Top 10 Tourist Places to visit in Switzerland

Top 10 Tourist Places to visit in Switzerland

Posted On : 14-06-2022

Top 10 Tourist Places to Visit in Switzerland

Are you planning for your Bollywood-Styled-Honeymoon to Switzerland and don’t want to miss out on famous tourist attractions? We understand your feelings and want you to have an incredible time in the beautiful Kingdom of the Alps. This article gives you the Top 10 Tourist Places to Visit in Switzerland to make your Swiss-Tour incredible and truly memorable. 
With its enthralling landscape, Switzerland is a dream holiday destination for millions worldwide. 

This small alpine country is bestowed with supreme natural beauty. You will enjoy boating on serene lakes surrounded by snow-capped mountains, storybook villages dotting the hills, and the sparkling waterfalls making the landscape more enchanting. 

This land is famous for its high-end shopping for classy watch brands, lip-smacking cuisines, tasty cheese, and the finest chocolates in the world. It is one of the most visited destinations on the globe, and we will not let you miss out on the Top 10 Tourist Places to Visit in Switzerland during your trip. So, let’s get started with this list of famous tourist attractions.

Here we go-

1. Lake Geneva
This is the most beautiful location in Switzerland and has been a part of many movies. The Geneva Lake is pristine to the eyes and is crowned by an iconic Jet d’Eau Fountain whose water touches the sky. The gorgeous mountains surrounding the lake are studded with sprawling vineyards and castles, making an excellent backdrop for your pictures. The city of Geneva is located at the southern end of this magnificent Crescent-shaped lake. Admire the lakefront from the city shore as it is a stunning sight. Geneva offers many activities to keep you entertained, like- strolling in botanical gardens and vineyards, soaking in the culture at the museums and art galleries, and enjoying local food in old town cafes

  • Best Time to Visit- March to September.  For chilling winters- December-January


  • Windsurfing, kayaking, and water-skiing.
  • Wine tasting in Vineyards.
  • Night-skiing in the Alps.
  • Opera House Shows.

2. Jungfraujoch
Do you remember the snow-covered research lab in the mountains in the James Bond movie Spectre? Well, this is this breathtaking Sphinx Observatory of the Jungfraujoch region crowing a snowcapped mountaintop in the Alps. Jungfraujoch is surrounded by towering alpine snow peaks, making it the highest tourist place in Switzerland. The railway station here is the highest in Europe, giving a fantastic view of the Alps. Travelers have rightfully given their nickname- ‘Top of Europe’. No wonder this winter wonderland is a part of the Top 10 Tourist Places to Visit in Switzerland. Lots of activities to enjoy here- hiking, sledging, skiing, zip-lining, etc.

  • Best Time to Visit- June to September and for skiing- January to March


  • Experience of a lifetime- Ice Palace with ice sculptures.
  • Feel at the top of the world at Sphinx Observatory.
  • Zip-lining and ice-climbing.

3. Chateau De Chillon
Our list of Top 10 Tourist Places to Visit in Switzerland is incomplete with this fairytale-like medieval Castle built on a Swiss Riviera front. This Castle with 25 buildings was built in the 10th Century and sat majestically on an island in Lake Geneva near the cultural town of Montreux. This Castle was decorated with an exquisite art collection for the Count of Savoy when he bought it as his residence (12th Century), and the tourists now admire it. 

  • Best Time to Visit-  April to September


  • Get captivated with the weapon room.
  • Enjoy the ferry boat ride from Montreux.
  • Admire the Great Halls and Chapel of the Castle.
  • Montreux Jazz Festival in the summers.

4. The Matterhorn 
This sky-touching pyramid-shaped mountain is a Gem of the Alps. Its towering height of 4478 meters has earned a spot on our list of Top 10 Tourist Places to Visit in Switzerland. You can enjoy the adrenal rush generating cable car ride that gives an incredible panoramic view of the Swiss Alps from the top. Do you know it’s the highest cable car ride in the Alps region?

  • Best Time to Visit- November to April for skiing sports.


  • Theodul Glacial Skiing all year long.
  • Admire local culture at Matterhorn Museum in Valley town of Zermatt town.
  • Take pictures at Gornergrat Observation Point.

5. Swiss National Park (Schweizerischer) 
Located in a beautiful valley with the Swiss Alps background, this is the only National Park in Switzerland. It is a spread of 42000 acres of untouched natural beauty, making it a part of our Top 10 Tourist Places to Visit in Switzerland list. Enjoy strolling in the green meadows and let the mountain breeze relax your senses. Experience numerous hiking trails taking you to breathtaking spots where you can click some memorable pictures.

  • Best Time to Visit-  April to September


  • Check out flora and fauna like red deer and ibexes.
  • Visit the Schmelzra Museum.

6. Lucerne
It is the most impressive lake city in Switzerland and is located on the Italian border, so it’s one of our Top 10 Tourist Places to Visit in Switzerland. So, you can enjoy the lovely sunshine and citrus fruits in a lakeside cafe and gaze at the three mountains surrounding this medieval city. A stroll near the picturesque Lucerne Lake, admiring the old town church architecture, and shopping in the famous boutiques will make your stay worthwhile. 

  • Best Time to Visit- June to September.


  • Get a panoramic view of the city from watch towers.
  • Click pictures at the stunning Chapel Bridge.
  • Shopping!

7. Rhine Waterfalls
These powerful waterfalls on the majestic Rhine River must be on the Top 10 Tourist Places to Visit in Switzerland. You can soak in the beauty of this sparkling waterfall in the lovely town of Schaffhausen. Come here in August for the Switzerland National Day Celebration to witness marvellous fireworks. 

  • Best Time to Visit- May to July


  • Hop on a boat ride to get close to the waterfall.
  • Adventure at Rhine River National Park.
  • Visit the nearby Castle via a boat.
  • Enjoy the falls sitting in a cafe.

8. Lugano 
This northern lake city with enchanting beauty is called ‘Monte Carlo of Switzerland’ as it perfectly blends Swiss and Italian cultures. So, it must be on your Top 10 Tourist Places to Visit in Switzerland. Hike the Mediterranean-style Olive Grove Trail and visit the numerous museums to experience the exotic history. The Mediterranean breeze keeps the climate warm and pleasant, and you can enjoy a swim in the famous Lido di Lugano

  • Best Time to Visit- April, May, June, September, and October.


  • Visit the fascinating Swiss Miniature Village.
  • Relish your taste buds to local delicacies in a lakeside cafe.
  • Stroll in the old town.
  • Drive amidst the hills and take pictures of the old villas.

 9. Zurich
Our list of Top 10 Tourist Places to Visit in Switzerland is not complete with the largest city in this country. Zurich is a financial hub and is bustling with cosmopolitan culture. Its renowned museums and art galleries are worth a visit. You can spend a romantic evening at fabulous bars and restaurants and munch on delicious continental dishes. Try the famous Swiss cheese fondue and the mouthwatering dark chocolate champagne truffles. Admire the city architecture while walking through Lindenhof Park

  • Best Time to Visit- June to August.


  • Relax at the lakeside park.
  • Clubbing at night.
  • Enjoy Techno-pumping Street Parade.

10. St. Moritz 
It is in this resort town that Alpine Tourism started. This winter wonderland is characterized by conical peaks, mirror-like beautiful lakes, snowy glaciers, lush coniferous trees, and chic palatial hotels and fancy cafes. At St. Moritz, you can enjoy excellent skiing with dramatic downhill trails. Do you know this perfect skiing place has hosted two Olympics? In summers, when the snow melts, tourists come here to enjoy golfing, lake swimming, hiking, biking, etc. The mountainous town of St. Moritz is a favourite among Hollywood and European celebrities, and it welcomes you with fantastic adventure sports and trendy cafes to hang out. 

  • Best Time to Visit-  March to July. 


  • Skiing in the mountains.
  • Cafe Hopping and taking pictures for your Instagram Account.
  • Strolls beside the lake.

You will never get bored in Switzerland. There is so much to see and do in this heavenly country. The stunning landscape will steal your heart on each day of your trip. Cobbled street cafes, bars, shopping sprees, adventurous sports, and culturally rich museums will make your stay more enjoyable. And the beautiful hilly villages, pristine lakes, and carefree waterfalls will mesmerize you, making your trip exciting and memorable.


Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What is the best time to visit Switzerland?

A1. To beat the summer heat, go from May to September. Switzerland has blossoming flowers, water sports, outdoor cafes, and a clear blue sky at its best. If the adventurous Alpine skiing is on your Top 10 Tourist Places to Visit in Switzerland, travel from December to April.

Q2. What to buy and take home from Switzerland?

A2. You can buy the world-famous Swiss watches and the finest chocolates. Another thing is the handy Swiss Army Knife. And who can forget the Cowbell from DDLJ Movie! And if your budget allows, you can shop for world-famous designer clothes and shoes from their exclusive stores in Switzerland.

Q3. What is the flight time to Zurich from Delhi?

A3. On average, for a non-stop flight, it is 8.5 hours, and for a layover flight, the time becomes a 12 hours journey.

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