Best Things to do in Skiathos (Greece)

Best Things to do in Skiathos (Greece)

Posted On : 2022-09-05

Best Things to do in Skiathos (Greece)

Skiathos is one of the most happening places in Greece for young and old people who are young at heart !

This place has been gaining popularity due to its beach beauty and happening night life.

This beautiful island located in the northwest Aegean Sea is a beauty that the eyes behold !

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The perfectly shaped white-washed houses, the sandy beaches, the crystal blue water are a must visit when in Skiathos.

Let us know more about this place.


The best time to visit Skiathos (Greece) is between the start of June and the end of October.

The climate during those months is very pleasant and gives you a perfect summer feeling.

January is the coldest, bearing temperature with 2 degrees to the most of 11 degrees.

March and April experience quite a rainfall as the place stands on a compact island.

Skiathos has a great Mediterranean climate which is perfect for visitors.


Athens is the connecting point to Skiathos International Airport "Alexandros Papadiamantis".

The travel time from Athens is a 30 minute ride.

There are many connecting flights to Athens from different parts of the world.

One can also reach Skiathos by ferry via Agios Konstantinos port in Volos and Mantoudi port in northern Evia.


1. Visit Skiathos Old Town

Located at Chora, which was built by the Venetians on an islet on the east side of the harbour, it is one of a kind.

You will need ample time to visit the Old town as it is full of amazing places worth seeing.

Being called the main heart of the island, this place has every possible amenity one can wish for.

From the maze of stairways and back streets to Bourtzi Fortress and the harbour’s waterfront, everything here is so pretty!!

The outdoor cinema, the cafes, the restaurants, the old ports, the galleries are all worth a visit.

2. Discover the Evangelistria Monastery

Founded by a group of monks from Mount Athos in 1794, this place is a religious heaven for people in Skiathos.

Set on a hill with a picturesque setting surrounded by a pine forest, this place is sheer beauty.

One can reach the Evangelistria Monastery by walking or by driving.

You can also discover and explore the museums there.

The  museum consists of vestments, manuscripts and silver and wooden crosses.

3. Try water skiing

Visit Vassilias Beach to indulge in some skiing activity in this island.

The smooth and calm waters of this island help the sailors perform these kinds of sports with ease.

There are professionals that guide you through the activity.

4. Take a dip at Lalaria Beach

Lalaria Beach can be accessed only through the waterways while taking a tour to the Kastro.

With cliffs bearing natural arches and antique rustic kinda caves is the perfect attraction here.

The translucent glow of this beach in the sun with the beautiful white sediment water is worth a watch.

The beach is big enough to hold a large number of visitors here.

This beach gives you a pool feel with its sapphire blue waters.

5. Take a Tsougria Boat Ride

Tsougria is a peaceful and uninhabited island surrounded by turquoise waters, lying in the south of Skiathos.

The shallow waters and lush green vegetation are the perfect reason to get going here.

This place is a heavenly paradise for tourists and visitors.

One can travel by boat and spend the most time on the west coast beach and the main beach at Tsourgria.

6. Swim at the Banana Beach

There are two beautiful beaches with shallow waters.

The shallow waters make the swimmers go easy at swimming.

The marine life is exotic here.

The place is a quite a getaway and located in a little remote area.

Yet Banana beach is a friendly visitor spot though !

7. Parasail in Skiathos

One of the entertaining water sports activities to get indulged into !

This activity is thrilling yet one of the safer activities.

There are professionals that guide you through this amazing experience.

8. Spend a romantic getaway at Lake Strofilias

Situated at approx 200 meters from Koukounaries Beach, this place is surely worth a visit.

This place has a pleasant forest coolness with a combination of beautiful coniferous trees.

This place is the most visited destination in Skiathos.

9. Visit the Agios Alexandros Church

This Church situates itself in the northern part of Skiathos, on the hill top overlooking the Aegean.

Reaching here is a bit difficult due to unmaintained roads, yet a journey worth taking the pain for.

Built in a typical Cycladic style, this white church is one of its kind.

The views from Agios Alexandros Church are breathtaking and gorgeous.

10. Indulge in Snorkeling

One of the fun activities to indulge in when in Skiathos is snorkeling.

There are many beaches where one can pdo these water activities.

The smooth, calm and lipid waters make it easy to do snorkeling.

One can admire the vast and rich marine life here at Skiathos while snorkeling.

One must take care while indulging in this activity and should take professional guidance.

11. Take a walk at Mandraki Beach

Considered as one of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in Skiathos is Mandraki.

Located at isolated northern place, this beach offers a quiet and peaceful time with your loved one.

This beach has emerald green waters with golden shimmering sand !

This place is a perfect tropical site.

12. Go Kayaking at Skiathos

When in Greece, kayaking is one of the famous activities done in Skiathos.

With ample beach options, this activity can be done at many beaches.

Reaching the rocky and deserted beaches is possible via kayaking.

The water surface being smooth and lipid makes it easier to indulge in kayaking and other water sports.


Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How many days are preferable for the Skiathos Tour?

A1. One can prefer at least 7 to 8 days for the Skiathos Tour.

Q2. Is Skiathos safe to travel to?

A2. Yes ! Skiathos is one of the safest places for visitors and tourists.

Q3. What is the ideal time to visit Skiathos?

A3. The ideal time to visit Skiathos is from June to August.