The Top 10 Places to Visit and Things to Do in Seattle, WA

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Seattle is a natural port harbor and is a huge tourist attraction in itself. Seattle is one of the major cities in the Northwest region of the USA. You can make a 3-day tour plan of Seattle so that you have enough time at hand to visit all the major tourist attractions. Seattle has a rich cultural scene that exudes entertainment, recreation, adventure, and relaxation. The tourist attractions in Seattle range from museums and art galleries to farmer’s markets and green spaces. You can visit iconic Seattle landmarks and architectural marvels. We have curated the top 10 places to visit and things to do in Seattle, WA in this blog post.

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Space Needle

The Space Needle has become an icon of Seattle. No other monument defines Seattle more than the Space Needle. This monument has architecture that is iconic in itself. The Space Needle was originally inaugurated to be part of the 1962 World’s Fair. But gradually, it became an icon of Seattle. Tourists particularly enjoy the elevator ride to reach the Needle Observation Deck. The deck is 520 feet high and offers the most panoramic views of the bays and cityscape of Seattle. Another attraction here is the rotating restaurant. Attractions also include theaters, entertainment parks, sports facilities, and restaurants.

Pike Place Market

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Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle is a hub of shopping and dining. It is one of the oldest farmer’s markets in the USA. You will find a whole range of foods to eat in coffee shops and restaurants. The original Starbucks store is located here. Pike Place Market is a live market where fishermen sell fresh sea produce such as lobsters, salmon, and other marine produce. You will find crafts stores selling local handicraft items. There are boutique shops, bookshops, cafes, antique shops, and bakeries that you can visit in this market. Artists can be seen performing and entertaining visitors with their skills. Pike Place Market is in the downtown area of Seattle. It is close to other attractions of Seattle like the Seattle Aquarium, Seattle Great Wheel, and Seattle Art Museum.

Chihuly Garden and Glass

Chihuly Garden and Glass come under this list of the top 10 places to visit and things to do in Seattle, WA. This museum houses the art collection of the glass blower Dale Chihuly. The artwork consists of glass exhibits which are the largest collection of glass artwork. You can visit every gallery and wonder at the glass art of various shapes, sizes, and colors. Every installation is brilliant in itself. They seem to change their colors with the moving sunlight falling on them. You can sit and see the actual process of glass blowing at the Art Plaza and Collections Café.

Seattle Great Wheel

A ride on the Seattle Great Wheel is one of the most essential things to do in Seattle. We have included this iconic symbol of Seattle in our top 10 places to visit and things to do in the Seattle, WA list. The Ferris wheel is 175 feet in height. A typical ride on the Seattle Great Wheel takes 20 minutes. The ride gives you scenic views of Elliot Bay and the downtown area of Seattle. Along with your ride, you can also shop around in boutique stores and grab a juicy bite in restaurants.

Seattle Aquarium

Seattle Aquarium is a must-visit if you are interested to learn more about aquatic creatures. Located near Seattle Great Wheel, the Seattle Aquarium has exhibits featuring seals, sharks, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, and many other forms of marine life. Seattle Aquarium has a very scenic waterfront location. Visitors get treated to dive shows where seals and otters perform various playful antics. Divers can be seen feeding marine mammals. Visitors can view marine creatures through the underwater dome and even touch them in touch tanks.

Woodland Park Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo is one of the top 10 places to visit and things to do in Seattle, WA. You will find such wonderful animals like elephants, rhinoceros, jaguars, lemurs, bears, and other creatures from many countries. You will find rare and endangered animals here. The Woodland Park Zoo conducts many shows like animal feedings, lectures, and educational tours. Tourists can watch the animals in their natural habitats which are created to look just like the real environment in which they live.

Seattle Art Museum

The best museum experience you will get in Seattle is at Seattle Art Museum. This museum is huge and the exhibits are spread over four floors. There are all the right reasons why we have listed the Seattle Art Museum in this list of the top 10 places to visit and things to do in Seattle, WA. Visitors will come to know a little bit more about art after visiting this museum. There are exhibits ranging from Native American art, Contemporary Art, to Islamic art and European art.

Washington Park Arboretum

You will love the greenery and the relaxing tranquillity of Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle. This park is free to enter and is one of the best parks in Seattle. This park has abundant green spaces which consist of gardens, parks, and ponds. There are plants and trees from New Zealand, Japan, and many other parts of the world. You will find rhododendrons, maple trees, azalea shrubs, and cherry blossom trees, beside walkways, ponds, streams, and a botanical park.

Washington State Ferries

Getting a ride aboard a ferry is an exciting thing to do in Seattle. Washington State Ferry is a ferry service that will take you to Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands. The passenger ferry service gets all the top reasons why we consider it in this list of the top 10 places to visit and things to do in Seattle, WA. You can catch a passenger ferry to places like Vashon Island, Bainbridge Island, Southworth, and many such exciting places. There are many routes on which these ferries ply. The 4th of July is the best day to take the ferry as you will witness the fireworks on the occasion of Independence Day in the USA.

Ballard Locks

There is so much to do at Ballard Docks when you visit Seattle. Most tourists prefer the guided tour so that they can get some information about this place. You can visit museums like National Nordic Museum and learn about the history of the Nordic seafaring industry. You can also visit botanical gardens and take a relaxing stroll among the greenery. And if you are hungry, you can eat at the many restaurants. Besides, you can visit the Ballard Farmer’s Market.


What is the top attraction in Seattle?

The Space Needle and Seattle Center are the top attractions in Seattle, WA.

How many days of tour plan can I make for Seattle?

You can make a tour plan of 3 days to completely visit every attraction in Seattle, Washington.

What food should I eat in Seattle?

Seattle is famous for its seafood, hot dogs, fresh farm produce, coffee, cupcakes, craft beer, and Asian food.

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