Soak in the Mesmerising Charm of Jim Corbett National Park

Uttarakhand is famous for its heavenly destinations. Every place here has a magical charm. One of the best places here is the beautiful Nainital. And when in Nainital, you can’t miss Jim Corbett National Park. There are many best places to visit in Jim Corbett and many enticing things to try. 

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Jim Corbett National Park is home to rare species of birds, animals and various flora and fauna. If you are an adventure buff or love getting close to nature, Jim Corbett National Park is your place. 

Guide to Jim Corbett National Park

Jungle safari, river rafting and waterfall there are many best places to visit in Jim Corbett. Do you want to experience the best of Jim Corbett? Well, we have some of the best options for you.

Below is the complete list of best places to visit in Jim Corbett to excite your senses. Keep reading and mark your favorite places to visit in Jim Corbett National Park.

Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari is among the favourite Jim Corbett adventure activities of tourists visiting here. As you get on the open jeep safari and as you pass by wild animals, the feeling is out of the world.

You can spot leopards, black bears, elephants, Bengal tigers and other wild animals. Woah! Get ready for an enthralling journey on an open jeep safari. 

Corbett Waterfall

One of the beautiful sights that you will love to hold for the rest of your life is the Corbett Waterfall. It is also one of the best places to visit in Jim Corbett. The gushing waterfall is surrounded by dense forest, and the greenery enhances the overall look of the waterfall. 

You can plan a short picnic here or camp by the Corbett Waterfall. Keep your cameras ready and your eyes staring at the gorgeous views. 

River Rafting

Are you an adventure buff? So, the best adventure to include in your Jim Corbett National Park booking is river rafting. This activity will excite your senses and is the best memory for adventure seekers. 

As you go river rafting, all the safety measures are taken care of by the management. Also, the pleasant views of hills, greenery, flora and fauna while on a river rafting expedition will further excite your mood.

Elephant Safari

 The best ride to enjoy other than the open jeep ride is the Elephant safari in Jim Corbett National park. The feeling of exploring the National Park on the back of an Elephant is royal and different. 

You will witness the alluring natural beauty and explore wildlife on an Elephant Safari. Don’t think twice and go for this Elephant Safari when you visit Jim Corbett National Park. 

Bird Watching

One of the best things for nature lovers in Jim Corbett national park is to go bird watching. You can find different species of birds which you have never seen before. There are also many migratory birds in this national park.

The chirping of birds and their different colours will mesmerize your eyes and soul. Also, from November to December, you can spot many migratory birds. 

Plan your trip to Uttarakhand and explore the best places to visit in Jim Corbett. If you want to plan an organised and budget trip, you can contact Japji Travel. We help you plan the best trip without disturbing your budget.


1) Are mobile and cameras allowed inside Jim Corbett National Park?

Yes, you can carry mobile and cameras inside Jim Corbett National Park.

2) Is it safe to travel inside Jim Corbett National Park?

Yes, you are completely safe inside Jim Corbett National Park. Some guides and caretakers look after your safety. 

3) Can I get to spot tigers in Jim Corbett National Park?

Yes, you can spot tigers on a safari ride in Jim Corbett National Park.

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