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The winter winds are getting their bags packed to say goodbye to this season and to welcome the summer months in India. If you are planning a trip during the summer months, and that too on a North India tour, then you must plan it carefully to avoid any inconvenience. It has been noticed that most travelers from all parts of the world visit India during the winter because of the comfortable weather. But it does not mean that you cannot make a plan to enjoy your summer vacation. In India, there are lots of destinations that are perfect to visit during the summer. We are going to share with you a few tips that must be noted before you plan for a trip in the summer months.

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Why prepare a proper plan while going on a trip in the summer months?

Sure thing! Planning your summer trip to North India is a big deal. It’s like your blueprint for a cool and safe journey. First off, choosing spots that aren’t too hot is smart. And don’t forget to pack your essentials like hats, shades, and sunscreen to beat that scorching sun. It’s clever to hang indoors from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. when the sun’s at its fiercest. While road trips are awesome, maybe think about other ways to travel during the hot season. When grubbing, stick to lighter, hydrating foods to keep feeling fresh. Oh, and don’t leave behind your skincare and first-aid stuff! A well-thought-out plan sets you up for an amazing and hassle-free summer trip in North India. Think comfy, safe, and ready for all the fun! 

Tips to Keep in Mind While Planning a Trip in Summer Months

1. Choose the right destination

The most important thing is to plan for the right destination. You can select forest areas, hill stations, or sea sides. Well, sea beaches can be a bit tough to visit during the summer. Hence, places in north India are really good and comfortable choices for you. You should select those places that will give you a chilling effect. These places will surely make your mood positive and refresh you. For cooling effects, you can make plans to visit Shimla, Manali, Kullu, Dalhousie, and even Dehradun in the summer months. 

2. Take proper accessories

While you are planning to have a vacation during the summer, it is always suggested that you prepare a list of important accessories that will protect you from the heat. Hats, sunglasses, umbrellas, etc, are some important accessories that must be there with you all through the trip. These will no doubt shield your face and body from the heat and the UV rays of the sun.

3. Timing

If you are out for a trip during the summer, and that too in the north Indian cities, then it is always suggested not to move out during the period between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. This time period is marked as the danger zone, and sunstroke is common. But sometimes, if there is no option and you need to move out in the sun, then visiting some enclosed places will be the best option. You can opt to visit museums, shopping malls, etc. this time.

4. Ignore road trip

A road trip is no doubt fun, but during the summer, road trips are suggested to be avoided. Road trips in scorching heat can cause heat stroke, which will spoil your entire trip. Hence, you need to plan accordingly so that you can avoid the heat and enjoy the sightseeing too.

5. Cool Food

During the summer, it is better to avoid fried and spicy dishes. Fried, oily, and spicy food can cause various types of health issues. Hence, while you are on a trip during the summer, you should eat foods that will give your body a cooling effect. Hot weather is not able to keep your body properly hydrated. Lots of physical illnesses can arise in your body, and hence, it is suggested to take fruits and other cooling foods, juice, and drinks that can keep your body properly hydrated. Fruits like cucumber, coconut water, etc. are great items to take during the summer.

6. Sunscreen

To protect your skin from the negative effects of the ultraviolet rays of the sun, it is required to keep sunscreen always in the bag. Before you go out sightseeing, ensure sunscreen is applied to your skin so that it remains protected and your face does not get sunburnt. 

7. Proper clothes

After you decide on your holiday destination, you should pack proper clothes. Loose-fit clothes, which are made of cotton and linen, must be worn. The colors of the dresses must be light shades. Dresses in dark shades can cause serious effects on your body and make you feel more warm, leading to profuse sweating. Clothes with dark shades can absorb more heat, and hence, dark-colored shirts are not recommended to wear during the trip in the summer.

8. Keep first aid

Wherever you visit during the summer, carrying a first-aid box is always a good option. Here, you should take all the necessary medicines and ointments so that during the trip, if you face any wound or cut, you can treat the same with your first aid box items. Apart from normal medicines, you also need to take all the special medicines that are prescribed by the doctors. Hence, if you or any other family member is suffering from any disease, then you need to take those medicines in the first aid box.

9. Take lots of water

Water is the best option to keep your body properly hydrated to stay safe from the scorching heat of the summer. Apart from taking water, seasonal fruits are no doubt an excellent way to keep you properly hydrated. So, wherever you go, it is suggested that you take a bottle of water with you. Again, apart from drinking simple water, coconut water is also another good option.

10. Skincare

When you finalize your plan to visit different North Indian travel destinations during the summer, you should take the necessary skin care products with you. Summer can cause oiliness in your skin and you will face problems of rashes, pigmentation, irritation, etc. If you are unable to understand the cream that you should carry, you need to consult with the doctor for the proper skin care product. In other words, the summer sun can be harsh on the skin, causing issues like sunburn, oiliness, and irritation. Planning includes packing the right skincare products recommended by a professional to safeguard your skin health and overall well-being during the trip. 

Travel Destinations in North India for Summer Months

1. Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Shimla sits pretty in the mountains, welcoming you with its cute streets and snowy peaks. Take a walk on Mall Road and enjoy the old-style buildings.

What to doExplore the colonial architecture, visit the Mall Road, enjoy panoramic views from Jakhoo Hill, trek in nearby areas like Kufri, and indulge in local culture.
When is the best time to visit Shimla?April to June are ideal for pleasant weather and outdoor activities.

2. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand

Rishikesh is a mix of spirituality and fun! Try out river rafting or join a yoga retreat. It’s all about peace in the Ganges.

What to doRiver rafting in the Ganges, visiting ashrams and temples, indulging in yoga and meditation, and camping by the riverside.
When is the best time to visit Rishikesh?March to June for adventure sports and yoga retreats.

3. Jaipur, Rajasthan

Jaipur is history-packed with grand forts like Amer Fort. Shop around and feel royal at City Palace.

What to doExplore historical forts like Amer Fort, visit City Palace, shop in local markets, and experience the rich Rajasthani culture.
The best time to visit JaipurOctober to March, but early summer (April to June) is manageable for sightseeing if you avoid the midday heat.

4. Udaipur, Rajasthan

Udaipur’s all about lakes! Enjoy a boat ride on Lake Pihola and soak in the royal vibes at City Palace.

What to doVisit City Palace, enjoy boat rides in Lake Pichola, explore Jag Mandir, and experience the architectural beauty.
The best time to visitOctober to March, but early summer (April to June) allows quieter experiences.

5. Darjeeling, West Bengal

Surrounded by tea gardens, Darjeeling is perfect for sipping great tea and enjoying cool train rides on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway.

What to doVisit tea estates, ride the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (toy train), explore Tiger Hill, and enjoy panoramic views of the Himalayas.
The best time to visitApril to June for clear skies and pleasant weather.

6. Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

Mussoorie‘s waterfalls and awesome views from Gun Hill offer a nice break in nature’s lap.

What to doVisit Kempty Falls, trek to Gun Hill, explore Lal Tibba, and enjoy the scenic beauty of this hill station.
Best time to visit in MussoorieApril to June for pleasant weather and clear views.

7. Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir

Srinagar’s Dal Lake and Mughal Gardens are pure bliss. And the views during the summer are just breathtaking.

What to doVisit Dal Lake, explore Mughal Gardens, take a Shikara ride, and enjoy the serene beauty of the valley.
The best time to visit in SrinagarApril to June for pleasant weather and blooming gardens.

Final Thoughts! 

So, when you’re planning a summer trip up in North India, there are a few smart moves to make it awesome. Remember, picking the right clothes, having a first aid kit handy, and choosing a cool spot are the secrets to a smooth trip. And, most importantly, enjoy the most. So get ready for an awesome adventure in North India—stay cool and hydrated, and make those memories! 

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