Sun, Sand, and Serenity: Why Beaches Make the Perfect Holiday Destination Over Mountains?

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Mountains Vs Beaches

Nature has gifted us with lots of things. One among them is a beach! Those majestic waves, the wonderous horizon and the serine homelike- tent present us with memories to cherish. Even science recommends a relaxing walk along the beaches to calm down.

When someone is fighting tooth and nail over the topic of mountains Vs. beaches, I strongly recommend beaches. Even though people have been fighting over this topic from time immemorial, the answer to this debate is obvious- it is subjective. I am not a trekker, and that is why mountains don’t manage to get into my bucket list. For me, the beaches are perfect!

Some wanderlusts love adventure, whereas others are peace lovers. Water’s Edge provides tons of surprises for every traveller that the traveller would love to recall. We present before you the reasons why beaches are always better than mountains. I hope all the reasons won’t make you change your decision. But after reading, you would be forced to reconsider your travel preferences.

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Simple reasons why beaches are better than mountains: Beaches Vs. Mountains

  1. Favourable climatic conditions: The beach climate is comparatively warmer, and the humidity there would help the visitors enjoy the comfortable weather conditions. Are you a lover of water sports? You can do kayaking, scuba diving, and sea fishing can make your beach visit unique.
  2. Seafood: Seafood is a better option as the ingredients are freshly caught and provide a wide range of options. That is why I prefer blues over greens, but there is always an argument that rugged mountains offer a feast of thrilling experiences compared to silent, deep oceans.
  3. Recreational activities: I go berserk when I think about the recreational activities on the beaches. You can kayak, snorkel, swim, go for boating, fishing. These recreational activities offer you unlimited fun. I agree that mountaineering is fun too, but you can’t find these activities unless you have a river or lake in the middle of a mountain. Furthermore, mountain river waters are freezing, and you can’t go kayaking or swimming. That is why if you ask me beach or mountain, I would readily say beach.
  4. The sight of sunset: When you drive along the roads to reach the sea beach, you can see and enjoy the beauty of the setting sun. It is a sight to behold because it is God’s painting in the sky. Every sunset tells a tale of hope to humanity and never gets old. Sunset doesn’t take away one’s hope as it comes with the promise of moonlight that night. That is why you should go to the beaches instead of the mountains!
  5. Varied biosphere: You can swim with various animals and plants on the beaches. Marine life never fails to surprise humans because every time you explore, you find a new species hidden in the depths of the oceans. Scuba diving can show you different types of coral reefs and unique sea lives worth watching!
  6. Sand art: You can create sand art only on beaches. Building castles in the sand and displaying your artistic talents to your friends. You can even bury your friends, make a sand mermaid and freeze those moments in a photo. Every year Odisha tourism department conducts an international sand art festival. This event happens in Chandrabhaga Beach, and all the skilful sand artists from across the globe participate in it. 

Benefits of spending vacations on beaches:

  • Lower your stress levels: Are you struggling to cope with the stress you experience at work? Pack your bags and enjoy your time on the beach near your home. No matter how old you are, beaches are always fun. Soak yourself in the blues or take a sun bath. It reduces your stress levels. It takes you to a different world that automatically reduces your cortisol levels. 
  • Nature’s magic: You will feel united with nature at the beach. It is a place where you can get some fresh air, and enjoy the beauty of sun and sand. Science says that we feel happy and rejuvenated in the lap of nature, enjoying the flora and fauna. 
  • Enhances mindfulness: The crashing waves touch your feet and stimulate your brain. It helps you calm down, enhances mindfulness and rejuvenates your body. The new sights, smells, tastes and sounds reset the programming of your brain. In short, it improves your overall well-being.
  • Sunshine- boost for your soul: Park yourself under the sun and feel the difference within minutes. Due to our changing work culture of sitting long hours before the screen steals quality time under the sun. Vitamin D is an essential ingredient that is important for many physiological processes. Being outdoors for some time helps you maintain vitamin D levels for perfect body function.
  • Sand is a great exfoliator: Dip your feet in sand and rub them gently to remove dead skin. It is a great exfoliator and opens the pores to let your skin breathe and become healthy. It also removes blackheads and makes your skin shiny and soft.


In short, if you are a solo traveller who loves to hear footsteps while walking, you can always prefer beaches. If you love a serene environment and silence, opt for mountains. Confused about which one to choose? Listen to your soul. It will express its desire according to your traits. Long Beach helps you enjoy tequila sunrise, captivating sundown, and different kinds of marine animals you can explore. Beaches are great for the positive charging of your body and soul.

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