Travel Precautions for Corona Virus in India

Travel Precautions for Corona Virus in India

The pandemic that the WHO has defined Corona virus that’s found all over the world these days belongs to a large virus family. It causes people to be ill while also circulating among camels, bats and cats. Since this is a novel virus, there is no known vaccine to treat it. Hence, we have to find our own ways of protecting ourselves from it.

One of the best ways of preventing its spread is to isolate ourselves in our homes or go to hospitals for treatment. The Indian government has taken a stern view of this virus and has issued travel advisories. Among the first few things the government asked all Indian citizens to do is to NOT travel to those parts of the world where this virus outbreak has taken place.

Due To this Covid-19 All the Taxi Services, Car and Bus Rental Services are Stopped as Per Delhi Government Orders and This is For Our Safety

travel advise for corona

Travel Precautions
These are the government’s travel precautions:
For Travellers Returning to India

  • Let the airline crew know if you have a cough, cold, flu or breathing difficulties
  • Ask the airline crew for a mask and wear it till the journey ends
  • Keep a distance from fellow-passengers and family members
  • While disembarking, follow the rules given by airline crew
  • At the airport, let the Airport Health Officer have your itinerary and Self-Reporting form
  • If you have returned from a country affected with this virus in the past two weeks and suffer from a cough, cold or breathing difficulties, call these numbers immediately:

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare: 1075/+91-11-23978046

Travel Advisories:

The first travel advisory issued by the Indian government on March 11, 2020 said that passengers coming from and transiting through UAE, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar would be compulsorily quarantined for 14 days.

The government prohibits passengers from the UK, EU, European Free Trade Association, Turkey, Afghanistan, Malaysia and Philippines from entering India, from March 18, 2020.

No airline can include passengers from the above-mentioned countries to India, effective March 18, 2020. These instructions will be effective till March 31, 2020.

No international traveller aircraft can take off from any international airport to any Indian airport after March 22, 2020 to March 29, 2020.

Commercial passenger aircraft landing in India should not have travelled more than 20 hours. This is effective from March 22, 2020.

Precautions at Airports

At airports, travellers are put through temperature screening. Sanitization and airplane disinfection are regularly done, while terminals are also fumigated. For passengers from affected countries, separate counters are organized where crew wears masks and gloves. They also maintain social distancing from passengers and periodically clean tray tables in aircraft.

At Delhi airport, lanes for travellers from affected countries have been set up. Dedicated immigration counters and baggage claim belts have been set up for them. This is also done in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

Indian Railways

Here are some steps taken by the Indian Railways to contain the Corona virus outbreak:

  • Hiking of platform tickets from Rs 10 to Rs 50 to keep away crowds at railway platforms.
  • Fines are being levied against those who spit on platforms.
  • A massive awareness campaign has been initiated in which posters and pamphlets are being distributed regarding precautions to be taken to stem the spread of this virus.
  • Indian Railways has cancelled all passenger trains till March 31.

Many more successful initiatives are being taken and are giving good results.


It is hoped that by successfully practicing these precautions and initiatives, this virus will not spread further. It is the endeavour of every Indian citizen to stem the spread of Corona virus so that he and his community are kept safe and healthy.

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