Top 10 Tiger Reserves in India to Visit

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India is one of the few countries in the world where you can spot a tiger in the wild. India is very fortunate that it has 75% of the global tiger population. It is estimated that there are currently around 3,167 tigers in India. Tiger reserves are the best places in India where you can go on a tiger safari and spot the tigers. Currently, there are around 53 tiger reserves in India. But some of these tiger reserves have become so famous that they draw tourists from all over the world. So here is the list of the top 10 Tiger Reserves in India.

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Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan

Almost everyone knows Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan. This national park is immensely famous for its tigers. But you will also find crocodiles, wild boar, deer species, snakes, birds, and many reptiles here. The name of this national park comes from the fort inside the park. There are 10 zones inside the park, and zones 1 to 5 are considered to be the top ones for spotting a tiger. The lakes, low-lying hills, ridges, valleys, and streams are perfect for tiger sightings.

Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

This national park was the first park that was chosen for Project Tiger. Jim Corbett National Park is in Uttarakhand and is extremely famous for its Bengal Tigers. There are 8 zones in Jim Corbett, and tiger safaris are done in all the zones. Jim Corbett remains closed from July to October. However, some zones, like Jhirna and Sitabani, remain open even during the monsoon season. There are many wildlife resorts and forest lodges near Jim Corbett National Park. Currently, you can go on a jeep and canter safari inside the park.

Sunderbans Tiger Reserve, West Bengal

The world’s largest river delta is also one of the top 10 tiger reserves in India to visit. The Sunderbans are a huge biosphere reserve and estuary. A boat safari is the best way to spot the tigers, saltwater crocodiles, turtles, birds, and other creatures. The mangrove forests and swamps, mudflats, and islands are rich in wildlife, but the tiger remains the most famous creature. Sunderbans is home to some rare and endangered animals, birds, and reptiles. Some of them are Gangetic River Dolphins, Horseshoe Crabs, and Olive Ridley Turtles.  

Bandipur Tiger Reserve, Karnataka

Located in Karnataka, Bandipur National Park is one of the top 10 tiger reserves in India to visit. You can go on a van and jeep safari in Bandipur National Park and spot the famous Bengal Tigers. Jungle cottages and lodges are available for stays in which you can stay close to nature. Bandipur is situated at the place where the Western Ghats and Deccan Plateau meet. The Nigiri forests, river streams, and terrain are ideal for tigers and other wildlife. You can also spot the magnificent Giant Squirrel, Sloth Bear, Indian Bison, Dhole, and several birds here.

Periyar Tiger Reserve, Kerala

In this list of the top 10 tiger reserves in India to visit, Periyar National Park rightly owns its place as one of the finest places to spot tigers. The topography of Periyar National Park consists of two big rivers, mountains, valleys, plateaus, rolling hills, and lush green forests. It is an ideal habitat for tigers, Indian bison, and sambar deer, as well as several mammals, birds, and reptiles. The unique thing about Periyar National Park is that you can go on an elephant safari, a jeep safari, or a boat safari.

Kanha Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh

The dense forests of Kanha National Park served as inspiration for Rudyard Kipling’s writing of The Jungle Book. This is reason enough for this national park to be in the top 10 tiger reserves in India to visit. Kanha National Park ranks as the largest national park in Central India. Jeep safari is the best way to spot the Royal Bengal Tigers and other animals such as barasingha, sambar deer, blackbuck, and others. The dense forests, river streams, and grasslands are ideal habitats for the tiger to thrive here in this national park.

Manas National Park, Assam

The Manas River gives its name to this famous national park. Manas National Park is in Assam and situated in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. The dense forests, Manas River, and terai grasslands make the ideal conditions for the tiger and other animals to thrive in Manas National Park. This national park is home to several rare animals, such as water buffalo, hispid hare, Asian-roofed turtles, golden langurs, and pygmy hogs. Jeep safaris and river rafting are the things you can do here to spot the vibrant wildlife.

Sariska Tiger Reserve, Rajasthan

The tiger is the main wild animal you can spot in Sariska National Park. You can spot the tiger, langur, wild boar, chital, and jungle cats on your jeep safari in Sariska. This national park is in Rajasthan and is situated in the Aravalli Mountain Range. The terrain of Sariska, with its thorny forests, grasslands, rocky hills, and dry forests, is ideal for tigers to prosper in this national park. There are many tourist attractions near Sariska Tiger Reserve that you can visit on your trip. Bird watching is another thing to do in Sariska. Migratory birds come here during the winter, and you can spot Indian birds too.

Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh

The jungles of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve are home to the Royal Bengal Tigers and many other animals. Bandhavgarh National Park has the highest density of tigers, which means that you are almost guaranteed a tiger sighting here. Jeep safaris are the best way to spot tigers in their natural habitat. The tigers in Bandhavgarh have become famous all over the world. Some of them have even been featured in National Geographic magazine. Besides tigers, you can spot gaurs, leopards, wolves, hyenas, and nilgai, among a lot of other animals, birds, and reptiles.

Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve, Andhra Pradesh

If you want to spot tigers in the wild and also visit ancient temples in India, then you must visit Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve. This is one of the finest places to spot the Royal Bengal Tigers in their natural habitat. Krishna, which is one of the main rivers in South India, flows through this national park. Nagarjunasagar Dam is also located in this national park and is a huge tourist attraction. But probably the biggest tourist attraction is the ancient Jyotirlinga temple in Mallikarjun. Jeep safaris are available for spotting tigers in the wild.


In this list of the top 10 tiger reserves in India to visit, you can choose any one tiger reserve and spot incredible wildlife. The tiger is the most magnificent wild beast to spot in these tiger reserves. But you can also spot birds and reptiles along with the tigers. Don’t miss this opportunity to spot the magnificent national animal of India, the tiger, in these tiger reserves.

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