Vino in festa & wine cellar night

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Vino in Festa Wine Cellar Night

Italian history and cultural perspectives

Italy is the youngest country in whole western Europe. And certainly, the most trending country. Also, known as the most romantic country. Another key point of Italy is Culture, This country has a wide range of variations. Above all, there are many facts related to this country. One of them is Italy’s flag represents hope, faith and charity. 

Besides, visiting Trevi Fountain is a must. Especially, you need to take an underground tour of Trevi. Furthermore, Trevi is the oldest water source in Rome. Also, everyday tourists throw €3,000 a day into the fountain. Although the money is used for charity. But, there is a story as well. There are 3 reasons for it. firstly, for a safe journey. Secondly, for true love. And lastly, for the marriage. 

  1. Cultural Varients and perspectives.
  2. Visit Trevi Fountain.
  3. Learn about the charity.

Learn about Roman History

Moreover, learning about Roman history is enthralling. For instance, exploring the pink-hued medieval structures is a must. Especially, it is the home to famous artists too. Whether Julius Caesar or Romeo and Juliet. Visit Vatican museums and the Sistine chapel. The architecture holds historical charm. 

Besides, there is a reason why Italy is the 5th most visited country in the world. Altogether 65 million people visit Italy every year. Especially, they head to Rome, Pisa, and Florence. Also, did you know there are 1500 lakes in Italy? You will find the best beaches in Italy. Also, trek to the highest mountain, Mont Blanc.

  1. Explore Roman History.
  2. Explore the best beaches.
  3. Trek to Mont Blanc.

Pizza capital of the world

Pizza was invented in Naples, Italy. As a matter of fact, you can join authentic pizza-making workshops. You can find both Neapolitan pizzas and the Roman version too. The difference is in dough and crust.

Pizza in Italy is the most affordable. Also, pizza is a social food in Italy. Whether family gatherings or office meetings. Pizza is always the best. 

Savour the true authentic taste of Italy. Especially, you get to try some unique gourmet toppings. As well as new cheese. Above all, there are some restaurants you must try on. Namely, Da Remo which is famous for thin crispy pizzas. Then we have Emma’s pizzas. Especially famous for Tuscan olive oil and mozzarella in pizzas. 

Also, you must not miss traditional Roman pizza at Pizzarium. Specifically, this place has a great view too. Simultaneously, perfect gourmet toppings too. The rich floor dough melts in the mouth. 

  1. Experience the world’s best pizzas.
  2. Pizza is social food here.
  3. Must try traditional toppings.
  4. Head to famous places

Vino in festa & Wine celler

Vino in festa & Wine celler is a festival. Which basically, aims to spread the knowledge of ​​South Tyrolean wines. This event is a month-long event. Specifically, focus on fine wine awareness.

Therefore, you can grab the opportunity of unique wine tasting. It starts in Nals and goes to Uberetsch and Unterland.

Particularly, the event is focussed on wine tasting. Also, visitors are invited to taste and get to know the country and culture. Obviously, you get to learn the history too. The environment of the wine cellar event is very attractive. 

Furthermore, you get to visit Bolzano, Andrian, Nals, Salurn, Tramin. These are the wonderful countryside to explore in Italy. Also, you must not miss the starting and ending dates of the event. It begins on 25th April and ends on 6th June.

  1. Fine Wine awareness festival.
  2. Explore the countryside.
  3. Mark the dates.
  4. Get acquainted with new wines.

Call for culture and wine lovers

Undoubtedly, wine is equivalent to food in Italy. It has many stories related to the Roman empire too. Especially, there was a time when wine was cultivated in Monastries. Wine has always made way in Italy. Previously the vineyards were destroyed during the 1st & 2nd world war. 

Yet, the people didn’t give up. Right after the war, Growers focussed on yielding quality wines. Furthermore, Vino in Festa is an open event. Basically, you get to experience different wine routes.

Also, a shuttle service to provide for visitors. To transport from one wine cellar to another. Afterwards, you can also go for some outdoor cooking and walks etc.

  1. Wine and food go hand in hand.
  2. Wine culture is prevalent.
  3. Explore wine different routes.
  4. Go for outdoor activities.

Music, Fashion & Art Make Italy Alive

Certainly, you will witness art in every corner. Italy is filled with historical events, and museums to testify to. Not only public historic spots but also old age churches. With some stunning art. Also, Italy is the birth home of Leon Battista Alberti and Leonardo da Vinci. World’s famous artists. 

Also, Italian culture is known for music and operas. The world’s famous musicians are born in Italy. epecially Giuseppe Verdi, Luciano Pavarotti, Ruggero Leoncavallo.

Also, undeniably, Italians are known for their best styles. World’s famous brands are owned by this country. Likewise, Versace, Prada, Armani, Gucci, and Benetton. 

Italy is the country where fashion, art and music are in nerves. Italian culture is renowned by the world. Italy and their citizens are known for celebrating life. Above all, Italians are known for socialisation. 

  1. Italians live within art and music.
  2. Italy is home to the world’s best artists.
  3. Best fashion brands are born in Italy.
  4. Learn some Italian ways of celebration.

Additionally, Italian culture is romanticized throughout the globe. They truly believe in what life has to offer. Besides, Italian are very playful and joyful beings. So what are you waiting for?

Hence, dive into the Italian culture now.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. When do Vino in Festa and the wine cellar starts?

Ans:  It begins on 25th April and ends on 6th June. 

Q2. Where you should travel in Italy?

Ans: Rome,  Pisa, and Florence.

Q3. What does the Italian flag represent?

Ans: Hope, faith and charity

Q4. what is the best time to travel to Italy?

Ans: Spring season is March to May and the Autumn season is September to November.

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