Top 10 Winter Holiday Destination of India

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There are a number of places in India where the icy winds, sparkling snow, and entrancing mist will keep you awestruck. Images of snow-covered mountains, clear ponds, and roofs are like nectar that draws tourists in with joy. Since summer brings oppressive heat that makes touring difficult in some parts in India, winter is the greatest time to see the stunning vistas of mountains, lovely lakes, and natural wonders.

Winter in India is the season of celebrations and festivals. This is also the best time to go for vacation to some of the best winter destinations within India to enjoy the beauty of this country at its best.  

The Globetrotters prepare for an adventure as the rest of the world sleeps soundly beneath their cosy covers. The greatest winter destinations in India will ease your spirit if you are one of those people who enjoys travelling, especially in cold weather.

Learn more about the best locations to visit in India during the winter by reading the information below.

1. Rajasthan


Rajasthan is one of the royal states of India which is famous for its architectural beauty, wildlife and desert. During summer the humidity level remains so that that visiting Rajasthan during this period seems difficult. In the winter months you can enjoy the beauty of this place completely. This state is known to be the house of some important historical architecture in India. This is the place of palaces. Jaipur, the pink city, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Puskar, Jodhpur, etc are the prime cities which are must to visit to know Rajasthan closely. These cities are famous for historical palaces and you will also like the royal culture of this state.

This place is finding itself gathering quite a bit of hustle and bustle from all the tourist rush that its temperature and deserts were keeping away till now. It has the most common and evident amount of sites to visit in India in the winter. Months during winters are amazing for small strolls. You may see the area’s historical monuments. History and architecture will occupy your entire day. But by the dawn, desert safari will on your mind and itinerary. Moreover, the country’s pink, blue, and golden cities are among the most popular winter vacation spots. It is because of their iconic landmarks and their diverse cultural and retail things to offer. The list of Rajasthan’s greatest winter destinations includes Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Udaipur, and Jaipur. These locations are at their best during the winter and you should not miss any.

2. Kerala

Kerala is also famous as “The God’s Own Country” and once you are here you will understand that the saying is not a myth at all and it’s a true blissful destination of India. This state has emerged as one of the most loved winter destinations among the travelers. The famous locations in this state include Munnar, Periyar, Alleppey which are famous for backwaters, Kovalam, etc. Your trip will become more exotic if you are able to book a boathouse on the backwater and stay there for one or two nights. Apart from that the spice garden, Zoological garden, etc are also there to explore.

The summers are hot and muggy; Kerala is a popular winter destination. Well-known for its backwaters, beaches, glistening greenery, temples, Ayurveda spas, a hill station, and the country’s largest tiger reserve, all wrapped up in one of the richest and most vibrant examples of culture and the arts. One of the most popular winter travel destinations in India is this.

3. Auli

Lots of places are there in Uttarakhand which turns gorgeous during winter and among these Auli is definitely the one. Adventure lovers gather here to experience skiing. The well-known places to stay here are GMVN, Auli resort, etc. Also, there are lots of private hotels which offer great service to tourists.

Auli is a place of natural beauty. Orchards, ancient oaks and pine trees surround the place. Apart from skiing, the slopes of the Garhwal Himalayas are adventurous. These offer a variety of excursions. You may take in the breathtaking vistas of the snow-covered mountains. In the Himalayan range, Auli is a well-known hill station that dates back to the eighth century AD.

4. Shimla

Shimla is there in our list of top-ranked winter holiday destinations from a long time and people from all parts of the world visit this tourist spot to enjoy the natural beauty of this place. This city is also a great destination for a honeymoon couple. Top spots to visit in Shimla are Mall road, Jakhu Temple, The Ridge, etc. Besides enjoying nature, you can also take the chance to enjoy adventure sports such as skiing and skating, etc.

The mood becomes snug and lovely by the cool weather. Must visit Shimla if you want a romantic winter holiday! Snow covers the entire area. The snow-covered peak and seasonal flowers will no doubt make the trip more romantic. Thus, it is one of the favourite winter vacation spots for travellers, especially lovers. Furthermore, the city is not just for lovers; thrill-seeking travelers are welcome to travel there as well. Shimla is a skiing station and draws tourists from all over the world. In India, Shimla is the ideal place to travel during the winter.

5. Goa

Everything that makes for an exhilarating ambiance that you are looking forward to is there in Goa. Think about the loud nightclubs, wild crowds, and mouthwatering food, all in Goa. It is among the most popular winter vacation spots in India. The high spirits of Goa are best seen in the winter. During the winter vacation Goa becomes the most exotic place to visit.

The best time to visit Goa is around the Christmas Carnival and New Year’s Eve. If you are planning to celebrate the Christmas party and New year party in an innovative way, then visiting Goa with friends and families and enjoying those days here will be a great decision. The Churches here are decorated superbly and the prayers organized here are heart touching too. The nightlife of Goa is worth experiencing in the months of December and especially on the New Year ever. You will feel the magic in every nook and corner of Goa. All party outdoors on the beach are the happiest or a high-profile gathering at a restaurant is cheering during the winters.

6. Andaman

Andaman is a location that is made for individuals looking for relaxation in the lap of Mother Nature. It is quite distinct from Goa. It is one of India’s most beautiful winter vacation spots. The biggest draw for visitors is the area’s peace and quiet. Travellers can also take in foreign wildlife, particularly aquatic species. Additionally, travellers can participate in water sports like snorkelling and others to spice up their holiday.

Andaman is also one of the most lovely tourist spots in India. During winter you can enjoy the tranquil atmosphere of this place. This place is also famous for its historical importance. The Cellular Jail is the prime attraction of this city. Lots of freedom fighters were given inprisonment in this jail. It is difficult to visit all islands of Andaman but few you can definitely go with guide. In some of the Islands, there are restrictions for visit because of tribal inhabitants. Among the allowed islands, travelers mainly prefer Ross Island, Havelock and Neil Island to visit.

7. Hampi

Karnataka is no doubt one of the most gorgeous travel destinations in India during winter. he city of ruins is Hampi. It is rather a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city Hampi has an attractive scenic beauty and the neighboring places are also nice to visit. This location is in between the state of Karnataka’s shaded hills and valleys. However, it is a tourist attraction rich in history. The popular places to visit in Hampi are Virupaksha Temple, Matanga hill, Hemakuta hill Temple, and many more are there on the list.

This place is an open museum as here you will be able to experience the various historical evidences openly. The ruined temples and monuments are the examples of the royal history of India. Hampi is a backpacker’s paradise. It is because 500 antique sites, stunning temples, lively street markets, bastions, the Treasury Building and fascinating remnants of the Vijayanagar Empire surround it. A preferred method to view the city from the perspective of its history is to visit Hampi, an open museum with more than 100 venues to explore.

8. Dharamshala

You may enjoy A mix of Indian and Tibetan culture. The place is also known as the Land of Lamas. The city has its own attraction and the snow-covered peak in winter is no doubt turns it to one of the best place to visit during the winter. Tourists from all parts of the world gather here to enjoy the natural beauty and various adventure sports too. The places to visit here are Tibetan Market, Kareri Lake, Tibetan Museum, and many more are there to explore.

This hill town, is marked by a strong Tibetan influence, Buddhism, and spirituality, are delightful all year round, but they tend to be much more charming in the winter. While monasteries are undoubtedly the area’s top attractions, the region is also renowned for its waterfalls, hills, lakes, and hiking routes.

9. Darjeeling

The list of top winter destinations in India can never get completed without the name of Darjeeling. This small town in West Bengal is famous for its attractive natural beauty. The popular peak Kanchenjunga looks just awesome from this town. Enjoying the Toy Train and tea gardens are really an awesome experience. Other places of attractions are the peace Pagoda, Tiger Hill, Ghum Monastery, Batasia Loop, etc.

The picturesque mountain town of Darjeeling is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. Tiger Hill, Batasia Loop, the War Memorial, the Himalayan Zoological Park, and the Snow Leopard Breeding Centre are also well-liked tourist destinations. What ought you to take to your home from here? Tea, tea, and more tea, along with lovely regional crafts.

10. Lakshadweep

You don’t have to spend the entire winter wrapped up in a blanket if you don’t want to. Plan a trip to Lakshadweep where you may splash in the clear sea rather than being in blankets and quilts! This popular island consists of with 39 small islands and this place has emerged as one of the top-ranked travel destinations among the tourists. The gorgeous marine life is really enjoyable and especially during the winter some of these islands emerge as the best places to visit.

Lakshadweep, which lies around 300 km off the coast of Kerala, is a true adventure island. It is among the top places in India to travel during the winter.  Enjoy a dive into the Indian Ocean’s crystal-clear water to observe the marine life below; you can also choose to acquire a safe sun tan or engage in water sports like kayaking and sailing.

The winters are on and its time now to decide the destination which attracts you the most to visit in your winter vacation with Japji Travels. We recommend you to get the bookings done for hotels and trips done from a trusted tour and travel company only to avoid any disturbance in your vacation days. Selecting any of the above 10 destinations for your winter vacation with us will surely make the trip memorable for you.

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