Raneh Falls to the breathtaking Khajuraho

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The “Heart of India,” Madhya Pradesh, boasts several undiscovered and underestimated attractions. Raneh waterfalls, around 22 kilometres from Khajuraho, is one such beautiful location that is well-liked by locals but mostly unknown to outsiders. This blog provides a tour of the magnificent waterfalls and emphasizes the details you’ll need to know to organise your trip.

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How can you reach Raneh falls?

  • By Road – From Khajuraho, the closest town, the best route to Raneh Falls is by road. For a day excursion, taxis, cabs, and local cars are widely accessible; however, their prices do not include admission costs.
  • By Train: Khajuraho is the closest railhead, which is well connected to numerous locations. The nearest train station, Mahoba, is accessible through public transportation if travelling from Jhansi.
  • By Air: Raneh Falls may be reached in about two hours from Khajuraho Airport, the closest airport.

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Best Time To Visit:

If you’re wondering what the most fantastic time to go to Raneh Falls is, you should go there from September to November. The primary waterfall comes to life during this period, which is post-monsoon. The main waterfall and the river Ken that feeds it are both dry at other periods of the year. You must stop at Raneh Falls if you are visiting Khajuraho. Adventurers can also choose the trekking track close to the fall.

Thing To do at Raneh falls

Here are the things that you can enjoy visiting at Raneh falls:

Ken Gharial Refuge

The Ken Gharial Sanctuary is among Khajuraho’s most well-known and significant tourist destinations. The location receives hundreds of visitors each year. They travel here to view the gharials and other native wildlife, such as spotted deer, sloths, Nilgai, and wolves. All those who enjoy the outdoors will appreciate this site.

Fort Ajaygarh

The Ajaygarh Fort in Madhya Pradesh’s Panna area is the second top attraction after Raneh Falls. The height of this old structure is 688 metres. You cannot miss seeing this location while in Khajuraho. Explore Ajaygarh Fort to delve into the history of this state and the nation.

The dam at Beni Sagar

The Khuddar River is where the Beni Sagar Dam is situated. The infinite dam’s splendour is fascinating. The dam is 8 km long, and the area is surrounded by beautiful greenery. Visitors are drawn to the site by its breathtaking beauty. You will undoubtedly adore this location if you enjoy the outdoors.

Archaeological Museum

This museum has more than 2,000 sculptures and artefacts. You may discover a lot here about the customs and cultures of the Jain and Hindu faiths. You must go here at least once if you enjoy studying history in depth.

Temple in Khajuraho

This is one of the most well-liked tourist destinations in the area and is situated in the Chhatarpur district. UNESCO has included this location on its list of World Heritage Sites. The temples’ distinctive Nagra-style architecture and sexual sculptures are its main draws. Your vacation to Khajuraho and Raneh Falls is complete by visiting this temple.


The Grand Canyon of India is referred to as Raneh Falls. It is one of India’s undiscovered locations that barely anybody talks about. However, you must be familiar with this location if you’ve been to the Khajuraho Temple. That is a result of its proximity to the temple. Even though Khajuraho is one of India’s most popular tourist locations, foreigners and Indians rarely travel there. The valleys that surround the waterfall give the area a beautiful appearance. Volcanic explosions carve the canyons, whilst the waterfalls are created naturally.


What is the most efficient way to get to Raneh Falls?

Raneh Falls may best be reached by road. Several government bus services are headed in that direction.

What time does Raneh Falls start operating?

The best time for visitors to the location is in the morning because evening visits are dangerous. It is only open for two to three hours each day.

What are the months that are best to visit Raneh falls?

The best time during which you can make the most out of your visit for the Raneh falls is October to December.

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