The Best Time to Visit Mexico

The Best Time to Visit Mexico

Posted On : 2022-09-21

What is the Best Time to Visit Mexico

Summary: Mexico is an American country located in the south of Northern America. Tourists flock to this wonderful country during the dry season owing to its interesting geography and scenic locations. Here is a brief on the best time to visit Mexico.

Whether the margaritas or the dancing senoritas are calling you, this vibrant North American country has something for every type of soul. The fascinating country of Mexico has always been on the avid traveller’s bucket list for its diverse geographical regions, vast Caribbean coast and eclectic lifestyle. The best time to visit this huge country is during the dry season between December and April. The weather changes are subjective to the region you are travelling to in Mexico. Here is a detailed guide on the best time to visit this country to help you plan your holidays more efficiently.

Things to Do in Mexico?

Mexico City, Cancun and Mayan Riviera and Cabo San Lucas are some of the most interesting cities to visit in Mexico. When in Mexico, do add these mentioned-below locations to ensure you make the most of your trip:

  • Visit the Playa Del Carmen in the Yucatan Peninsula to enjoy a hippie vibe and relax under the Mexican sun or take a dip in the crystal clear blue beaches.
  • Enjoy the scenic sites at Tulum beach and spend time snorkelling or diving in the turquoise blue waters.
  • Wonder at the colonial charm of the Izamal city, also fondly known as the 'Yellow City'.
  • Mazatlan is a 20th-century historic city which should be a must inclusion in your itinerary.
  • Visit Guadalaraja to get a taste of the Mexican culture, food and history.
  • Do visit Los Cabos to wonder at the desert merging with the sea.

these are some of the best destinations to visit in Mexico. Going ahead, let us understand the best time to visit Mexico.

How to Reach Mexico?

Mexico is well-connected by sea, land and air. Here is how you can reach this country:

  • If you are living the in the U.S, you can consider reaching Mexico by rail or car depending upon your location.
  • If you are planning to visit Mexico from a different country or continent, you can travel via sea or air.

Mexico City has Latin America’s busiest airport connected to major cities in the world. If you are planning to travel by rail, American Track offers rail connectivity to various regions along the Mexican border from different cities. Mexico has plush cruise services to Pacific and Caribbean Mexico for those who wish to travel to this decadent land via sea.

A Brief About this Magical Land

Mexico is a vibrant North American country world-famous for being a diverse geographical and cultural haven. It is one of the few countries that offers an intriguing union of deserts, volcanoes, coral reefs and beaches. The climate here is as diverse as its topography.

The best time to visit Mexico largely depends on which region you plan to visit. Mexico has four main seasons. May to November is known as the low/wet season here with the climate being hot and rainy to pleasant. December to April is the peak/dry season with the climate ranging from warm and rainy to chilly. The dry season is the best time to visit Mexico. The temperature hovers around 23 degrees Celcius during this time.

Mexico is a huge country sprawling over nearly 800,000 square miles. It is split into 32 different states, each having a different climate during a particular time of the year. Owing to the diverse geography here and depending upon the time of the year you choose to holiday in Mexico, we have listed out the best/most visited tourist places here and the apt time to visit them.

Best Time to Visit North Mexico

Commonly referred to as El Norte, northern Mexico encapsulates the famous cities of Puerto Penasco, Tampico, Monterrey, Saltillo and others. With an extremely dry climate with day temperatures rising up to 45 degrees Celcius in the summer and night temperatures dipping below freezing at night in the winters, the Baja California area in the El Norte is flocked by tourists between February to March to the much-acclaimed sea kayaking and whale sighting. The now worldwide famous dishes Nachos, Quesadillas and Burritos were born in Northern Mexico.

Best Time to Visit Central Mexico

The capital Mexico City located in the central region enjoys a year-round tourist base. The best months to visit Mexico City are from March to May. The central regions surrounding the capital city have a moderate climate throughout the year. The crowds are more intense during this time and the airfare and lodging prices also skyrocket. Central Mexico is home to a UNESCO world heritage site Plaza de la Constitucion.

Best Time to Visit the Coast

The best time to visit the coastal regions of Mexico is the months between November to April. The weather is dry with low humidity. The days are warm and the nights are cool. Famous cities such as Merida, Playa del Carmen, Cancun and others along the Gulf of Mexico enjoy a humid and hot climate in the summer months between July to September. Mexico beaches are among the best in the world with scenic locations, crystal clear waters and vibrant resorts. Tourists flock to these beaches in the dry season to enjoy wildlife sightings and whale watching.

Best Time to Visit South Mexico

The months from July to August and December to January enjoy the best season and climate in South Mexico with January being the peak tourist season. The lowlands here enjoy a warm subtropical temperature the year round, while the mountainous areas have a more pleasant climate. When in the south, do visit the cliff of Acapulco – famous for diving, Guanajuato city – famous for its historic charm and colonial-era architecture, the Mayan sites of Tulum and Chitchen Itza and the Caribbean beach resorts at Cancun and Cozumel.

Final Thoughts

The best time to visit Latin America for good weather is in the dry season between December to April when one can enjoy the maximum outdoor activities like cenotes, surfing or ziplining. The best time to visit this country for cheaper prices is in the shoulder season in April, May, mid-October and early November. It is the brief period before the rainy season.

However, if you are a beach bum, the best time to get the maximum out of the beaches in Mexico is between December to March. Although winters, the temperature is typically moderate in these months. The Monarch butterflies swarm the skies from December to March. They are typically hibernating in Mexico for winter. If you would love to catch a glimpse of these colourful creatures painting the skies, then do book yourself the incredible Monarch tour from Mexico City.

Depending upon the region you want to travel to and the time of the year you choose for your holiday, Mexico has something to offer to all kinds of travellers. Choose wisely and plan your Mexican itinerary well.


Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What months are the hottest in Mexico?

A1. The hottest months in the South are April and May. July to September are the hottest months on the Pacific Coast and Yucatan region in the north is the hottest from May to September.

Q2. Is Mexico safe for tourists?

A2. Mexico has a high rate of violent crimes such as kidnapping, murder, sexual assault or robbery. It is advised not to travel alone at night outside major city areas. While speaking to strangers do not draw attention to your belongings or money.

Q3. Which part of Mexico has the best weather year-round?

A3. Mazatlan has the best coastal climate throughout the year in Mexico. The winters are sunny and dry here with low humidity. There is no chance of rain and the nights are refreshing and breezy.