Mountain Passes That People Love in the Indian Himalayas

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Are you looking to travel for recreation and adventure to fill your life with fun? Traveling through the great Himalayan Mountain passes must be on your list. The picturesque mountain range of the Indian Himalayas is the hub of adventure touring and recreational activities. People enjoy traveling through the beautiful mountain passes of the Himalayas because of the peace and calm they receive from the place. Located in the wilderness, it showcases the true definition of nature.

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However, it is essential to understand that several mountain passes in the Himalayan range can serve you with the perfect adventure spot. It can confuse you while choosing the right location because all have different uniqueness to serve. Understanding each and getting thorough information about the route is crucial for safety and enjoyment. Through this blog, we will discuss ten mountain passes that people love in the Indian Himalayas and their uniqueness. So stay tuned.

Why This Info Is Crucial For You? 

Choosing the proper mountain pass for yourself is not easy. There are a lot of considerations that go behind selecting the correct route to travel. Expedition traveling and trekking are not easy tasks; you need a lot of experience, equipment, and skills to survive through challenging survival situations. Weather is not your only enemy here; you must face steep valleys and rocky terrains to complete your journey. Hence, full knowledge of what you are getting into is essential. As you get the information regarding the harsh conditions you might have to face in a particular trek, it becomes easy to set your mind and gain experience accordingly.

Mountain Pass State Name
Borasu PassUttarakhand
Dhumdharkandi PassUttarakhand
Parang LaHimachal Pradesh and Ladakh
Karakoram PassLadakh
Sasser PassLadakh
Phirtse LaHimachal Pradesh and Ladakh
Kalindikhal PassUttarakhand
Manirang PassHimachal Pradesh
Ghunsarng PassHimachal Pradesh
Sin LaUttarakhand

1. Borasu Pass (Uttarakhand)

it is one of the most famous expedition treks for travelers in a scenic location dividing Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. It is situated at an altitude of 17,880 ft in the Gharwal region. If you plan on this expedition, you need at least 7 to 8 days. Your journey will start in Sankri, Uttarakhand, and end at Chitkul, in Himachal Pradesh. Throughout your trip, you will see the tremendous mountain view you see now and nowhere else. Borasu Pass Has also been marked in history as an ancient trade route between the valleys of Har-ki-Dun and Kinnaur. Its history and beauty make it the first pass we suggest to travelers exploring the great Himalayan range.

2. Dhumdharkandi Pass (Uttarakhand)

Increasing the difficulty level and the experience required to trek, Dhumdharkandi Pass is one of the most challenging routes for travelers. You should only opt for this trek if you are an experienced trekker with 12 to 14 days to spare. Dhumdharkandi Pass is situated at a height of 18,012 ft. Its beauty is beyond comparison to any other location because it is located through the glaciers of Kalanag, Swaragrohini, and Banderpunch. We do not suggest this route to inexperienced travelers because of its unpredictable weather and steep valley. It has great religious value as it connects the two most important Hindu pilgrimages: Gangotri and Yamunotri. Connecting both locations, it has its popularity in the Hindu religion.

3. Parang La (Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh)

It must be crossed if you are looking for a trek route with river passes. Completing the expedition is one of the best choices that you have. Located at 18307 ft Parang La, the most famous mountain pass connecting the Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh. If you are an adventure traveler, you must have Parang La on your bucket list. You need at least 10 to 12 days to cover a mountain pass filled with beautiful views, rivers, villages, and meadows that are enough to take your breath away. Its connection to the Tso Moriri River is also one reason it is trendy among adventure travelers. However, it is essential to know that it contains several river passes. This route is advised for experienced travelers.

4. Karakoram Pass (Ladakh)

After Parang La, let’s explore the significant part of history as an ancient silk route connecting India and China. Karakoram Pass has always been one of the favorite trek routes for experienced trekkers. Located at 18,173 ft, the way is easy and challenging for travelers. It’s gradual ascent makes it an easy-to-travel path. However, don’t trust it entirely because of its extreme weather condition that fluctuates quickly. As this route requires excellent skill, it is considered appropriate for experienced travelers looking to spend their time in nature. It is also essential to know that despite its connection to India and China in the past, it is not motorable today.

magnetic hill leh ladakh

5. Sasser Pass (Ladakh)

Sasser Pass has always been among travelers’ top choices. It is considered one of the most scenic mountain passes with never-before-seen views. Located at 17,753 ft, you need at least 14 to 15 days to comprehend its beauty completely and experience something out of this world. It is a part of the Karakoram range and starts from Leh in Ladakh to Yarkand in the Tarim Basin in China. It has a record of history as a hotspot for the ancient summer caravan route. Also, you won’t believe but do you know what happened due to its beauty, location, and significance? To your surprise, Sasser Pass has always been one of the top choices for people looking for mountain expeditions in India.

6. Phirtse La (Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh)

You can never miss out on Phirtse La while talking about the global hotspot for trekking. Located at an altitude of 17,880 ft, the trek starts from the Darcha village in Himachal Pradesh and continues through Baralacha La, Phirtse La, and Padum Valley. It is best for travelers who are mainly looking to travel through a place with a clear sky and rocky terrains. The Phirtse La covers the Zanskar region of Ladakh, making it a part of breathtaking mountains. It is a top choice if you want to experience nature at best.

7. Kalindikhal Pass (Uttarakhand)

If you are intrigued by traveling through beautiful glacier paths and exploring nature’s extremes, Kalindikhal Pass in Uttarakhand is the best choice. Located at an extreme altitude of 19,494 ft, it is one of the highest mountain passes with a challenging route. This mountain pass is filled with mind-blowing glacier views and snowy mountain Peaks. Hence, there is no scope for expecting normal weather conditions here. The trek starts from Gangotri in Uttarakhand and covers the meadows of Tapovan and Nandanvan. It follows Khara Pathar, Sweta Glacier, and the camp of Kalindi Bhamak. This trek becomes especially difficult after Nandanvan due to steep valleys and glaciers.

8. Manirang Pass (Himachal Pradesh)

It is one of the most unpopular treks among travelers due to the highly harsh route and weather conditions. This trek is not advisable for experienced travelers. Even the experienced one avoids it at times. Located at 18,208 ft, it connects the valleys of Kinnaur and Spiti. People avoid this trek not only because of its bad weather conditions but also because of its similarities to a desert-like location. Here, trekking becomes very difficult to achieve. It begins from Ropa Valley in Kinnaur and goes to the Mane village. If you are considering traveling through it, it is essential to know that it is prone to frequent landslides, making it dangerous.

9. Ghunsarng Pass (Himachal Pradesh)

Another important place is the one that can mesmerize you so beautifully. In connection with Manirang Pass, famous for its challenging but exciting route. Ghunsarng Pass is located at an altitude of 18,208 ft. It starts from the same route as Manirang Pass but divides at the Sopona and then reaches the steep path of Ghunsarng. It is also one of the most challenging routes for trekkers but offers the traveler an equally exciting and beautiful experience. It is one of the paths of Himachal Pradesh that has not been explored much. It allows travelers to find new picturesque locations between the mountains.

10. Sin La (Uttarakhand)

Before concluding the blog, it’s the right time to traverse Sin La. Yes, if you are not a very experienced traveler looking for a moderately tricky mountain pass, then Sin La is the best choice. And you should know that it is located at 18,028 ft, which connects to the valleys of Darma and Kuti in Uttarakhand. The trek is filled with beautiful green locations with meadows not found anywhere else. It starts from the village of Pithoragarh, continuing through Pangu, with an uphill climb to Sosa, Narayan Ashram, and then a steep descent to Budi and Gunji. It is the best location to explore the mesmerizing views of Uttarakhand.

Final Thoughts!

Finally, we have to agree that exploring the mesmerizing mountain passes of the Indian Himalayan range is the dream of every adventure traveler. Above all are one of the best places to visit Mountain Passes That People Love in the Indian Himalayas. Every individual location has a lot to offer you. From scenic glacier views to meaningful natural experiences, most require more than just a passion to travel. Choosing the path after deriving complete information is advised to ensure you are not getting into something you aren’t incapable of. Traveling through the Himalayan mountain range requires unique experience and knowledge of surviving in harsh weather conditions. Now that you know a lot about some of the most famous mountain passes of the Himalayas, it’s time to choose and start your expedition today. 


1. Do I need lots of hiking experience to explore these mountain passes?

Different passes need different skills. Some, like Sin La, are okay for beginners, while others, like Kalindikhal Pass or Dhumdharkandi Pass, need lots of experience due to tricky terrain and harsh weather. So, check your skills before picking a pass.

2. Is there a best time of year for these treks?

Yep, each pass has its good season. Usually, from May to October is better because the weather’s nicer. But passes like Kalindikhal or Sin La might have specific times when it’s safer to go due to snow or rain.

3. How long do these treks take, and where do they start and finish?

It all depends on the past. Short ones like Borasu might take a week or so, while tougher ones like Dhumdharkandi or Sasser could take up to 2 weeks or more. Starting spots could be places like Sankri or Leh, and the end points vary, from Chitkul to Yarkand or Padum Valley.

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