Rajasthan Trip Budget: Hotels, Activities, Days & Places

Rajasthan Trip Budget: Hotels, Activities, Days & Places

Posted On : 2024-05-01

Rajasthan Budget Trip Guide for Hotels, Activities, Best days and Places

Find Rajasthan at its best, on the budget side, with our guide to the Rajasthan tour budget. Without any second thoughts, find out the very best and inexpensive ways you experience the awe-inspiring sites right from the historic forts to the hustling markets of this amazing world. Find out how to make the most of your trip here in Rajasthan while at the cheapest tourist budget to enjoy every moment without stressing yourself with the financial demands.

Rajasthan - The land of Kings and Timeless Traditions 

 Rajasthan – the land of kings, where every corner witnesses the echoes of the long-gone age. The attractions of Rajasthan are also as dazzlingly varied as they are fascinating, allowing a glimpse into the lavish beauty of the past. From the majestic forts and palaces of Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Udaipur, to the vibrant bazaars full of colorful textiles and handicrafts, it is just a moment of time travel. Unearth the intricate architecture of ancient temples, hop on a camel and cross the Thar Desert by its golden sands, or dive yourself into the rhythmic music and dance. The tourism of Rajasthan allures with its vibrant cities, sheer beauty of its lakes and serene landscapes which is beyond all doubt leave an unforgettable memory for the visitor that eternally resonates with the echoes of its glorious past and age old traditions.

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What is the Budget for Rajasthan Tour 

The trip over Rajasthan gives much more than a gamut of experiences but being smart with your budget allows you to avoid draining your pockets and have a memorable trip. With proper planning you will be able to enjoy the best of Rajasthan's tourist places. With an average daily budget around Rs.1,500 per person including lodge(accommodation), food(meals) and local transportation, you can easily travel this imperial land without financial stress. And for couples, a week's tour would cost around Rs 21000, with hotel prices from Rs1500 to Rs2500 per night. Account for Rs.300 per individual as a meal cost and Rs.200 for local transport in total while calculating the budget per day. Families will be saving per-person cost, and the trip will still be fruitful even if you stay for longer periods or adopt a slower pace. This Cheapest Rajasthan tour plan  will turn out to be both meaningful and memorable. 

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  • Note: above suggested cost does not include any long journey travel fare such as air, train, bus fare

Rajasthan Budget Hotels with Price and facilities to plan an amazing Rajasthan Budget Trip 

Rajasthan Budget Hotels  Best Highlights for Rajasthan's Budget Hotels  Budget 
Le pension Kesar Vilas  Offering Terrace accommodations, Restaurant, AC Rooms, Flat Screen Tv's, Private parking and Wi-fi connection  900-1000 INR 
The Desert Pride Hotel  Free Wi-Fi, restaurant, terrace. Rooms with toiletries and private shower. 500- 1000 INR 
Casa De Kaku  Air-conditioned suites, free Wi-Fi, private parking, bar. Garden and children’s playground.
2500 INR Approx 
Narayan Palace  TVs, attached bathrooms, and upgraded suites. Free parking, Wi-Fi, Asian restaurant, bar.
1000 INR Approx 
Shahpura House Mughal and Rajputana architecture - Spa - Swimming pool - Lavish rooms - Attached bathrooms - Mini-bar - Flat-screen TV - Restaurant - Views of Aravalli Hills and Fort Amer 3000- 5000 INR Approx
Kankariya Heritage  Air-conditioned rooms - Free Wi-Fi - Restaurant - Spacious family rooms - Free toiletries - Shower - Flat-screen TV - Vegetarian breakfast - Daily breakfast buffet 2900 INR Approx
Ranbanka Palace   Genteel rooms - Flat-screen TVs - Seating areas - Mini fridges - Two restaurants - Polo-themed bar - Outdoor pool - Spa - Event space 3300 INR Approx 

Rajasthan Budget Trip: Key Tips to plan cheapest Rajasthan Tour Budget

  • Choose Rajasthan's budget-friendly accommodations like Le Pension Kesar Vilas or The Desert Pride Hotel.
  • Opt for cost-effective transportation options such as buses or trains for intra-city travel.
  • Explore local street food and affordable eateries to save on dining expenses.
  • Visit free or low-cost attractions such as forts, temples, and local markets to experience Rajasthan's culture without overspending.

Rajasthan's Best Budget Activities with best time to visit 

Rajasthan Budget friendly Activities Best Time to Visit  Highlight for lowest Budget Rajasthan Trip  Monument Entry Fee if any / Other charges
Mehrangarh Trip  Oct- March  Exhilarating Mehrangarh zipline ride for stunning views of Jodhpur, perfect for those on the lowest budget for Rajasthan trip.
INR 100 for Indian nationals, Foreigners pay upto INR 600
Hot Air Balloon Ride  Nov- March  One recreational activity you can enjoy on your trip to Pushkar is a hot air balloon flight for stunning views.
Starts from 9000 INR 
Explore Mount Abu  Oct- February  Breathe in the picture-perfect scenery and undefeated sunset points when in the region for an unforgettable trip that stays within your financial limits. Not Required 
Udaipur Boating  Oct- March  Relax on our motor boat rides with a very affordable price on Udaipur's lakes. 400-500 INR Per head 
Thar Desert Camping  Oct- March  Budget-friendly tents in Jaisalmer or Jodhpur's Thar Desert under a sky full of stars. Starting from 951 INR 
Jal Mahal Night Visit  Throughtout the Year  Calmness and peace of Jal Mahal located on Man Sagar Lake in Jaipur with your wallet intact. No entry Fee
Dune Bashing in Thar  Oct- March   Adrenaline rush of sand dune bashing in Jaisalmer at the Thar Desert on a budget.

1500- 1700 INR 
Visit Bhangarh  Daytime, throughout the year 

Spooky Bhangarh, experiences a nostalgic depiction of the old times. 

Charges forVideo Camera INR 25
Visit Albert Museum  Throughout the Year  The attractive Albert Museum at Ram Niwas Garden in Jaipur, with its lights on at night, is a befitting place for the backpackers among us with low budget plans of a Rajasthan trip. 300 INR For Indians and 1000 INR For Foreigners
Explore Akshardham Temple  Throughtout the Year  Have a look at Japiur's Akshardham Temple for its wonderful architecture on a budget Free Entry 


Rajasthan's Best Budget Activities with best time to visit Therefore, traveling on a budget to Rajasthan gives an exquisite experience at a cheap-cost. Equipped with a myriad of inexpensive tourism venture opportunities and accommodation systems, Rajasthan budget tour ensures that every traveler may live the traditional culture and amazing scenery of the state to full extent. From visiting spectacular forts to participating in exciting adventures, Rajasthan with warm hands and wombs satisfies wanderlust of every realm and price. Therefore, whether it is walking through the golden sands of the mighty Thar Desert or delighting in the gorgeous architectural wonders of Jaipur, Rajasthan will welcome you with its attraction, and its low cost for all irresistible visits.


Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Which types budget and affordable accommodations available for tourists in Rajasthan?

A1. Rajasthan presents a spectrum of affordable accommodation like guesthouses, hostels, budget hotels in cities such as Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Udaipur. Together with the regular heritage choices of homestays and campsites in a desert, you can find a way to have a one of a kind experience in the same way.

Q2. What are some low-cost activities that we can do in Rajasthan?

A2. There are a lot of cheap ways to enjoy in Rajasthan such as you go to the historical forts and palaces, move to the nearby markets, ride camel safaris on Thar Desert, attend cultural performances, and taste different kinds of roadside food.

Q3. How can I navigate Rajasthan without spending too much?

A3. Visit Rajasthan by taking a budget-friendly public transportation like bus and train. They are cheap and easy to use. Besides the fact that taxi sharing or local tour guiding can be pushed up to share costs among the group. Renting a bike or choosing a Rajasthan budget- friendly package tour will certainly not be a bad alternative.