City Palace, Jaipur

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    2 Hour

  • Best Time To Visit

    October To March

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    Sunrise To Sunset



City Palace, Jaipur

City Palace is one of Jaipur's most prominent tourist attractions and a key landmark. During his reign, Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh erected the magnificent palace. City Palace stands out among Jaipur's forts and palaces due to its excellent art and architecture.

City Palace, sprawling and beautiful, is the embodiment of Rajput tradition and culture in Jaipur. Visit this beautiful palace if you enjoy forts, learning about their history, and learning about the lifestyles of royal families. Apart from the City Palace, Jaipur's Pink City is dotted with forts and historical jewels that are now available to tourists.

Located in Tulsi Marg of Gangori Bazaar of Jaipur, the City Palace is one of the rare sites in the world where one part is designated for the royal family's dwelling and the other is available to the public as a museum and courtyard. Many weapons from several historical times may be found here. Explore the lovely courtyards, where privileged guests were formally welcomed. The palace also has several ancient collections of royal family personal things.

Best time to Visit

The best months to visit City Mahal, Jaipur is between the months of October to February and the best time to visit City Mahal, Jaipur is in the winters as Jaipur is a very hot city altogether and winters will make it a little colder but only as to be comfortable enough to have a good vacation. The best time is when it is not so cold and not too hot as well. The ideal time to visit would be between noon and evening around at 3: 00 to 5:00 pm or you can do the evening tour which might be a little less fun since you cannot see the beautiful architecture very well. That time would be around 7:00 to 10:00 pm.

Things to do

There are some amazing things that you can do in City Mahal, Jaipur like taking a look at the royal guest house, Mubarak Mahal, Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II's last addition to the old palace. This palace is a wonderful mix of three separate civilizations' designs: Mughal, Rajput, and British. Other than that, The Mubarak Mahal presently contains a textile and handicrafts museum, which displays Royal products and clothing.

After leaving the Mubarak Mahal, you must pass via the Rajendra Pol gate. The main palace, the Moon Palace or the Chandra Mahal, can be seen from here. The Palace is seven stories high, with certain areas still occupied by the Royal Family. A larger-than-normal flag flies atop this palace. The word "Sawai," which means "one and a quarter," is said to have inspired the size of this flag.

Other than all of this, there are a lot of beautiful and exquisite paintings, architecture, statues and especially the diverse types of gates and their structures.

Attractions Nearby City Palace

The most popular attractions near the City palace, Jaipur are Jantar Mantar, Hawa mahal, Albert Hall Museum, Jal mahal, etc.

Jal Mahal: The Jal Mahal is a magnificent palace built half-submerged inside Man Sagar Lake, a man-made lake. It is lovely in its own right, and the sight of a brightly illuminated palace in the center of the lake is heavenly.

Jantar Mantar: It is the monument nearest to the City Palace. The ticket office is located directly in front of the exit gate, and the monument is located across the road on your right.

Albert Hall Museum: The museum is admired not just for its diverse ancient collection, but also for its architecture. You should take a picture from the outside and then visit the museum to see the many artifacts stored within.


Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Is photography permitted in City Palace Jaipur?

A1. Cameras are permitted in the City Palace Jaipur for an extra cost of INR 50.

Q2. How do you get to the City Palace?

A2. The City Palace is around 12 kilometers from Jaipur's airport and 4 kilometers from the railway station. Local buses and taxis may take you to the palace from anywhere in the city.

Q3. Who resides in Jaipur's City Palace?

A3. City Palace Jaipur is home to the Jaipur Darbar, where the royal family still lives.

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