Some Safety Travel Tips for Your Vacation

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Safety Travel Tips For Vacation

We often take so much time for planning our vacations but we hardly think of problems or things that can ruin our vacations. In order to have vacations stress-free and save yourself from mishappenings, follow our safety travel tips and have carefree vacations.           

  1. Keep Your Medicines and Prescriptions

      Keep a copy of all your prescriptions in your bag. Also, try to arrange all the prescribed medicines and their extra parts in advance so that you do not have to look for medicines in another unknown place.If you are traveling with kids, then do not forget to keep their medicines too.

  • Get a First Aid Kit

Prepare the basic first aid kit with the necessary items like bandaids, pain killers, allergy medicines, and antiseptics.

  • Get Vaccinated

One of the most important travel tip is to get vaccinated. Most of the states and cities check for vaccination certificates before allowing to enter the state. So, get your vaccine done to make sure you stay healthy while enjoying your vacations.

  • Detox From Social Media

It is better to abstain from social media while you are on a vacation. Do not post your location updates, photos, or status on Facebook or Instagram and wait until you get home. Posting online that you are out of town can alert the robbers that your house is vacant and can be an easy target for them.

  • Keep Your Family and Friends Updated

Always keep your friends and family updated of your plans, the routes you are taking, the taxis or cabs hiring, etc.

  • Choose Contactless

It is better to choose options where no contact is needed like while check-in to hotel room, ordering food, or buying ant tickets.

  • Organise Cash and Cards

 Do not keep your cash, credit/debit cards, or ID proofs at the same place. Keep only little cash with yourself and the rest of the money in separate bag or safe at hotel room so that if one of your bags get stolen, you have rest of the cash at safe place. Try to use more of credit cards or travellers cheques rather than cash.

  • Keep Digital Copies of Documents

Keep digital or photocopies of important documents like tickets, passports, IDs, health insurance with yourself. In case any of your documents get stolen or lost, you have digital or photocopies to show.

  • Note Down Emergency Numbers

Before leaving for your vacation, note down all the emergency numbers of the place you are visiting. Also, you can download few apps that update on emergency numbers. Keep the numbers handy so that you can instantly make a call in case of any emergency.

  1. Use Known Transportation Companies

Before travelling, explore for the good reputed travel companies and try to use them only. If you are hiring taxis or cabs, then check the cab number and verify the driver’s details.

  1. Lock Your Bags

Always keep a close watch on your bags during your journey. It is better to use safety bags with security measures like locking zippers, so that you can keep your valuables safe.

  1. Do not Wear Expensive Jewellery

 It is advisable not to wear flashy or costly jewellery so that you don’t get robbed or you do not lose it somewhere. Keep your jewellery at your friend’s or relative’s place.

13. Mix with Locals and Ask Their Recommendations

While travelling, do not dress like a tourist. Rather, dress like the local people of the city do. This way, you can avoid scammers and thieves to rob your luggage. Ask the locals about the areas that are safe and unsafe.

14. Do Not Drink While Traveling

It is very essential to keep in mind to drink responsibly while travelling. You might get lost in unknown place or in danger zone when you are drunk. Being drunk also makes you an easy target for robbery or other scams.

15. Beware Of Scams

Always stay alert of what’s happening around you. Scammers or criminals often look for people who are confused or distracted. Aware yourself with the information on scams while travelling, so that you can keep yourself safe on vacation.

Now that you are aware of most essential safety travel tips, you can safely travel and explore your spots.

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