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Mumbai Metro

Are you someone looking for an in-depth guide on the Mumbai Metro Route Map? Here we are! If you are a local traveller or a tourist exploring Mumbai, having a good knowledge of the Mumbai Metro station can make your travelling less difficult. In this blog post, we will discuss the details of the Mumbai Metro route map and more.

Mumbai Metro Route Map

Quick Info

Moving through the busy streets of Mumbai can be tough. However, the Mumbai Metro is here to simplify your travel journey. The quick metro system is a saviour for the local people and the city’s visitors. Thus, offering a huge variety of lines that move throughout the city. With massive developments, the purpose is to improve the Mumbai metro route that serves as a guide. Thus, allowing you to travel without hassle discover Mumbai metro station, and plan your journey with ease. Therefore, if you are travelling with family, and friends or just exploring the places in Mumbai alone, the Metro is made for you. Yes, as simple as that. The presence is proof that the city’s places to improving the everyday lives of the local people. Thus, offering a reliable mode of transportation that stands as a symbol of growth and development.

History of Pune Metro

Did you know? The beginning of the Mumbai Metro became rooted in a genuine responsibility to untie the complex network of everyday travellers and millions of citizens. The persistent overcrowding and the messy traffic of the city cried out for a solution, a cry that turned into met with the delivery of the Mumbai Metro’s first line, the Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar (VAG) corridor, which graced the city in June 2014. This pioneering line became greater than just a direction; it became a promise of a brand new rise, a harbinger of alternative in the city trip narrative. As the wheels of the primary Metro teach started to roll, they set in movement a journey closer to connectivity, efficiency, and desire for a town that by no means sleeps.

The challenge’s evolution over time has woven a tapestry of routes that cradle the metropolis’s heart, connecting its veins to the farthest reaches and bringing people nearer, one station at a time. This adventure from a single line to a sprawling community symbolizes Mumbai’s timeless spirit and constant pursuit of development, carving out pathways now not simply across the metropolis, but into the hearts of its human beings.

Interesting Facts – Mumbai Metro Route Map

Let’s jump into some interesting facts. Did you recognize that the heart at the back of the Mumbai Metro’s operations is a unique partnership called the Mumbai Metro One Pvt Ltd? This partnership, which brings collectively the strengths of Reliance Infrastructure, Veolia Transport, and the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority, showcases a powerful dedication to enhancing Mumbai’s city delivery. Additionally, the Mumbai Metro isn’t always pretty much connecting places; it is also approximately protective of our planet. With its eco-aware layout, together with using regenerative braking systems, the Metro stands as a beacon of sustainable development. These structures ingeniously recapture power at some stage in braking, substantially reducing the overall electricity consumption of the community.

Mumbai Metro timings

Here are the Mumbai Metro timings. The Mumbai metro operates with the vicarious expertise of the metropolis’s heart. It starts running in the morning till late at night. Classically, the first metro runs at about 5:30 AM. Thus, ensuring early travellers don’t get disappointed. A few more metros are scheduled at midnight. Thus, offering comfort to the night riders and those leaving from work late. This ensures they too have a safe and reliable ride way back home. The regularity of the trains is mindfully arranged, with trains arriving at each link in minutes during busy hours.

Mumbai Metro Fare

Everyone thinks of the financial element. Let’s discuss the Mumbai metro route and fare. The Mumbai metro is truthful and concerned about the multiple commercial backgrounds of its travellers. The fare is decided with utmost attention, targeting to be both comprehensive and convenient. It functions on a gliding scale. Thus, making sure that long distances can be quickly crossed without troubling the pocket. Starting from a minimum fare of INR10 to 80/- one way. Moreover, you can make a monthly pass or a card that you can recharge for a minimum of 100/-. The price of travelling increases according to the distance. Thus, allowing riders to create their journey without demanding a high charge fare. Burning thousands of bucks on fuel and wasting time and energy in traffic is no more a choice of youngsters. Everyone needs a break from driving. Metros have made life so much easier.

Mumbai Metro Lines & Station:

  • Line 1: Ghatkopar to Andheri
  • Line 2A: D.N. Nagar to Dahisar
  • Line 2B: D.N. Nagar to Mandale
  • Line 3: SEEPZ to Churchgate
  • Line 4: Wadala to Kasarvadavali
  • Line 5: Thane to Kalyan
  • Line 6: Andheri to Vikhroli
  • Line 7: Andheri (E) to Dahisar (E)

Metro LineRoute Total Length (in km)Number of StationsStatus
Blue Line (Line 1)Versova – Andheri – Ghatkopar10.812Operational
Yellow Line (Line 2A)Dahisar East – D.N. Nagar18.617Partially Operational
Yellow Line (Line 2B)D.N. Nagar – Mandale23.622Under construction
Aqua Line (Line 3)Cuff Parade – Bandra Kurla Complex – Seepz – Aarey Colony33.527Under construction
Green Line (Line 4)Wadala – Kasarawadavali32.332Under construction
Green Line (Line 4A)Kasarawadavali – Gaimukh2.82Under construction
Orange Line (Line 5)Thane – Bhiwandi – Kalyan24.917Under construction
Pink Line (Line 6)Swami Samarth Nagar – Vikhroli15.113Under construction
Red Line (Line 7)Dahisar East – Andheri East16.514Partially Operational
Red Line (Line 7A)Andheri East – CSI Airport3.12Under construction
Gold Line (Line 8)CSI Airport – NMIA357Proposed Stage
Red Line (Line 9)Dahisar East – Mira Bhayander11.38Under construction
Green Line (Line 10)Gaimukh – Shivaji Chowk on Mira Road9.24Approved
Green Line (Line 11)Wadala – Chhattrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus12.710Proposed Stage
Orange Line (Line 12)Kalian – Taloja20.717Proposed Stage
Purple Line (Line 13)Shivaji Chowk in Mira Road – Virar2320Proposed Stage
Magenta Line (Line 14)Kanjurmarg – Badlapur4540Proposed Stage

Blue Line

Terminals: Versova – Ghatkopar

StationInterchange/ConnectionsNearby Accommodation
Versova Hotels near Versova
DN Nagar  
Azad Nagar  
AndheriAndheri Railway StationHotels in Andheri
Western Express Highway  
Chakala (JB Nagar) Hotels near Chakala
Airport Road  
Marol NakaChhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Terminal 2 
Saki Naka Hotels in Saki Naka
Jagruti Nagar  
GhatkoparGhatkopar Railway StationHotels near Ghatkopar

Yellow Line

Terminals: Dahisar East – D.N. Nagar

Station NameInterchange/ ConnectionsNearby Accommodation
Dahisar EastLine 7A- Red LineHotels near Dahisar
Upper Dahisar Station (Anand Nagar)  
Kandarpada (Rushi Sankul)  
Mandapeshwar (IC Colony)  
Borivali West (Don Bosco) Hotels near Borivali West
Pahadi Eksar (Shimpoli)  
Kandivali West (Mahavir Nagar) Hotels in Kandivali
Dahanukarwadi (Kamraj Nagar)  
Valnai (Charkop)  
Malad West Hotels in Malad
Lower Malad (Kasturi Park)  
Pahadi Goregaon (Bangur Nagar) Hotels in Goregaon
Goregaon West  
Oshiwara (Adarsh Nagar)Line 6- Pink Line
Lower Oshiwara (Shastri Nagar)  
Andheri West (D.N. Nagar)Line 1- Blue LineHotels in Andheri West

Red Line

Terminals: Dahisar East – Gundavali

Station NameInterchange/ ConnectionsNearby Accommodation
Dahisar EastYellow Line 
National Park  
MagathaneIndian Railways, Central Line, Harbour Line 
Kurar Western Line 
Dindoshi Indian Railways, Western Line 
Goregaon East Pink LineHotels in Goregaon East
Jogeshwari E   
GundavaliLine 7A- Red Line 

Mumbai Metro Route Map – Conclusion

Rolling up the journey through the facts of the Mumbai Metro, we leave you with a stronger understanding of its system. The Mumbai metro station isn’t just offering a journey, rather it is a support system for millions of people in Mumbai. It is a part of the city’s heart, considerately connecting everyone to places with ease and without burning your pocket. As you explore Mumbai, let the Metro be your faithful friend, taking you effortlessly to your destinations.

Additionally, do not forget, that each trip is more than just a trip. It’s a chance to observe the colourful life of Mumbai, supported by the Metro’s promise of sustainability and accessibility. Therefore, cherish the legendary transit system with a wide mindset and let it boost your Mumbai discoveries. The city has a lot to offer you and when it comes to travelling, all you need to grab is a pass or a ticket and the Mumbai Metro will take you to your destination. So, in your travel worries!

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