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Travel Tips for Ranthambore Tour

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One of the largest national parks, The Ranthambore National Park, is situated in the Sawai Madhopur district, in the state of Rajasthan. The park is famous for its exquisite wildlife which includes tigers, lions, elephants, and whatnot. Visit there and you will be totally fascinated! Well, if you are planning your trip to the famous Ranthambore National Park, before going there you need to keep in mind some very crucial traveling tips so that you enjoy a pleasant and memorable journey.

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What does a Ranthambore holiday include?

• A Ranthambore holiday is super fun! Firstly, you get to choose how long you want to stay in the park and explore other places in Rajasthan. Moreover, it is in a place called the Golden Triangle circuit, where you can visit other spots too!
• Usually, people spend about three days in the park. Go on Jeep safaris to see amazing wildlife like tigers. Additionally, you can also check out the old temple of Shri Ganesha and the grand Ranthambore Fort. It has a view of the big lake called Padam Talao.
• Do you love wildlife, especially bird watching and spotting tigers? If yes, then you might want to stay for a whole week in Ranthambore! Moreover, for even more adventure, you can go on a two-week safari tour. You will see not only tigers in but also lions in Gir Forest National Park. And who would want to miss the jungle cats in Blackbuck National Park in Gujarat?
• The places to stay around Ranthambore are nice, from simple hotels to fancy safari lodges. Furthermore, all the places to stay are outside the park, and the closest city is Sawai Madhopur. It has a lot of cool places to stay too!
• Climb up the hill and explore the ancient fort! Hop on a safari ride with a big group and spot amazing wildlife.
• Visit Ranthambore School of Art to see beautiful local artwork and be amazed!
• Explore Kachida Valley and head to the outskirts for breathtaking landscape views!

We have more Travel Tips for Ranthambore Tour for you. Let us begin!

Travel Tips for Ranthambore Tour

Ranthambore Fort

1) The very first thing that should be kept in mind is the clothing. Totally sober and eco-friendly clothes should be carried according to the season. Prefer neutral colors which suit the surroundings. If you have any doubt, regarding the same, you must contact the Japji Travels, Tour Operators in India. They will provide you with proper guidelines for the Ranthambore tour package.

2) One must consider his or her budget while making the Ranthambore Trip for the entry fee in itself is too expensive. All future expenses must be kept in mind before finalizing any such trip. Contact the Tour Operator India and get a rough idea about the same. Quite a serious matter!

3) Transportation is yet another aspect that should be kept in mind. As per the rules of the park, only authorized vehicles can enter the area. Hence, bookings should be made beforehand to avoid any problems on the journey.

4) Along with these certain minor issues like some medicines, extra food, communication facilities, etc. can be taken care of. To get to know about the dos and don’ts while making this tour, one should contact Japji Travels and they will clarify all your doubts at once. As the saying goes,’ Prevention is better than cure’.

Travel Tips for Ranthambore Tour: Things to carry

• Hey, birdwatchers! Make sure to bring your binoculars. They’ll help you spot all the amazing birds in Ranthambore!
• Oh, and don’t forget to wear a sunhat to protect your face from the bright sun. It can get pretty sunny during the day, so the sunhat will keep you cool.
• And guess what? You’ll need a camera to capture all the awesome moments of your trip! From tigers to beautiful landscapes, you’ll want to keep these memories forever.
• Finally, remember to carry your identity card. It’s an important document that you might need during your trip.
• So, with all these things ready, you’re all set for a fantastic and unforgettable adventure in Ranthambore! Have a blast!

Let us tell you some travel tips for the best way to reach Ranthambore National Park

  1. The nearest railway station to the park is Sawai Madhopur Junction.
  2. The best and most affordable way to reach here is by train from Delhi.
  3. The train ride takes about 5 to 6 hours.
  4. Alternatively, you can hire taxis from Delhi to reach Sawai.
  5. Once you are in Sawai City, you’ll find plenty of cabs and autos to take you to your hotels or guesthouses.
  6. Get ready for an awesome adventure in Ranthambore National Park! Enjoy exploring the wildlife and having lots of fun!

Here comes the most important tip: Experience a fantastic trip without any additional charges! Yes, you heard it right. But how? Let us find out.

If you want to go on an affordable Safari, the easiest way is to do it online. In the past, you could book at offline counters, but now it’s all done online. So, just register and book your tickets on the government website.
Once you’ve booked, it’s time for the exciting part! Head to the old safari booking centre, where you’ll find the boarding point for your safari. Get ready for an awesome adventure as you explore the wild wonders of Ranthambore National Park! Enjoy your safari and have a fantastic time!


What is the best time to visit?

Hey there! If you’re planning to visit Ranthambore National Park, guess what? May and June are super cool months to go! The weather gets hot, around 34-35 degrees Celsius, and sometimes it can even go up to 40-41 degrees Celsius. Here we have a tip! Travel in summer because during these hot months, tigers come out more often to drink from the lakes and water sources. That means you have a better chance of seeing these amazing creatures during your safari!

Sure, the heat might be intense, but don’t worry, it’s all part of the adventure! So, get ready to explore and keep your eyes peeled for those majestic tigers. It’s going to be an unforgettable journey! During the rainy months of July to September, Ranthambore National Park takes a break from safaris to let the tigers have their special time. After the rains, you can go on exciting safaris again and see all the animals.

Travel Tips for Ranthambore Tour: Safety

  1. Be gentle and kind to the wildlife, just like you would be with your friends.
  2. Don’t feed the animals or try to touch them.
  3. Try not to make loud noises, as it might startle the animals.
  4. Remember that you are like a guest in the animals’ home.
  5. Never get off the jeep during the safari, it’s important to stay inside where it’s safe.

Here’s a tip that will help you plan your budget:

  • The timings to visit the park are from 6:00 AM to 9:30 AM in the morning and from 3:30 PM to 7 PM in the evening.
  • The entry fee to the park costs around Rs.170 to Rs.200 for Indian visitors.
  • If you want to go on a safari in an open Jeep, the hire and guide fee is Rs.1200 per person. It’s going to be an awesome adventure! What do you think?
    And lastly, here’s a yummy travel tip for your taste buds. Don’t forget to try their mouthwatering Indian and Rajasthani dishes!


In a nutshell, a Ranthambore tour offers a thrilling adventure for wildlife lovers. Remember to keep yourself safe and respect the animals. So, are you excited for your Ranthambore adventure? Make it unforgettable!

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