Popular Buddhist Monastery India Tour

Popular Buddhist Monastery India Tour

The Popular Buddhist Monastery India Tour

Get Car rental for buddhist circuit in India

Following the footsteps of Lord Buddha, this Buddhist Circuit is a spiritual path to enlightenment. Buddhism originated from here. This whole buddhist circuit is interconnected by a route that leads pilgrims to significant Buddhist sites. Here you will find various monasteries dedicated to teachings of Buddhism. Every museum here showcases the life to death journey of Buddha. So take a soulful tour with TempoTravellerHire with the best Buddhist Circuit Tour Package Price by Car.

The Origin of Buddhist Circuit

While the original Buddhist circuit begins in Lumbini (Nepal), In India, it starts with Bodh Gaya (Bihar).  At Bodh Gaya, You will find the Bodhi Tree which gave enlightenment to Lord Buddha during his penance.  Then we will proceed to Sarnath. In Uttar Pradesh, Buddha delivered his first sermon and this place was later named Sarnath. where Buddha preached his first sermon. And Kushinagar is the place of his salvation. 

Buddhist Monastery Tour Itinerary by Car

To visit the pilgrimages of Buddhist, Hindu and Jain religion, you can take assistance with this well-planned itinerary for Buddhist Monastery Tour by Car Rental. Take a look:






Spend Time


Delhi (India)

Pickup and arrival in Delhi. Be relaxed




Delhi (India)

Start your journey




Bodhgaya (Bihar)

Reach Mahabodhi Temple. Then, Bodhi Tree, Ananda Temple, & Tibetan Monastery

600 Km

10-12 Hours


Bodhgaya (Bihar)

Exploration of other buddhist meditation centers

600 Km

10-12 Hours


Sarnath (Uttar Pradesh)

Visit to Dhamek Stupa. Then, Ruins of museums and monasteries

240 Km

4-5 Hours


Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh)

Indulge in holy Ganga Aarti Ceremony and rituals

230 Km

4-5 Hours


Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh)

Spend your morning with a boat ride at Ganga. Then, visit to Kashi Vishwanath Temple

230 Km

4-5 Hours


Kushinagar (Uttar Pradesh)

Go to Parinirvana Stupa. Then, Ramabhar Stupa and other meditation centers

270 Km

5-6 Hours


Rajgir (Bihar)

Hiking at Gridhakuta Hill (The Vulture Hill) Vulture Peak and Monasteries

220 Km

4-5 Hours


Nalanda (Bihar)

The ruins of Nalanda University, Museum visit and Buddhist Religion monasteries and centers

120 Km

2-3 Hours


Nalanda (Bihar)

A relaxing Car Trip

On the way



Gaya (Bihar)

The Mahabodhi Temple Visit, And then go to other buddhist monasteries

100 Km

2-3 Hours


Sanchi (Madhya Pradesh)

Sanchi Stupa, Appreciate the Carvings and Museum visit

760 Km

14-15 Hours


Aurangabad (Maharashtra)

Overnight Stay at Hotel

On the Way



Ajanta (Maharashtra)

Visit Ajanta Caves and appreciation of Buddhist Cave Paintings

680 Km

12-13 Hours


Ellora (Maharashtra)

Enter the Ellora Caves and witness the blend of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain Art

100 km

2-3 Hours


Delhi (India)

Dropping off to home or preferred location

680 Km

12-13 Hours

Travel Tips For Buddhist Circuit Tour

You can easily customize your buddhist circuit itinerary according to your preference and need. Contact your travel agency and propose your own tour plan and budget to make an exclusive itinerary. There might be limited time with you. Then, you can consider visiting the main sites only.

Sanchi Stupa and Mahabodhi Temple are considered most significant buddhist pilgrimage sites. In addition, do not just limit your visit to monasteries and museums. Try to take a moment to appreciate the carvings, architecture, history and people of these places.

If you're travelling in India for the first time, check your essentials like identity Cards and documents. Carry everything in your backpack. It is recommended to carry Indian cash in case of an emergency like poor internet connection which might disrupt online transactions.

Things To Keep In Consideration

  • This itinerary travels around 3,600 kilometers. Durations might change according to the road conditions like severe traffic jams or weather conditions. In addition, you might take a break in between your trip. So, it might take longer than the fixed hours.
  • You can adjust your resting time and overnight stays as per your liking.
  • Entry prices in each location might differ. So, is the timing. Keep this in consideration while planning your Buddhist Circuit Tour Planning.
  • Likewise, be respectful to local customs and dress appropriately in all holy places.

Now that you’ve got every piece of information you need about Buddhist Circuit Tour by Car Rental, you can plan everything accordingly. Do not rush, research different tour packages and compare them. And you will be able to travel without breaking your bank with TempoTravellerHire, which offers the best Buddhist Monastery Tour By Car.

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