelers as well as places should to avoid.

Delhi’s Stunning Evening Strolls

Nightlife in Delhi is thriving thanks to a booming independent music scene and an ever-increasing number of youngsters who like their music up close and personal. The city supports a vibrant live music culture that draws in talent from all around the globe. Ranging from small independent acts to international bands, globally acclaimed DJs, alternative local musicians, and electronic acts.

There’s a plethora of live acts taking place at different venues around the city on any given evening. The next time you’re in the capital, head to any of these six venues to catch a slice of some seriously live action. However, there’s more to understand where to travel alone in Delhi.

Experiencing the Unusual in Delhi

The capital of India is a place known for its multi-faceted identity and a Pandora’s Box of surprises and pleasant goodies. A cultural hub and a historical city, Delhi is a traveler’s paradise. and there are plenty of things to do and experience in the city.

But it is not that Delhi is only ideal for culture lovers and casual travelers; it has plenty for adventure seekers as well. Moreover, for adventurous souls, there are plenty of places to visit in Delhi that will shine a new light on the capital city. Far from the madding crowds—or in some cases, right at the heart of them—these experiences will leave you with memories that you’ll recall long after you’ve left.

Creating Limits: Security in Delhi for Solo Travel

  • Avoid rush hours and crowded places to travel safely. Choose off-peak travel times for a more relaxed experience.
  • Use app-based cabs or auto-rickshaws for convenient and secure travel. Additionally, be cautious and take extra precautions when traveling after dark.
  • Stick to safer places. Furthermore, be aware of touts and scammers who may approach you.
  • Keep your belongings secure and be cautious with strangers. Similarly, stay within a well-known and safer side. Additionally, avoid venturing into unfamiliar or less safe areas, especially after dark.
  • Opt for ride-sharing services. Ola and other cabs when returning to your hotel late at night for added safety and convenience.

Stay Secure and Aware in Delhi

Where to travel alone in Delhi? Start your day with a visit to Humayun’s Tomb for a serene experience.
Moving on to Solo places to travel in Delhi. Moreover, explore the peaceful and spiritual ambiance of Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, and don’t miss the langar’s delicious meal.

Discover the iconic Red Fort, a symbol of India’s rich history and a must-see attraction. Dive into the bustling lanes of Chandni Chowk to experience the vibrant local culture. This is one where to travel alone in Delhi option.

  • Take a stroll along Janpath, a well-known shopping street. Experience a modern twist at Hauz Khas Village, a chic and artistic hub.
  • Where to travel alone in Delhi for high-end shopping? The answer is to head to Khan Market, the perfect place to indulge in retail therapy.
  • Enjoy solo places to travel in Delhi. The charms of central Delhi during daylight. Furthermore, make sure to explore these places before 10 PM for a delightful solo adventure.


There’s no shortage of things to do in Delhi. While a packed itinerary is essential to cover ground in the city, there are times when you need a time-out. Work hard, play hard! Also, in the intervening time, pamper your body, mind, and soul at one of these heavenly spas. From customized packages tailored to your stars to scientifically engineered rooms that cure insomnia. These five spots will pamper you silly and hit all the right spots.

If you’re planning to explore solo places to travel in Delhi, here are some smart tips to stay safe. Make sure you keep your id, and emergency contact details in a super safe spot. Thus, stay smart and enjoy your adventure in Delhi!

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