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9 Reasons to visit Kashmir in Winter

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9 Reasons to visit Kashmir in winter

Kashmir, popularly known as the Paradise in India, is no doubt one of the most attractive travel destinations among nature lovers. For those who want to enjoy the enchanting beauty of the Himalayas, Kashmir will surely be a great place to visit. Especially the winter in Kashmir is extremely enjoyable and it is a special season to have great fun in Kashmir. These are the 9 reasons why you should visit Kashmir in winter season.

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It’s true that people in general love to visit this amazing land of beauty in the months of summer to get some relief from the piercing sun’s rays. But those who take the chance to visit in the months of winter then get the chance to visualize the charming beauty of Kashmir giving the feel of being right amid heaven.

Srinagar, Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Sonmarg, all these places get covered with snow and make the entire surrounding look amazingly beautiful, soothing, and admirable from the viewpoint of a tourist. Well, let’s have a look at the reasons why visiting Kashmir in winter is special.

dal lake kashmir

Shikara Ride

Shikara Ride in the Dal Lake is a time favorite among tourists. But, in winter shikara riding in the partially frozen Dal Lake surely adds more enjoyment to the trip. The lake looks awesome during the winter and this is one of the prime attractions among the tourists to visit Kashmir.

Taste Kashmiri cuisine

If you are planning to visit Kashmir, then it will surely be immense fun to taste various food items available in this season. Lots of mouthwatering dishes you can taste here such as Kashmiri Pulao, Yakhni, and different types of Kababs. Another local food item that you can have during your trip to Kashmir in winter is Harissa. This non-vegetarian food item is especially available during the winter.

Enjoying skiing

Kashmir is famous for skiing in India. Lots of places are there in Kashmir for skiing and these are categorized as per the level of difficulty. Gulmarg is one of the most preferred places among the tourists who love skiing. Not only in India but also this place is famous for skiing all around the world. The festival for this adventure sport starts during the Christmas time and continues till mid-April. Foreign tourists also visit Kashmir during this period to enjoy this amazing game of skiing.

Sleigh riding

Visiting Kashmir in winter is going to be a wonderful choice for you if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature while taking a sleigh ride. If you are going to visit Paradise in India during the winter, then you should not miss sleigh riding. A sleigh is a normal toy car that is made of wood and is pulled by one person on a snow-covered path. Tourists can enjoy this fun activity in the Gulmarg during the winter only. People from all parts of the world mainly visit here to enjoy this winter sport. Sleigh riding is only available during the months of winter so if you want to experience them come visit Kashmir in winter.

Snow trekking

Another prime attraction to visit Kashmir during winter is snow trekking. Trekkers from different parts of the world like to visit this place to enjoy trekking on the snow-covered mountains. Nature lovers will get exclusive views of the entire Kashmir at the time of snow trekking. The Sind and the Liddar Valley are no doubt some great places for enjoying snow trekking. Just ensure you are experienced in trekking activities and have the minimum equipment available with you which is needed for safe trekking.

Enjoying ice hockey and ice skating

During winter the temperature in Kashmir reaches below “0” degrees and hence the snow-covered areas are nice to visit during this season. You can surely enjoy winter sports such as ice skiing and ice hockey. The lakes and the pools get covered with thick snow and normally these places emerge as the perfect place to play hockey. Well, if you are new to this sport then you will surely get guidance from the qualified and trained instructors who will be available there for support and assistance.

Snow Festival

Tourists who love exploring the world in the months of winter prefer to visit Kashmir in the winter season. Snow festival is one of the key attractions in Kashmir which is loved and appreciated by tourists from different corners of the globe. This fiesta is held in January in Gulmarg. The festival runs for three days and people can enjoy lots of activities here and take pleasure in experiencing the warmth of winter. Cycling, skiing, ice skating, snow cycling, snowboarding, etc. are some enjoyable activities that will make your trip more charming. Mountain biking is another attractive activity that every tourist wants to enjoy during the trip.


Winter vacation in Kashmir is truly one of the challenging ones but that cannot fade away the fact that Kashmir is one of the most charming places in this country, which always looks beautiful in every season. Well, winter brings a new dimension to the beauty of this place. The snow-covered mountains and the picturesque beauty of the surroundings no doubt fill the hearts of the tourists with joy and completeness. Places like Gulmarg, Sonmarg, and Pahalgam are full of beautiful sightseeing places that one must include in the itinerary. All these places possess an exclusive serenity and the beautiful valleys will no doubt charm your heart.

Pony ride in Betaab Valley, Pahalgam

Winter appears to be a blissful season for you when you go for a pony ride on the Betaab Valley, Pahalgam. The ponies will take you on a ride to the different corners of the valley to allow you to get a glimpse of the snow-capped beauty of Kashmir. Be sober to the animals or if they get angry they can make you fall on the hard snows getting you hurt.

Weather in Kashmir during winters

In the winter season, there is snowfall in Kashmir. The lakes freeze and the roads and valleys are covered in snow. This is a very good time for sledding, skiing, and winter activities. Temperatures can drop considerably during the night. The daytime temperatures also are not above 15 degrees Celsius.

Other activities to do during winter in Kashmir

Other than the above 9 reasons to visit Kashmir during winter season, there are a few more.

  • Gulmarg has one of the highest gondola rides in the world. The Gulmarg gondola ride enables tourists to see the beauty of Gulmarg from above the gondola.
  • You can go shopping in winter and the things that you can buy are Kashmiri shawls, carpets, Pashmina shawls, Kashmiri Tea, dry fruits, handicrafts, spices, etc.
  • You can go on treks such as the Chadar Trek and see the frozen Zanskar River and the Zanskar Valley during this trek.
  • You can visit Drung Waterfall during the winter time and the waterfall freezes completely during this time and you can just see the frozen water of this waterfall.
  • You can go camping in places like Chandanwari, Manasbal Lake, Pahalgam, Aru Valley, and Gadsar Lake and experience the winter beauty of Kashmir.
  • You can visit Pulwama in wintertime and see the beauty of the saffron fields, apple orchards, woodlands, and waterfalls.
  • Places like Aru Valley are covered in snow and many treks start from Aru Valley like Kolahoi Glacier Trek, Tarsar Lake Trek, and others.

What clothing to wear in Kashmir during winter season?

You should pack warm clothing if you are visiting Kashmir during wintertime. Sweaters, woolen shawls, jackets, coats, pullovers, and gloves will give you warmth and comfort. Wear boots water-resistant shoes, and trekking gear if you are going on treks.


Q1. How many days are enough for the Kashmir trip?

You need a minimum of 4-5 days and maximum of 7-8 day trip to Kashmir.

Q2. Can I experience snowfall in Kashmir during winter time?

Yes. You can certainly experience snowfall during the winter season in Kashmir.

Q3. What is the trip cost of visiting Kashmir during winter time?

The cost of a Kashmir trip depends on duration of itinerary you are planning.


Kashmir indeed looks even more beautiful in winter. This is just the season why the 9 reasons to visit Kashmir during winter are given. Snow covers most of the landscape during this time in Kashmir. You can do so many wintertime activities in Kashmir during the winter season. Snow-based activities such as skating, skiing, and snowboarding, are best for adventure lovers. But you can also do trekking, camping, shopping, and sightseeing at this time. There is no better place than Kashmir in wintertime. You can plan your visit to Kashmir in the winter season and have the most thrilling time of your life.

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