A journey to the city of temples with erotic Architecture- Khajuraho


Madhya Pradesh is one such state of India which is having rich history. It acts as a home to some of the best monuments representative various historic periods. Being one of the popular world heritage sites loacted in Central India the temples of Khajuraho has many stories to share with the people who love travelling and learning the history of monuments of importance.

The Khajuraho temples are a perfect representation of human imagination which is artistic and creative in every sense.  The brilliant architectural work and representation of eroticism will make you fall in love with the history of the temples of Khajuraho.

If you look into the pages of History you will find the names of the temples of Khajuraho during the time of Abu Rihan al Biruni in AD 1022 and also during the period of AD 1335 in the notes of Arab traveler Ibn Battuta. History says that there were total 85 temples located in Khajuraho and now only 25 of them still exist. Government is conducting serious preservation work for maintaining the architecture of the temples. The survived 25 temples are spread across an area of 9 square miles. History says that Khajuraho used to be the religious capital of the Chandella Dynasty. The rulers of this dynasty made every possible effort to keep politics away from all religious sentiments and activities. Just for this reason the kings established the capital at Mahoba which is located at a distance of 60km. There were total 8 gates which were constructed for entry and exit with walls. The interesting part is that for every gate there were 2 palm trees which we Indians call as Khajur tree. Based on the name of this tree the place got its name and named as Khajura-vahika. Later it became popular as Khajuraho.

During the period AD 1150 Khajuraho Temples faced huge destruction and that was because of the Chandella dynasty fall. Another interesting part of the story of Khajuraho is that from 13th century to 18th century the temples of this place remains covered by forest and remain unknown to outsiders till the  time to was rediscovered by T. S. Burt, who was a British engineer.

The history of this city is very rich in culture, creativity and exceptional architectural work.  Apart from the temples here you can visit the Raneh fall and Ken Gharial Sanctuary. You can visit the temples on your own hiring a tempo traveller if you are here in group or you can hire a taxi. If you are looking for a good package to Khajuraho then we can say that it will ideal to bank on the notable tour and travel agencies which organized such tours with all major facilities for solo and group travelers. If you want to go deep into the roots of the history of Khajuraho then we will suggest you to hire a local guide who will explain the true story behind the construction of each temple and erotic figures sculptured on the temple walls.


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