Toronto Zoo — Toronto Zoo Tickets Price, Entry Timing & Tips, Canada

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Toronto Zoo — Toronto Zoo Tickets Price, Entry Timing & Tips, Canada

Nestled in the heart of Canada, Toronto Zoo attracts tourists from all across the globe. It is like stepping into the wildlife odyssey and making wonderful memories. The Toronto Zoo is one of the best places for nature as well as wildlife lovers. The sanctuary for animals allows them to live in peace and have the best time under good care. Additionally, you are sure to love the environment that supports nurturing capabilities for animals. Different species can be found at the zoo making it an intriguing place for kids and adults.

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The Toronto Zoo is spread across 700 acres making it a massive place filled with wonders of nature. Whether you are looking for amazing exhibits, information or unique experiences, the zoo has it all! From the Asian animals to the glimpse of the African Savanna, the Toronto Zoo especially offers a wholesome experience to visitors. So, take the help of this guide and get going on a special journey.

Toronto Zoo: Location, Timings and Entry Fee

Location: 2000 Meadowvale Rd, Toronto, ON M1B 5K7, Canada


The Toronto Zoo timings begin from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Early morning is an ideal time to spot animals. 

Entry Fee:

The admission price for Toronto Zoo Canada differs every other day. It is best to check their official website under the Toronto Zoo tickets and pricing. It can be anywhere between CAD 20 to CAD 26. Children below the age of 2 years can enter the zoo for free.

The Toronto Zoo also offers a special CityPass covering the top four attractions. The price for the CityPass is USD 77 for adults and USD 58 for children.

You can also opt for ECV rentals or reserve a wheelchair during your journey.

Main Attractions in Toronto Zoo Canada: Where Nature Meets the Wild

1. African Savanna Pavilion 

As the name suggests, African Savanna takes you through an especially refreshing journey. The area is dedicated to animals of Africa living in joy. What makes it scenic is the presence of aquatic animals as well as wild bears. 

Spot giraffes, gorillas and double-humped camels here. Apart from being one of the famous tourist attractions in Toronto Zoo, the African Savanna showcases the mighty presence of mammals and reptiles. Children get an opportunity to learn about the diverse creatures of the country.

2. Indo Malaya Pavilion 

Welcome to another popular spot in Toronto Zoo Canada. The Indo Malaya Pavilion is dedicated to different species ranging from aquatic animals to forest creatures. It is one of the best attractions in Toronto Zoo to spot a plethora of wild animals. Additionally, you’ll need at least 2 hours to fully roam around and get information about these species. 

The pavilion has Asian brown tortoise, Malayan crested fireback pheasant, Greater one-horned rhinoceros, Sumatran orangutan, Himalayan tahr and Clouded Leopard. Moreover, the aquatic animals include Black Carp, Bighead Carp and Tentacled snakes.

3. Australasia Pavilion 

Who doesn’t love to spot the exquisite species of animals showcasing the wonders of nature? The Australasia Pavilion offers a great opportunity to learn and witness unique creatures. Students can especially take notes from the information displayed while watching animals. Emerald tree boa, Green tree Python and Komodo dragon are some of the wonderful species in this Pavilion. 

Whether you are here for photography, writing about wildlife or simply enjoyment, the Toronto Zoo Canada offers it all. Australasia Pavilion is one of the top-rated attractions in Toronto Zoo for Red-necked wallabies and Western grey kangaroos. From a variety of frogs, and birds to insects, you can obviously explore a lot here!

4. Canadian Domain

In a word, wildlife is exciting! Whether it is sporting a known animal or observing a completely new one, the enthusiasm remains the same. Canadian Domain is a special area for species belonging to the Canadian regions. Get ready with your binoculars to spot their intriguing details. 

Canadian Domain is filled with American Moose, the giant Grizzly Bear, the Northern Bald Eagle, Wood Bison, naughty Raccoons and Trumpeter swan. It is important to note that the pavilion remains open only during the right season. Toronto Zoo Canada takes great care of animals considering seasonal changes.

5. Americas Pavilion 

Some of the finest animals can be found in the United States. However, you can now witness them at the Toronto Zoo Canada. The Americas Pavilion offers a perfect opportunity to learn, witness and immerse in the beauty of the wild. This pavilion features an Aggregate anemone, a Black-footed ferret, Blanding’s turtle and Brazilian giant cockroach.

The list is not over yet! Your eyes might not believe but Toronto Zoo Canada is home to the Blue poison dart frog, Boa constrictor and Dyeing poison dart frog. Additionally, you can spit reptiles including Eyelash viper, Desert grassland whiptail, Jamaican Boa and Northern Pacific rattlesnake. Being one of the prime attractions in Toronto Zoo, this pavilion also boasts various birds and insects.

What’s More? Experiences Beyond Wildlife Spotting at Toronto Zoo 

Toronto Zoo is super active in animal conservation and efforts towards wildlife. You can either choose to adopt an animal’s lifestyle or even donate to various funds. 

Apart from the main attractions in Toronto Zoo, you can now attend interesting workshops on wildlife conservation, environment, science and more. Be a part of interesting discussions and learn something new at the zoo. 

The zoo often hosts a plethora of events. From Family Day, and carousels to dinner parties, the zoo has it all. You can be a part of such interesting events especially when it contributes towards the betterment of Toronto Zoo

Important Tips for Visiting Toronto Zoo

  • Toronto Zoo is a massive space so you need to plan your journey well. Take a map and decide the plan in advance to avoid wastage of time once you reach it.
  • Check the weather forecast before visiting. Pleasant weather is ideal for spotting maximum animals.
  • It is best to arrive early to explore most of the pavilions and other attractions at Toronto Zoo. It also helps you avoid crowds.
  • There is a lot of walking in the zoo. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes to have the best time.
  • While marking the attractions in Toronto Zoo, also mark the availability of restrooms near that specific place. It helps with navigation in cases of emergency
  • Be mindful of the animals and respect their privacy. Unnecessary noise only disturbs their natural environment.

Wrapping Up

Toronto Zoo is a beautiful place for encountering wild experiences. As you spot wonderful species, take home memories of interacting with the wild. Additionally, you can always look back at pictures and traverse through the attractions at Toronto Zoo

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