Scintillating Destinations To Explore In Jaisalmer

The sand dunes, exhilarating forts, natural beauty, traditional culture and invigorating history define Jaisalmer. Dotted with enticing places, Jaisalmer is perfect for laid-back and enthusiastic holidays. 

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Are you planning your next vacation to Jaisalmer? Then, follow the below list of places to visit in Jaisalmer and feel the visual treat.

Align with ecstatic energy with fantastic destinations of Jaisalmer

Want to excite the wanderlust in you? Well, then you need to visit Jaisalmer. To know the facts and best places to visit in Jaisalmer, read on!

Gadisar Lake

Are you visiting Jaisalmer for a short trip? Then, Gadisar lake is among the best places to visit in Jaisalmer in 1-day. What makes this lake worth visiting is its serene environment. 

Once upon a time, this lake was the only source of water for nearby people. Encircling the lake there are a few holy shrines. The view of sunset and sunrise, the breeze, chirping birds make it an ultra-soothing destination of Jaisalmer. 

Bada Bagh

The golden tombstone lined up in the desert of Jaisalmer is the Bada Bagh. It is a cremation place dedicated to the noble souls of war and their families. 

Visit the place in the evening to witness the beautiful sunset scene. Take a walk in this complex garden, watch the different birds and the surrounding environs. Bada Bagh is a place to seek tranquillity and to set off from the hustle and bustle of life. 

Jaisalmer Fort

Amid the desert region of Jaislamer is this stunning fort with extraordinary architecture. Places to visit in Jaisalmer Fort and around is marvellous and will take you back to the bygone era. 

The royal architecture is what makes this place so enticing. It looks like a golden fort rising from the Thar desert. Moreover, the golden sandstone and huge walls create a magnificent appearance. This is an unusual sight, hard to ignore. 

“Patwon Ki Haveli”

Does a large mansion enthral you?  If yes, then you must visit “Patwon Ki Haveli”. This is one of the best places to visit in Jaisalmer if you are a history buff or love old architecture.

 It’s an amalgamation of five Havelis, and the striking feature of this place is, it has sixty balconies. Now, that’s quite interesting. Also, the intricate carvings, mirror work and wall paintings are just out of the world. Such architecture is difficult to find in today’s era. 


One of the hidden places in Jaisalmer is the Lodurva village. Away from the city chaos, just surreal beauty and yourself is what to experience in Lodurva. 

The village was once prominent, but now it is abandoned. Visitors can visit ancient Hindu and Jain temples here. Feel the silence soothing your mind, and enjoy a peaceful vacation at Lodurva. 

“Sam Sand Dunes”

Get ready for a package of entertainment amid the surreal golden sand stretches of the desert. Here there is entertainment, scenic views, and many more to keep you hooked.

The camel ride and desert safari are the prime attractions here. Moreover, the sunrise and sunset view from the desert is more than just beautiful. To indulge in the cultural vibe, ditch the Jaisalmer hotels, and book your stay at the luxurious desert camp. Here you can witness folk music and dance, other activities and get the opportunity to savor the cuisines of Rajasthan. 

Khaba Fort

To feel the eerie vibe of Jaisalmer, visit Khaba Fort. With extreme surreal views and brilliant architecture, it is one of the haunted places in Jaisalmer. There are incidents of uncanny activities here, so for people who love to feel spooky tales, Khaba Fort is your place.

Other than supernatural elements, Khaba fort offers the ultimate place for photography. The surrounding green field and the peacocks strolling around are a view to capture. One can visit the museum of the fort and observe ancient items here. 

Tanot Mata Temple

Very close to the border of Indo-Pak lies this magnificent “Tanot Mata Temple”. The diety of the temple has shown the miracles of her existence.  In the Indian Pakistan War, the Tanot Mata has protected the lives of Indian soldiers. 

Despite continuous bombs thrown by the opposite army, no bomb got exploded. And visitors can witness the unexploded bombs in the temple museum even today. One should visit this temple when in Jaisalmer to seek the grace of Tanot Mata. 

“Nathmal Ki Haveli”

Are you searching for exclusive places to visit in Jaisalmer in 1-day itinerary? Then, you should include “Nathmal Ki Haveli” in your travel list. Here, you can explore the gold leaf paintings, exquisite carvings and intricate works of the royal era. 

You can also get to see the hints of modern amenities in this Haveli. Explore this mansion and witness the architecture of the royal time. 

The places to visit in Jaisalmer will redefine a way of the royal lifestyle. Plan an exquisite trip in the magnificent land of Jaisalmer and experience its charm.

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