Knowing the Hidden facts about The Taj Mahal of Agra

Taj Mahal


Taj mahal, the symbol of love, is considered among the Seven Wonders of the World. Famous Mughal Emperor constructed Taj mahal during 17th century in the memory of his wife Mumtaz. This history is known to all but very few of us know well about the mysteries of Taj mahal. Well, let us take a look at the mysteries of the Taj mahal.

  • Calligraphy: This is really interesting to know that the name of Allah has been scripted all over the architecture with excellent calligraphy. Once you notice the calligraphy, you will surely get surprised to notice that there are 99 names of Allah written both in the interior as well as exterior of the monument.
  • Color change: The beauty of this monument is highly inspiring. We can observe the changing colors of Taj Mahal under different sunlight. There is a myth that this change of color symbolizes the change in mood of a woman. In the morning, the color of Taj mahal remains pinkish and as the day progresses the color of this structure gives a flavor of milky white. There is no doubt that this adds some excellent gleam to this wonderful architecture.
  • Expenditure over 32 million in INR: This famous architecture was made 300 years back and this is really surprising to notice that 22000 labors worked to make this construction. Nearly 32 million Indian currencies were expended at present value. To carry marbles for construction, more than 1000 elephants were engaged. This took 17 years to complete the project. Lots of precious gems were used to make this monument more attractive but unfortunately, during British reign many precious stones have been taken away.
  • Four Minars at four corners: Tilted four minars of Taj mahal are also extremely attractive to the tourists. Well, there is a scientific cause that the constructions of these minars have been made for prevention against the earthquake.
  • Surreptitious passage: There is belief that there are some certain rooms as well as passages within the Taj mahal which have not been disclosed to the audience till date. These are still date remained closed since the era of Shah Jahan.
  • Water stream: Inside the monument, you can notice a stream of water and till date the source of this stream is still unrecognized.
  • Perfect symmetry in construction: If you notice thoroughly then you can notice that there is accurate symmetry between all the walls or rooms or gardens except the tombs of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz.
  • Conflict of religion: Religious conflict is there with this monument. As per many people this monument was actually a temple and the sealed rooms are having the idols of Lord Shiva. To avoid any religious fight the government also took decision to keep the rooms sealed.

The above 8 are certain mysteries which are hardly known to many of the travelers from different parts of the world who already explored the beauty of this monument.

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