8 Awesome Places for Shopping in Jalandhar

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In addition to its rich cultural past, Jalandhar, a bustling city in the Indian state of Punjab, is well-known for its thriving retail sector. Jalandhar offers a variety of shopping experiences to suit every taste and budget, ranging from historic marketplaces to contemporary shopping centres. This article will discuss eight fantastic stores in Jalandhar where you may indulge in retail therapy and get the ideal trinkets, outfits, accessories, and much more.

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Neopolis MBD Mall

All of your shopping requirements may be met in Jalandhar’s premier retail centre, MBD Neopolis Mall. This upmarket mall provides an opulent shopping experience with a large selection of domestic and foreign brands. The MBD Neopolis Mall is the ideal location to spend a day indulging in retail therapy, with everything from high-end fashion boutiques to technology stores and gourmet eateries.

  • Numerous options for shopping- There are several places to shop in Jalandhar, from contemporary malls to conventional markets. Explore upmarket shopping centres including MBD Neopolis Mall and Celebration Mall, which are renowned for their high-end brands and entertainment options. The vibrant atmosphere and rich culture of Punjab are showcased in the bustling markets like Model Town Market, Guru Nanak Dev Market, and Sadar Bazaar for a more genuine experience.

Market in Model Town

Model Town Market is the place to go if you want to shop in a more conventional way. This crowded market is renowned for its genuine Punjabi goods, such as Patiala salwar suits, Phulkari needlework, and Punjabi juttis (traditional footwear). Here, haggling is a popular practise, so put your talents to the test and score some amazing discounts.

  • Products with a Punjabi heritage– Become fully immersed in the community by purchasing authentic Punjabi goods. Elegant Patiala salwar suits, vibrant Punjabi juttis, and exquisite Phulkari embroidery are among popular items at Model Town Market. A rich wealth of handwoven textiles, including elaborately patterned shawls, sarees, and suits, can be found at Handloom Emporium.

Market for Guru Nanak

Guru Nanak Dev Market, so named in honour of the first Sikh Guru, is a bustling market that offers goods for those with various tastes. Everything is available, including apparel, accessories, electronics, and products for the home. The fashionable and reasonably priced clothing options in this market make it a favourite among the younger audience.

  • Modern Retail Therapy– Jalandhar’s malls offer a diverse selection of domestic and foreign brands for fashion-conscious customers. The newest fashions are available at PPR Mall and Celebration Mall, so update your wardrobe with them.

PPR Mall

The PPR Mall PPR Mall is a family-friendly shopping area featuring a variety of goods. PPR Mall provides a pleasurable shopping experience for everyone, from a fully stocked hypermarket for groceries to branded shops providing clothing, shoes, and accessories. In addition, it has a food court where you may quench your needs after a day of shopping.

  • Family-Friendly Shopping: PPR Mall provides a welcoming environment for families with a fully stocked hypermarket for grocery shopping, as well as apparel, footwear, and entertainment alternatives to keep everyone entertained.

Handloom Mercantile

Visit the Handloom Emporium if you’re interested in learning more about the traditional crafts of Punjab. An excellent selection of handloom fabrics, including elaborate shawls, sarees, and outfits, are on display in this government-run store. You may help to promote regional craftspeople and their work by making a purchase here.

  • Wholesale Deals- For wholesale offers and bulk purchases, bargain hunters should visit PPR Market. People looking for reasonably priced clothing, accessories, and shoes are catered to by this sector.

Mall of Celebration

Celebration Mall is a shopper’s dream with its cuttingedge architecture and impressive collection of national and international brands. This mall provides a one-stop shopping and leisure experience with everything from fashion boutiques to home decor shops and entertainment areas. Don’t forget to check out the newest films in the multiplex!

  • Support Local Artisans- Shopping at the Handloom Emporium allows customers to both assist local craftsmen and keep Punjab’s traditional crafts alive.

PPR Industry

PPR Market is the place to go if you’re looking for bulk purchasing at wholesale prices. One of Jalandhar’s oldest marketplaces, it is renowned for offering a wide range of apparel, accessories, and shoes at reasonable prices. Bring patience and a keen eye to identify the greatest offers that are available.

  • Complete Shopping Experience- Jalandhar’s shopping destinations provide more than just window shopping. For movie buffs, MBD Neopolis Mall and Celebration Mall offer a complete experience with food courts and multiplexes.

Bazaar Sadar

In Jalandhar, no shopping trip would be complete without a stop at Sadar Bazaar. Due to its vibrant ambiance and wide selection of goods, this bustling marketplace is well-liked by both residents and visitors. Everything from jewellery to handicrafts to electronics and home goods may be found here. The sensory joy of Sadar Bazaar’s brilliant colours, alluring fragrances, and busy crowd.

  • Lively and Vibrant ambiance- Whether you’re visiting contemporary malls or meandering through ancient marketplaces, Jalandhar’s lively and vibrant ambiance will fascinate you.


Jalandhar is a heaven for shopaholics thanks to its vibrant mix of contemporary malls and traditional marketplaces. These eight fantastic sites for shopping in Jalandhar have you covered, regardless of whether you prefer high-end stores or want to explore the rich cultural legacy of Punjab. Prepare yourself for a shopping adventure and bring some wonderful souvenirs home.

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