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What makes India beautiful are the roads and pathways that take you to places. Public transport in India is one of the best ways to explore any place. Whether you are on a budget or want to spend luxuriously, experience a truly comforting journey. Public transport in India ensures an especially hassle-free movement of people, emotions and communities.

Among the most widely used in the world, India’s public transportation system is growing rapidly with 4.6 million vehicles hitting the roads each year. Furthermore, if you truly want to see the tiny details of the city you’re visiting, you need to be in a vehicle of your choice. That’s exactly when public transport in India comes into the picture! 

There are many types of public transport in India ranging from comfortable to the fastest and most modes. Such a vast choice offers you varying costs and standards of convenience. So, let’s get into details for a truly enjoyable journey.

Popular Options for Public Transport in India are – 

1. Indian Railways

Indian Railways

The best public transport in India is definitely through Indian Railways. You can truly experience the culture and vibe of the city when you travel like a local! What’s more? Indian Railways connect thousands of cities making it convenient for anyone to travel. Additionally, the cost is comparatively lower than the private bus. With ever-increasing demand for better services, railways now offer luxurious air-conditioned compartments too. As you choose this public transport in India, know that you are choosing a truly happy experience.

2. Metro Trains

Metro Trains

With the emergence of advanced technologies, the metro has become an ideal mode of public transport in India. Furthermore, these trains are faster than the local railway trains. Additionally, you can experience a way more comfortable journey with fully air-conditioned compartments, smart ticketing, clean platforms and other facilities. Lastly, get ready to experience a developed way of travelling through metro trains.

3. Government Buses

Government Buses

Over 90% of India’s public transportation system comprises buses. It is indeed a great form of public transport in India. Furthermore, these are the cheapest forms of transport that all classes of society can conveniently use. Bus services are usually operated by state governments’ transport corporations. What’s more? Travelling in a bus is super convenient and affordable. Most people use this mode of public transport in India for commuting to work. Even kids use buses to reach their school in remote areas.

4. Government Inter-City Buses

As of March 2016, India has 1,01,000 km of national highways and expressways, plus another 1,76,166 km of state highways. If you are planning for a truly scenic journey across cities, this is the best option! Being an especially comfortable mode of public transport in India, it is ideal for all age groups. What’s more? With a wide network of roadways, government buses tend to cover remote locations as well. 

Furthermore, you must know that government inter-city buses are not just limited to people! They are best known for especially delivering medicines, fragile items, documents and everything that you shop from e-commerce websites. Lastly, such a mode of public transport in India enables an exchange of ideas, fashion, talents and more.

5. Black and Yellow Taxis

Black and Yellow Taxis

These taxis are available in most cities, generally at the railway stations and airports. Furthermore, they are sometimes also available outside large hotels. They operate on a 24×7 basis these days. As they use electronic meters, you can ask for a chart upon request. Additionally, their night charges are usually jacked up by 25% and this is effective between 11 pm to 5 am. Taxis are a moderately expensive mode of public transport in India. What’s more? White-coloured interstate taxis are also available. They charge based on the distance for which they have a kilometre rate. 

6. Private Buses

In India, the emergence of private buses gave commuters a choice of travelling in more comfort at a higher cost and on time too. Furthermore, they are very popular with those who need to travel to and fro specific locations. Private buses are more in demand for inter-city travel. What’s more? You can find many companies operating private bus business throughout the country.

Private buses in India are of three grades

  • Ordinary: These are aged buses that rattle along on the bumps and potholes of the city.
  • Semi-deluxe: These are more comfortable than the ordinary and are sometimes air-conditioned.
  • Deluxe: Slightly more comfortable seats with air-conditioning, these buses also charge more.

7. Private Taxis by Third-Party Apps

Better known as call cabs or radio cabs, these taxis can be booked on the phone. They especially come in air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned options. Additionally, you can get them at fixed prices. What’s more? You can conveniently choose the pick and drop-off location for exploring the places with ease. Furthermore, they are electronic and their receipts are generated electronically. Next, they are also equipped with GPS location tracking.

8. Luxury Car Rentals for Tourists

Luxury Car Rentals

Wondering how to explore your favourite city with ease? That’s truly a daunting task if you have to select cabs and take them to many locations. Additionally, it might incur more costs than expected. That’s when luxury car rentals come to your rescue. Whether you are at the airport or in a hotel, these rental cars can be of great help! You may also decide to see the city in the comfort of such a car. Such cars are fitted with a slew of conveniences and comfort levels you would truly want.

These cars are air-conditioned and have a magazine rack. Additionally, enjoy sufficient legroom and soft music. Plush leather seating and a uniformed driver, often English-speaking, make the experience that much more value for money. Furthermore, the driver doubles up as a tourist guide, offering the tourist tips that only a resident of the city could give. Such car rental services flourish your journey.

Wrapping Up

Public transport in India can be very fascinating. There is indeed something for everyone! You can take a bus or an auto rickshaw or ride the metro. It is only because of various kinds of transport systems that enables Indians to get around the way they want to.

Now that you have learnt about public transport in India, it is important to understand if it fits your needs. At times, you might also need the support of private transport systems for better comfort and exploration. So, let’s better understand them.

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