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Gangtok the capital of the state Sikkim of India lies in eastern Himalayas elevated at a height of 1650 m. It is quite much a cosmopolitan city filled with all the amenities to find at your ease. The resplendent environment of Gangtok cladded amongst the clouds is quite inviting for anyone seeking a peaceful holiday. Gangtok is one of the biggest tourists place because of its magnificent and divine nature and ambience.

Its a place where modernization meets tradition, the balance between the two is maintained quite well. One can stand and behold the spectacular Kanchenjunga peak which is the world’s tallest peak or the dazzling ban jhakri falls which gives you a feeling of immense pleasure. Gangtok is one of the biggest places for Buddhist pilgrimage and also embellished with many stupas and monasteries. Japji travels give you the best tour packages for Gangtok according to your wish.



Best time to visit:

1) Spring (March to May): Enjoy the amazing weather!
Spring is awesome because the weather is just perfect – not too hot, not too cold. It’s the best time to explore all the pretty places in Gangtok!

2) Autumn (September to November): Dig in the beautiful landscapes!
In autumn, this place looks so gorgeous with all the colorful sceneries. It’s like a magical painting! You can have so much fun doing outdoor adventures.

3) Rainy Season (June to August): Be careful of the slippery travel blockages! Afterall, safety comes first. Isn’t it?
When it rains, it becomes super green and beautiful. But you need to be careful because heavy rains might make traveling a bit tricky. So, you can plan to visit during other times for a smoother trip.

4) Winter (December to February): Calm your soul in the chilly experiences!
If you like the cold and maybe even want to see some snow, winter is perfect here! Get cozy and enjoy the winter wonderland! The choice is yours now.

So, what does Gangtok have for you? Holidays in Gangtok

There are various tourist attractions in Gangtok which are equally spectacular and enthralling. You will find fun places to visit that are really amazing! Firstly, you’ll see beautiful monasteries and stunning landscapes that will leave you in awe. Get ready for an exciting adventure and be amazed by the beauty!

  • The Do Drul Chorten:
    It is a Buddhist stupa in Gangtok. Furthermore, it is amongst the top places to experience Gangtok Tourism. People really like visiting these peaceful and charming stupas. Additionally, both tourists and devotees love to come here. It’s a special place for those who want to find calm and happiness in the hilly areas. You can visit between 8 AM to 5 PM.
  • Rumtek monastery:
    Known as the Dharma Chakra Center. It is a special place in the magical land of Sikkim, perched atop a hill 23 km away from Gangtok. Long ago, Changchub Dorje built this monastery in the middle of the 18th century. Over time, it became famous for its teachings of Buddha and the artworks and old sacred books.
    If you plan to visit, remember that visitors are welcome from 6 AM to 6 PM. It usually takes 1 to 2 hours to explore all the amazing things inside. And the best part? The entry fee is INR10. Additionally, don’t miss visiting the Karma Sri Nalanda Institute for Higher Buddhist Studies too!

Subsequently, there are spiritual and religious places too. So, continue reading what does Gangtok have for you.

  • Tashiding monastery, Hanuman tok, Tsuk la Khang monastery are some of the major religious places which are quite blissfully peaceful. In these enchanting places, you’ll find a blissfully peaceful experience waiting for you. Moreover, each of these sacred locations has its own unique charm and significance, making them cherished places for those seeking spiritual nourishment. So, when you explore these serene religious spots, get ready for a journey that will surely leave you with a sense of peace and wonder in your heart.
  • Tsomgo lake, Nathu la pass, Banjhakri falls, seven sister’s waterfall, Phurchachu hot springs are some of the spectacular lakes and waterfalls. Imagine a world of magic and wonder where you can find the most amazing places! First of all, there’s Tsomgo Lake, which shines like a precious gem among the tall mountains. Next, we have Nathu La Pass, which is like a magical door connecting two beautiful lands. Additionally, don’t forget Banjhakri Falls. It is like a powerful waterfall that looks like a big curtain.

Moreover, the Seven Sisters Waterfall is like a graceful dance of seven sisters!
But if you want to feel warm and cozy, there’s Phurchachu Hot Springs, which is the place to go! It’s like a special pool of hot water surrounded by nature’s magic.

All these places are like a dream come true, waiting for you to explore and enjoy their beauty. Each one will make your heart fill with joy and wonder. So, get ready for an incredible adventure through these amazing lakes and waterfalls!

  • Some of the major landmarks which are a must visit are Tashia viewpoint, Singhik viewpoint, Kabi Longstok. Get ready for an exciting adventure to some amazing landmarks! To begin with, we have Tashi Viewpoint, where you can see stunning mountains and sunrises. Additionally, there’s Singhik Viewpoint with its magical views of valleys and tall peaks.

Moreover, don’t forget Kabi Longstok, a place full of stories from long ago. Each one of these places is special and will give you wonderful memories. So, let’s go and explore these fantastic places together!

  • Flower Exhibition Centre:

Every year, they have a fantastic flower show. Here, you can see beautiful flowers like Blue Bend Orchids, Callosia, Chrysanthemum. Additionally, they also have lots of pretty orchids on display. You’ll love the artificial pond they have there, and it’s a popular spot for taking pictures.

There’s also a lovely white Memorial Hall named after Claude White. Above the hall, there’s a big wheel with a statue of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister. The flower show happens from April to May, and you’ll see colorful trees and plants all around. So, it’s a magical place you’ll enjoy visiting!

How much does a Gangtok trip cost?

Excluding air/train fare, the tour will cost around INR20000 for two people for a basic package. So, are you’re ready to explore on this adventure? If yes, then get set to see some amazing places!

Hey, it’s not over yet! We have more to the topic what does Gangtok have for you.

You must explore Gangtok’s amazing places. Guess what are those places? They are Deer Park, Saramsa Garden, Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary, and The Fambong La Wildlife Sanctuary! Are you ready for a fun-filled adventure filled with joy and wonder?

Conclusion: What does Gangtok have for you?

These are the major tourists’ spots which give you a lifetime experience to cherish.
Nobody wants to spoil his holiday. In Gangtok, there are lots of fun things to do and amazing places to see! With so many wonderful activities, you wouldn’t want to miss out on all the joy and adventure waiting for you.

So, get ready for a fantastic holiday and make memories that will stay in your heart forever! Everybody want their holiday planned and to make this possible Japji travels are the best tour operator. We strive towards rendering best service. Therefore, Gangtok has everything that you wish for a holiday.

A few recommendations for stay and must try food

Top places to stays in GangtokDelicious food to Eat
Alpine ResortThukpa
Mayfair Spa Resort & CasinoMomos
The Royal PlazaSel Roti
The Hidden Forest RetreatGundruk

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