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Liverpool Arab Art Festival

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England the ancestral land of vastness

England is the country with the biggest history. Not only history but also, the biggest cities, and highest mountains. The vastness you could immerse in. Also, the interesting facts about England will surprise you more. Such as, did you know that England was declared a country in the 10th century? Also, England is all-inclusive of 100 small islands. 

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Furthermore, surprisingly England is divided into nine regions and 48 ceremonial counties, Well, many cities and towns evolved and are interconnected. Also, the names of the town also reflect the political purposes too. Well, you must be knowing England is “extremely royal”. Firstly, it is related to Queen Elizabeth’s reigning time period. Which was for 70 years.

  1. The vast in every aspect.
  2. A combination of 100 islands.
  3. Definitely royal.
  4. Longest monarchy.

England’s people and obsessions

Even England’s media broadcaster is the oldest in the world. Namely, We address it as BBC. also, English people and their obsession with tea is something to admire. Well, drinking tea is the whole country’s culture. Leading it to become the highest consumer of tea. Especially, this tradition has gone out viral in the world now. Serving tea in fancy pots is a culture now.

Following culture, England is known for bravery. that‘s why the Lions are England’s national symbol. The royals of England have three lions symbol on their coats. Which signifies bravery, strength, and courage. Also, a song named “three lions” was released to celebrate the football world cup victory. 

Also, you must experience the Roast culture when in England. Likewise, English people are obsessed with the culture of roast dinner Sundays. Make sure to enjoy a hearty roast meal. Furthermore, English is the most dominated and used language across the globe. Another reason to be proud of.

  1. BBC is the world’s oldest broadcast.
  2. Viral English tea culture is influential.
  3. Courage is in the veins.
  4. English, the most spoken language in the world.

England is quite competitive

Starting from the very old competitions. England has the oldest cheese rolling competitions. Most importantly the first evidence found was in 1826. Furthermore, England is the hometown of the world’s famous artists. Coupled with fascinating international events. That’s one of the striking aspects of England. English songs dominate across nations. Such as, Ed Sheeren, Adele etc. 

Meanwhile, the idea of summer holidays also came from England. And the other nations followed. England has been leading for ages. Which also included the oldest manmade landmarks. In reality, England is home to the world’s UNESCO heritage sites. Such as Stonehenge. It’s a must-visit place when in England.

  1. Most competitive country.
  2. Home to famous artists.
  3. World’s best heritage sites.
  4. Oldest manmade landmarks.

Liverpool Arab art festival in England

Liverpool arab festival is the longest arts festival. Not only traditional but also contemporary arab art forms are displayed. Moreover, this art festival is quite unique. Such as Arab culture gets understood well in Liverpool. Also, it continues throughout the year. Furthermore, the main reason is to keep arab culture, arts, and heritage alive. 

Also, most importantly through this arab art festival, people get educated about traditions. Such as About Arab culture, art and heritage internationally. Seems, it is a perfect cultural exchange festival. You must experience the Liverpool arab art festival, in England. Besides, you get to have learning opportunities. 

Not only that but you can also participate in cultural projects locally. You can even register for an arts development program. Indeed, you will learn about mainstream Arab systems too. Through learning to preserve the Arab culture to spread awareness. Particularly, you can participate in the workshops conducted here.

Through Liverpool arab art festival you get a lot of exposure in many ways. Such as, through music, performance, theatre, art, and literature. And so much more. For 2023, you must mark it in the calendar. The dates are 6 -16 July 2023.

  1. Year Long festival.
  2. To spread awareness about Arab culture
  3. Arts development program.
  4. Arab workshops.
  5. Prepare for 2023, July.

Liverpool the most iconic city

Yes, overall Liverpool can be described as iconic. Be it the Royal Liver building or the coastlines. This city owns the beauty. Liverpool is surrounded by museums, galleries, sightseeing, parks, etc. This city is quite family-friendly. Well, considering the English culture you must experience promenades to parks here. 

Also, not to forget the authentic food. Not only food but also football and Beatles. Above all, after Liverpool arab art festival you must relax. At the waterfront in Liverpool savor yourself with some English tea. Accompany it with tea cakes or homegrown slices of bread. Later you could also go some shopping at the arcades.

There are so many interesting spots to explore in Liverpool. Such as the Baltic triangle, and growing factory area. Then we have Sefton park, even though it’s a man-made park. Yet it is outstanding in 200 acres. You can also, take a walk in Wirral and opt for outdoor activities. Particularly, you cannot miss Ropeways. The art center of Liverpool.

  1. Liverpool is culturally bursting.
  2. Well-kept English culture.
  3. Travel and explore slowly.
  4. Get involved in outdoor activities.
  5. Walking is the best way to explore.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What is Liverpool famous for?

Ans: Liverpool is famous for Music, football, and food.

Q2. What is the longest tradition in England?

Ans: The afternoon English tea tradition is served with tea cakes and roast Sundays.

Q3. Why Liverpool Arab art festival is conducted?

Ans: For cultural exchange about Arab culture, art, and heritage.

Q4. When is Liverpool Arab art festival in 2023?

Ans:  6 -16 July 2023.

Participate in the Liverpool Arab art festival in 2023!

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