National Zoological Gardens — Pretoria Zoo, South Africa, zoo tickets price , Entry timing

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National Zoological Gardens — Pretoria Zoo, South Africa, zoo tickets price , Entry timing

Welcome to the “Rainbow Nation”

South Africa is referred to as a “Rainbow nation” due to its diverse culture. More than 11 official languages are practiced adding a cultural touch. Wildlife and Nature are the most diverse in South Africa. They have everything from urban monkeys to coastal beings and penguins. also, the most historical fossil dated 2 million years ago is found here. Moreover, it had earned the title of “cradle of humankind”. South Africa’s history from dinosaurs to fossils is quite extensive.

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South African landscapes girdle mountains, grasslands, wetlands, sub-tropical forests, desserts and much more. Also, did you know that Africa has award-winning wine estates? it offers one of the richest experiences in more than 500 registered wineries. there are so many logical and fun facts associated with this country. one of them is South Africa has three capitals: Cape Town in terms of legislative. another is Pretoria for administration and lastly, Bloemfontein for judiciary.

Also, this country has the reputation of the highest commercial natural bungee jumping on Bloukrans bridge. One of the top spots for adventure seekers. Furthermore, when in South Africa you must visit Table Mountain. it is the oldest mountain, between 260 to 600 million years old. it is also one of the new 7 natural wonders of the world.

  • Most Diverse Nation.
  • South Africa treasures 10 UNESCO heritage sites.
  • Promotes Global Peace.
  • Great place for adventure

Wildlife Habitat in South Africa

South Africa has the most diverse landscape in the entire African continent. south Africa is surrounded by grasslands, savannahs, and mountains, in abundance. You can find more than 800 bird species entire year, of which 725 species are residents here. The “Big Five” are the more reserved animals here. They are the lion, African elephant, rhinoceros, cape buffalo, and the leopard.

Not only dry land, south Africa has the largest water habitat too. there are eight whale species, which is the largest mammal in the world. South Africa is very much focused on preserving the whales. since 1935, whales have been protected and the number is rising. also, the national park or reserve is the place which will make your trip complete. you get to witness 147 different types of mammals, 507 species of birds, and 114 varied reptiles.

South Africa is primarily focused on the conservation of the “Big Five”. yet, it not only hosts the Big Five but also many endangered species. This country serves as a sanctuary for the wildlife.

  • Nature lovers’ Destination.
  • Best Diverse landscapes.
  • Largest ground and water habitat.
  • Wildlife conservation.

National Zoological Gardens, Pretoria

The National Zoological Gardens in Pretoria is established for the welfare of wildlife and a healthy environment. The national zoo aims to spread awareness and education among the citizens about life science biodiversity, conservation, and much more. they have designed the curriculum as themed lessons in school programs, youth programs, zoo clubs, and conservation clubs.

schools are highly encouraged to follow the curriculum to awaken the students and teachers about wildlife conservation. youth courses are for the age group 8-12, and they include knowledge from life sciences. National Zoological Gardens are working for the conservation of wildlife. especially, the animal collection is the role of the animal collection and conservation department. also, it is the only zoo in Africa that is home to Okapi, Koalas, komodo dragons, and forest buffalo.

the primary objective of the National Zoo is to establish world-class conservation and protect animals. To give high standard care and welfare of wildlife habitat. it also promotes environmental sustainability. Also, national zoological gardens in Pretoria participate in global species management programs. NZG has some rarest species such as the African savannah elephant, African penguin, African flamingo, Cape vulture, blue crane, and much more.

  • Home of 3117 species.
  •  It is the largest zoo in the country.
  •  Celebrate and conserve diversity.
  •  Education about Bio-diversity.

National zoo timings, entrance fees, Maps

The National Zoological Garden is open 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Also, we suggest that visitors purchase the tickets online. Depending on age groups the admission fees are different. such as, for adults above 18 years old it is R100. For children aged 2-17, it is R70. For students with valid ID cards, it is R 70. Pensioners are charged R100 and lastly for parking R30.

Not only general visits, NZG’s also have sunset safari. the fees for adults are R130 And for children R 100. Furthermore, we have formal education group visits available too. On Monday, Tuesday Wednesday the education groups of high school learners, and teachers are charged R 50. Similarly, on Thursday and Friday, it is R 70.

lastly, the National zoological garden is located at 232 Boom Street Pretoria. If you come by your vehicle we suggest you purchase the parking ticket in advance. once you reach security staff will assist you.

  • NZG is open 365 days.
  •  Purchase tickets online.
  •  Great place to learn.
  •  Easily accessible.

Special venues at NZG

National Zoological Garden also provides special arrangements for organizing some elegant ceremonies. The first option is “The Aquarium” it can accommodate 50 guests and it’s a very intimate space. Another one is “The Duku Duku” it can accommodate 60 – 100 people, and also has a dance floor. the theme is an African safari.

Then there is the largest one “The Flamingo Terrace” which can accommodate 100-500 people. It is an open venue situated in the heart of NZG. it is a perfect space for romantic wedding arrangements. lastly, there is “The Waterhole” which can accommodate 100-250 guests. It has a large dance floor and it is faced towards African savannahs.

  • Special venues and facilities are available.
  •  Book some intimate venues for celebrations.
  •  There are facilities in the built bar.
  •  Celebrate with nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the primary focus of NZG?

Ans: Wildlife conservation, Biodiversity Protection, and education.

Q2. What is first name of NZG?

Ans: The Petroia zoo.

Q3. What is the mission and value of NZG?

Ans: To protect, reveal, and celebrate the diversity.

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