Tirthan Valley Tourist Places

In the peaks of Himachal Pradesh, a gem is hidden somewhere - Tirthan Valley! You might want to escape your hustling life after discovering this peaceful paradise. Located on the banks of Tirthan River (Kullu District), This place is known for its extraordinary lush green forests and pure air. While the Tirthan Valley River is known for its crystal clear water, Great Himalayan National Park is full of mesmerizing flora and fauna. You will find Snow Leopards and Musk Deer to Western Tragopan sitting there in their natural habitat. Then you will move your feets to trek the valleys there. And this isn’t enough!

Where to begin this adventurous journey? Let’s discuss the best Tirthan Valley Tourist Places To Visit This Year:

Must Visit Places In Tirthan Valley

Tirthan Valley is calling you! These are the tourist places where people visit every year with great enthusiasm and awe:

  • Tirthan Valley
  • Tirthan River
  • Chhoie Waterfall
  • Jibhi Waterfall
  • Jibhi Adventure
  • Sunshine Himalayan Adventures
  • Trek with Tek- Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP)
  • Great Himalayan National Park - Trek and trails
  • The Raghupur Fort
  • Shri Shringa Rishi Temple - Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh, India
  • Mini Thailand
  • Lambri Top
  • Chehni Kothi
  • Jamala village
  • Jalori Pass
  • Bashleo Pass
  • Trek With Mountain Man - Great Himalayan National Park
  • Jalori pass trek & camping
  • Seruvalsar and Manimahesh Lake

Things To Do Tirthan Valley

After knowing all tourist places, let's focus on the main attraction. What would you do at these spots? Ever thought about it? Following are the tips to make your Tirthan Valley Vacation memorable.

Take a Leisure walk near the edge of Tirthan Valley rivers and then get awestruck by the high peak valley in the icy breeze of Chhoie Waterfall. Then, visit The Raghupur Fort to witness the top view of Kullu and Manali together. Our next destination should be Shri Shringa Rishi Temple to feel a soulful connection to the god. Then continue your journey to Thailand (Yeah! You’ve heard it right.) A Mini Thailand dwells in Tirthan Valley, where visitors feel a close link to nature. And this list continues...

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What is the best time to visit Tirthan Valley and its attractions?

A1. Summers are always the best time to visit Tirthan Valley in the ranges of April-June to September-November.

Q2. Which is the most convenient way to reach Tirthan Valley?

A2. Begin with Kullu Manali Airport towards public buses or taxis.

Q3. What are the best places to stay there?

A3. Guesthouses, Luxury resorts, Campsites and more.

Q4. How is Mobile network connection there?

A4. Restricted in specific remote areas.

Q5. Is Tirthan Valley affordable enough to take my family on vacation?

A5. Yes, it depends on your budget, requirements, travelling duration specifically.