Best Road Trips in India That You Must Try

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Best Road Trips in India That You Must Try

India is a fabulous country where you can go on some fantastic road trips. These trips are scenic and will give you cultural experiences. You can rent a car or bike and go on these scenic road trips across India. Some of the best road trips in India can be very thrilling. The road trip across the cold desert in Ladakh will give you sights of the breathless cold desert landscapes of Ladakh and its Buddhist monasteries. You can visit these monasteries and if you are lucky you can also spot wild animals of this region. Some of the best road trips in India that you must try are shown below.

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Shimla to Spiti Valley

If you love adventure and road trips then you love this road trip from Shimla. This road trip will take you to some of the most desolate mountain landscapes of India. The barren mountains of the Ladakh region and the stark contrasting landscapes of Manali is a visual treat in itself. You will drive on dusty roads and view scenic snow-capped mountains on this road trip. The Shimla to Spiti Valley road trip will reveal the mystical Buddhist monasteries of Spiti Valley. You must take halts regularly and enjoy the scenic landscapes of Spiti Valley.

Guwahati to Tawang

The northeast part of India is still quite a mystery to most travelers. This is the reason that you should go on a road trip from Guwahati to Tawang and see this untouched natural beauty for yourself. You can see huge waterfalls, mountains and visit Buddhist monasteries on this route. You will have a memorable time with the tribes who live in Assam. If you are lucky you can participate in local festivities and see their festivals and dances.

Rajasthan Circuit

You can go on a desert safari in Rajasthan and experience a royal culture and rugged landscapes. One of the best road trips in India that you must try is the Rajasthan Circuit. In this, you can cover the cities of Rajasthan like Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, and Jaisalmer. The desert of Rajasthan will entice you with the sand dune landscapes and desert wildlife. You can stay in desert camps and do some adventure activities here. The Rajasthani dishes like ghevar, dal baati choorma, mirchi vada, and others will make you even hungrier.

Golden Triangle Circuit

This one road trip is also the most famous tourist circuit of India. The Golden Triangle Circuit is one of the famous road trips in India and you can start this trip from Delhi. You can travel to Agra by road and glimpse the historical monuments of Delhi. On the way, you can have meals in dhabas and highway restaurants. Delhi to Agra is a famous road trip in India. You can then turn towards Jaipur and you can visit several temples on the way. Bharatpur also comes on this route and you can watch birds here. The Agra to Jaipur road trip is a famous adventure in itself.

Chennai to Pondicherry

The most exciting road trips in the eastern part of India are from Chennai to Pondicherry. This road trip takes you on the coastal stretch of eastern India. You can walk on the beaches of Chennai and taste the mouth-watering cuisine of Chennai. As your road trip progresses you will view the fantastic French architecture and culture in Pondicherry. The beaches in Pondicherry are also very beautiful. You can visit the famous Auroville and seek peace and unity of religion. Chennai to Pondicherry is one of the most exciting road trips in India.

Ahmedabad to Kutch

Kutch is one of the most exciting destinations in Gujarat. Ahmedabad is the perfect city from where you can start this exciting Ahmedabad to Kutch road trip. You can view the historic monuments in Ahmedabad. This historic city of Gujarat is also famous for its handicrafts and artisans. You can plan this road trip from October onwards so that you can participate in the Kutch Rann Utsav. In February you can view the kite flying festival in Ahmedabad and many other parts of Gujarat. The salty desert environment of Kutch is home to some archaeological sites like Dholavira and Siyot Caves.

Mysore to Hampi

During your Mysore to Hampi road trip, you can view some of the best tourist attractions in Karnataka. Both Mysore and Hampi are very historic places and you can view the palaces and temples in Mysore. Ranganathaswamy Temple, Chitradurga Fort, and Chamundeshwari Temple are some famous places to visit in Mysore. If you want to see the ancient capital city of the Vijayanagara Empire then you should visit Hampi. Here there are some of the most famous monuments and temples of South India such as Virupaksha Temple, Vijay Vitthala Temple, and others.

Bengaluru to Ooty

South India is full of magical landscapes and hill stations. Ooty is close to Bangalore and this hill station is among the most visited hill stations in South India. A road trip from Bangalore to Ooty will show you waterfalls, tea gardens, rolling hills, tiger sanctuaries, and wildlife. You can view the beauty of the Western Ghats and admire the lush green forests during this road trip. You can taste tea and have a walk around the tea gardens in Ooty. This road trip can make good memories for a lifetime.

Chennai to Munnar

The entire route from Chennai to Munnar is filled with dense forests, sprawling tea estates, and scenic landscapes. You can visit the backwaters and wildlife sanctuaries on this route. Take time to spot some wild animals and birds in the forests. This Chennai to Munnar trip is one of the best road trips in India that you must try once in your lifetime. The best part about this trip is that you can view the beaches of Chennai and go inland and view the forests and waterfalls also.


These were the best road trips in India that you must try. You can have a very exciting and thrilling time on these road trips. The activities that you can do on these road trips are awesome. You will have cultural experiences and spot wildlife. Apart from these, you can try various local street food also.

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