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Most Famous Monuments and Landmarks In France

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When it comes to tourist destinations, France is among all the travel-worthy international destinations. France has everything that a tourist wants to visit. Most know France for its stunningly beautiful capital, Paris. But don’t even try to ignore the most famous monuments and landmarks in France.

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You will wonder in awe at the magnificent chateaus and world-famous churches. The man-made monuments of France surpass their architectural beauty. But the natural wonders have their charisma. National parks, beaches, mountain ranges, ski resorts in the French Alps, tiny hamlets, and even volcanoes. The list here can be endless but we have selected only the best of the tourist attractions you can visit on your trip to France.

Famous Monuments List of France

  • Eiffel Tower
  • Palace of Versailles
  • Louvre Museum
  • Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Lavender Fields of Provence
  • D-Day Landing Beaches
  • Arena of Nîmes
  • Strasbourg Cathedral
  • Loire Valley Castles
  • Pont du Gard
  • Mont Blanc

Here we have write details of famous monuments in France with pictures, you will like to visit once in life:

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower undoubtedly is among the topmost tourist attractions in France. It is on top of every tourist who visits Paris. The most amazing thing about the Eiffel Tower is that you can climb it on foot, or take the elevator ride up the tower. There are some famous Michelin star restaurants atop the Eiffel Tower from where you can have magnificent views of the Paris skyline. Plan at least 3 hours at this iconic French monument.

Palace of Versailles

The Palace of Versailles is among the most famous monuments and landmarks in France. The architecture and design of the Palace of Versailles are marked by the flamboyance of style. It takes around 2 hours to visit the major halls and gardens of this palace. The landscaped gardens have sculptures, fountains, flowers, groves, and ponds. The long walkways lead to halls where you can explore paintings, sculptures, and amphitheaters.

Louvre Museum

It is in France that you can visit the best art museums in the world. Louvre Museum is the most famous monuments and landmarks in France. It is so huge, that it will take around 200 days to visit each one of the 35,000 artworks that are on display here. You can visit the most beautiful painting in the world, Mona Lisa, in Louvre Museum. In addition, there are Roman sculptures, modern art, paintings and murals, crowns, Egyptian relics, Islamic art, and so many other pieces of history.

Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey

Perhaps no monument is as picturesque as the Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey in France. This Roman abbey is built on a rocky island, and is surrounded by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. In its time, the abbey was the residence of Christian monks and a revered pilgrimage site. Guided tours to this famous French monument will reveal a lot of history. The Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey has gothic architecture. You can visit the village where the monks lived.

Arc de Triomphe

This list of the most famous monuments and landmarks in France has the illustrious Arc de Triomphe. This famous Paris landmark was built to honor the soldiers who laid down their lives during the two world wars. Napoleon Bonaparte ordered the building of this iconic monument. When you visit the Arc de Triomphe in the evening, you can see the lighted flame, which honors the grave of the Unknown Soldier.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Speaking of the most magnificent churches France, and we cannot ignore Notre Dame Cathedral. The famous gargoyles and towering spires of Notre Dame Cathedral is iconic symbols of Parisian architecture. You can visit the interiors and see the details in stained glass windows. You can also go to the roof and see the entire Paris landscape spread out before you. The sculptures, artworks, gothic architecture, furniture, and mirrors are some of the things to see inside Notre Dame Cathedral. 

Lavender Fields of Provence

The purple-colored lavender fields are one of the biggest natural attractions in France. During the first week of July, these lavender fields the landscape turns into a riot of purple color. The scent and fragrance of the lavender flowers are intoxicating. These lavender fields are highly photographed in the world. The fields seem to go on and on into the horizon. You can walk among the rows of lavender trails or even drive in your vehicle.

D-Day Landing Beaches

The beaches of Normandy in northern France are one of the most famous monuments and landmarks in France. Allied forces landed on these beaches and brought an end to World War II. There are various museums and memorials that you can visit along these beaches. Utah Beach, American Military Cemetery, Omaha Beach, and Pointe du Hoc are particularly very famous.

Arena of Nîmes

The Arena of Nîmes is one of the most famous monuments and landmarks in France. This ancient Roman amphitheater is the best-preserved relic of olden times. In its time, the amphitheater could accommodate 24000 spectators. Royal kings came here to watch gladiator events. Later in the 19th century, bullfights used to take place here.

Strasbourg Cathedral

One of the oldest cathedrals in France is the Strasbourg Cathedral. Gothic architectural style was used in the construction of the Strasbourg Cathedral. It has brilliant stained glass artwork and the interiors have eye-catching decorations. Beautiful paintings adorn the walls, and the sculptures are wonderful to look at. The tall spires and bell towers, are delicately sculpted and the animated characters and paintings lend an artistic look to the astronomical clock.

Loire Valley Castles

Loire Valley has the most beautiful castles in France. Each castle has its interesting architecture. The gardens, halls, corridors, vintage furniture, and décor are something that you cannot see in the entire world. Some castles are as old as the 10th century. Loire Valley has around 3000 such castles, and they are an important UNESCO has listed them as one of the best World Heritage Sites in France.

Pont du Gard

Many centuries ago, in 50 AD, Pont du Gard was built as a bridge in France and served as a water aqueduct. This is an engineering marvel in itself. Pont du Gard is a three-level structure and is a testimony of the technical and architectural expertise of artisans of ancient times. It transported water up to 50 km and is a famous UNESCO World Heritage Site in France.

Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc ranks among the highest mountains in the world. It is the highest peak in the Alps and also the highest mountain peak in Europe. It towers 4809 meters and is a natural wonder of immense natural beauty. You can take the lift or a cable car, tramway, or cogwheel train to reach the peak. You can also climb the mountain if you are an expert mountaineer.


How many days of a tour should I plan for France?

You can make a tour plan of 3 weeks or 10 days if you want to fully enjoy France.

Which is the one monument that is a must-visit in France?

Eiffel Tower is the one monument that you must visit on your trip to France.

What foods should I eat in France?

France is famous for its cheese, chocolates, wines, pastries, champagne, crepe, baguettes, baked bread, and croissants.

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