Which is Better Ladakh or Spiti For Tourist

Which is Better Ladakh or Spiti For Tourist

Posted On : 2023-05-26

Ladakh or Spiti: Which is better place?

Are you feeling low and wishing to explore a tourist destination? Are you looking to travel to the natural beauty, hilly terrains, and cultural heritage? Trouble deciding between Ladakh or Spiti: which is a better tourist place in India?

If yes, let us help you to find out which is the best to choose: Ladakh or Spiti?

Which one is easier to reach Ladakh or Spiti Valley? It is easy to reach Ladakh than Spiti. The condition of roads is favorable for Ladakh in comparison to the Spiti Valley. So the travel to Ladakh is quite more comfortable than the Spiti valley. There are many factors which can help you in deciding between the two attractions- Ladakh or Spiti!

Best Time Visit Ladakh OR Spiti

Ladakh     Spiti
  • The best time to visit Ladakh is from April to July. This time of the year is not due to pleasant weather but because of the minimum crowd.
  • The most suitable time to visit Spiti is from October to February. It is the most suitable season to visit because of beautiful weather.
  • Ladakh is a beautiful place where visitors can explore hilly terrains and mountains easily.
  • In summers you can visit from April to September. Spiti has ambience and amzaing places to visit. 
    Additionally, the travellers can do photographes, hilly hikes, and sight watching here.
  • The travellers are requested to bring light woollen clothing as the temprature can be low during night.
  • The travellers are requested to bring woollen clothing as the temperatures are low.


Top Five Places to Explore in Spiti

  1.  A 1000-year-old Monastery: This is the oldest existing Buddhist monastery in Spiti, referred as Ajanta of the Himalayas. This monastery is protected by the Archelogical Survey of India and a major attraction for the travelers. Visitors from all over the world come to the to witness its beauty. 
  2.  Pristine Chandratal: Pristine Chandratal is seen as a place where Indra, the king of gods came on Chariot to transport Yudhisthira to Swarg. It is believed that fairies visit this lake during the night time.
  3. The Pin Valley National Park: This park is known for the protection of endangered Snow-leopard, Ibex, Bharal, Red Fox, Pika, Snow Cock, Himalayan Chough. It's the most enthrilling place to be.
  4. Suraj Tal lakes: Suraj Tal lake is known as the lake of Sun God. It's present in the upper Himalayan zone in the Spiti valley. It exists at a height of 4950 m above sea level. It has tremendous history and view.
  5. Dhankar Lake trek: Dhankhar Lake trek is located in Dhankhar village. This 5 km uphill trek existing along the barren and muddy path is a great trek. It's a difficult trek but a great place to be.


Top Five Places to Explore in Ladakh

  1. Pangong lake: Pangong Lake exists at a height of 4,350m. It is known as the highest saltwater lake in the world. It extends to 160km. It has the one-third part lying in India and other two-third in China. All tourist love to visit this place to capture refreshing memories.
  2. Khardung La: Khardung La has historical presence. It lies on the major route from Leh to Kashgar in Central Asia. The Khardung La pass has existed for a long-time and is a major tourist attraction.  
  3. Zanskar valley: Zanskar valley has beautiful snow-capped mountains. The pleasant weather, sparkling water bodies and lush landscape makes it a great destination. The valley is 105 km away from the Leh region. It has adventure spots for trekking, paragliding, and water rafting activities.
  4. Chang La Pass: Ladakh is home to the most famous high-altitude region. Chang La Pass has en route to Pangong Tso Lake. Chang La Pass is a must visit place for bikers.
  5. Thiksey Monastery: It is undoubtedly the most amazing of all monasteries. It has exemplified Ladakhi architecture. The Thiksey Monastery exists 17 kilometres south from Leh.  


Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How far is from Ladakh from Delhi?

A1. The distance between Delhi to Ladakh by road is 1023 Km. The distance between Delhi to Ladakh by Flight is 617 Km.

Q2. How far is Spiti from Delhi?

A2. There is no direct connection from Delhi Airport (DEL) to Spiti Valley. You can fly to Dharamsala. Later take the drive to the Spiti Valley route. Also, you can choose to fly to Chandigarh and then take a taxi to Spiti Valley. While traveling by road Shimla-Kaza route can be taken.

Q3. Tourist Infrastructure in Ladakh?

A3. It has a well-defined range of hotels and guesthouses available. It is easier to find shared rides to famous tourist places. It has multi-cuisine restaurants, Internet Cafes, bike equipment rentals, and trek operators in the Ladakh region.

Q4. Tourist Infrastructure in Spiti?

A4. It has minimal access. These days there are guesthouses and homestays in major villages across Spiti Valley. It has only one ATM present across the whole region. It has minimal access to the Internet.