Bhimkund’s mysterious Blue Water Lagoon

Posted On February 11th, 2023

About Bhimkund’s mysterious blue water lagoon

Bhimkund is a naturally formed subterranean lake in Chhatarpur District in Madhya Pradesh. This lake is considered to be a holy water tank, as it is related to Hindu mythology. Bhimkund’s mysterious blue water lagoon is so deep that no one knows about the depth of this water tank. This water tank is named after the Pandava called Bhima from the Hindu mythological epic Mahabharata. The water of Bhimkund is so clean, pure, and transparent that you can see fish swimming at the bottom.

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Things to do when visiting Bhimkund’s mysterious blue water lagoon

  • You can take a dip in Bhimkund as it is considered very holy.
  • Bhimkund is very mysterious as no one knows its depth.
  • Visit the famous Panna National Park which is close to Bhimkund.
  • You can visit the Khajuraho Temples, which are famous for their magnificent carvings and sculptures.

How to reach Bhimkund

By FlightKhajuraho Airport is the closest airport to Bhimkund. You can catch a flight to Khajuraho and then take a cab to reach Bhimkund from Khajuraho.
By TrainYou can take a train and get down at Chhatarpur Railway Station, which is called Maharaja Chhatrasal Station. Bhimkund is 77 km from the railway station.
By RoadYou can reach Chhatarpur from major cities such as Delhi, Bhopal, etc. You can reach Bhimkund via roads.

Timing & Entry Charge

  • Entry fees: There are no entry fees to visit Bhimkund.
  • Timings: The best times to visit Bhimkund are between 9 am morning to 6 pm.

Nearest attractions to Bhimkund’s mysterious blue water lagoon

S.NoAttractionTimingOff DayDistance from Bhimkund
1Panna National Park6 am to 6.30 pm Wednesday afternoon 112 km
2Khajuraho Temples8 am to 6 pmOpen on all days 94 km
3Sanchi Stupa6 am to 6.30 pmOpen on all days 221 km


Bhimkund’s mysterious blue water lagoon is shrouded in mythological legends. This is a fascinating day trip from Bhopal. This lake has many mythological legends behind Bhimkund, which makes it very attractive to tourists. This natural pond is one of the best-unexplored places in Madhya Pradesh. A dip in Bhimkund is one of the best activities you can do. Take time to explore the nearby places too like Panna National Park and Khajuraho Temple Complex.


Is it safe to swim in Bhimkund?

Yes. You can have a dip in Bhimkund’s mysterious blue water lagoon, but only if you know how to swim and have experience in diving.

What precautions to take when visiting Bhimkund?

While visiting Bhimkund, avoid going deep into the cave, and don’t swim for too long as no one knows the depth of the water tank.

Where will I find hotels and restaurants near Bhimkund?

You can stay in hotels or resorts in Bhopal or Chhatarpur, which have many good restaurants too.

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