Enchanting Serolsar Lake (Seruvalsar Lake) Best Time To Visit, Things To Do & Tips, Seraj Valley, Kullu

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Seraj Valley, Kullu

Himachal Pradesh

Serolsar Lake (also known as Seruvalsar Lake), is the one of the most preferred tourist attractions in Himachal pradesh where you can reach here conveniently. This lake is 5 kms away from Jalori Pass. There are many amazing things that you should know about this lake. Let's discuss!

Best Time To Visit Serolsar Lake

What’s the Timing? The Best Time To Visit Serolsar Lake is from March to November because December to January might be the coldest in temperature with heavy snowstorms.

Serolsar Lake - The History 

There is a fascinating story about Serolsar Lake or Seruvalsar Lake that you should know! It is believed that a snake goddess Budhi Naagin used to live under the Serolsar Lake. She is considered to be the mother of nagas. And there is a temple near the lake to worship her. 

Another story is a beautiful story about how birds living near the trees of Serolsar Lake pick any leaf or things which get dropped in the lake. This is why you can always witness the waters here clear like crystals.

Also, the authorities make sure that this place always lives up to its heavenly name by checking everything often. 

Best Hotels To Visit in Serolsar Lake

Here are the best hotels to visit in Serolsar Lake (Seruvalsar Lake):


Hotels In Serolsar Lake



Bradhi - Echor Riverside Resort Jibhi

Beautiful Location & Cozy vibe


Mandukya Resort

Luxury Villa & Breathtaking views


Maple Outhomes

Best Staff Services & Food in Variety


The Hidden Burrow

Simple Healthy Food But Delicious Too!


Mirella Stays

Welcoming Staff & Perfect Service

Interesting Things To Do At Serolsar Lake

To make this journey amazingly memorable, follow our guide on all the things you can do at Serolsar Lake:

  1. Start with a thrilling trek from Jalori Pass to Serolsar Lake. Then, sit in peace to take a look at the magnificent view of trees surrounding the Serolsar Lake perfectly. 
  2. How about a picnic with your family or friends before reaching the lake? You can even meditate and feel the pine-scented air here.
  3. Take a holy visit to the Serolsar Temple, which is solely dedicated to Budhi Naagin (Mother of all Nagas or Snakes). Pray with both your hands closed and feets bare. Listen to the enchanting bells of this temple peacefully.
  4. Take your family to the exploration of all lush green pine trees and the super mountainous view all together. 
  5. Take a short trip to the villages near Serolsar Lake. Educate yourself about their culture and traditions. Eat a good meal at their small cafes. 

Travel Tips 

You must’ve planned your first Serolsar Lake visit already! So, it’s time to know about some important travelling tips:

  • Be alert about your group members and surroundings. You might face pick-pocketers or local robbers in the crowd. You might find one towards your trip to the villages.
  • Drink plenty of water during your visit to Serolsar lake as you can’t drink from it. (Pun-intended!) The thing is, you will feel dehydrated with low energy in your body while trekking there.
  • Educate yourself and your children before visiting any place about any kind of unwanted situation like, Getting lost in the way, being separated from the family, buying any cheap stuff at big prices, etc.
  • Plan your entire itinerary with the help of a knowledgeable travel agent beforehand.

This way, your whole Serolsar Lake journey will be a great success


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