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Hyderabad Metro

Do you have a plan for Hyderabad and thinking about how to navigate the town easily? Well, we have given you a Hyderabad Metro Route Map. This on-hand manual will help you get across the town without problems and convenience. Whether you are a resident or a tourist exploring the city for the very first time, the Hyderabad Metro Route Map is your key to a seamless tour.

Hyderabad Metro Route Map

Hyderabad Metro Route Map

Quick Info

Getting on a journey via Hyderabad? The Hyderabad Metro Route Map is your move-to navigator, supplying a picture of the giant network that sprawls across this vibrant town. This manual lays out every metro station. From the coronary heart of the town’s bustling streets to its serene outskirts. Thus, making sure you’re well-equipped to chart your path. It reflects the interconnections, supporting you to weave through the metropolis effortlessly. Whether you’re darting between office conferences or leisurely exploring Hyderabad’s rich culture and history. This map guarantees an easy adventure, unlike the same old journey concerns. It empowers you with the understanding of where every station is located and the way they link up. Thus, making your city exploration an exciting adventure. With the Hyderabad Metro Route Map in hand, with a bit of luck navigate the metropolis’s landscapes, making the most of some time in this stunning city.

History of Hyderabad Metro

Discovering an adventure to revolutionize urban mobility inside the bustling city of Hyderabad. The Metro mission became estimated as an option to the ever-increasing site visitors’ woes and to decorate the general public transportation panorama. The seeds for this transformative commute have been sown with the assignment’s kickoff. Thus, aiming to connect the nooks and corners of the metropolis through a sprawling network. Officially rolling out to the general public in 2017, the Hyderabad Metro has when you consider that etched its mark as an integral part of the metropolis’s daily existence.

This initiative changed into now not just about laying tracks and erecting Hyderabad Metro stations; it became about creating an unbroken, efficient, and reliable mode of tour for each of the metropolis’s residents and visitors. The entirety of the first section marked a vast milestone within the city’s urban development, setting the degree for future expansions. As the metro glides via the town, it stands as a testament to Hyderabad’s commitment to fostering sustainable transport solutions and improving great lifestyles.

Interesting Facts

Dive into the fascinating international of the Hyderabad Metro with those captivating tidbits that highlight the gadget’s speciality and efficiency. Spanning an outstanding network, the Hyderabad Metro’s over 60 km of tracks connect key places across the city, making it a lifeline for plenty. What units it apart is its superior signalling device, a marvel of current engineering that ensures each adventure isn’t simply swift but additionally fantastically safe for its passengers. A testament to its operational excellence is the vast acclaim it receives for keeping impeccable cleanliness and punctuality. These factors make the Hyderabad Metro no longer just a mode of transportation but a preferred desire for daily commutes and leisure tours amongst town dwellers. It’s this blend of technological sophistication and commitment to service that locations the Hyderabad Metro in a league of its very own, providing a glimpse into the future of city transit.

Hyderabad Metro Timings

Navigating your day in Hyderabad is made simple with the Metro’s flexible timetable. From the wreck of sunrise, the Hyderabad metro timings are at your carrier. Thus, prepare to whisk you away in your subsequent vacation spot. Hyderabad metro timings are perfect. Operating hours kick off as early as 6 AM and stretch until 11 PM, catering to the early birds as well as folks who are out late. With trains arriving at common intervals – about 6 to 8 minutes at some point of peak hours and about every 15 minutes all through off-peak instances. You’re by no means left waiting for a long time.

This ensures that whether or not you are putting off an early morning journey or heading home after an overdue dinner. The Hyderabad Metro aligns flawlessly together with your timetable. No more frustration about getting stuck in the metropolis’s traffic jams. With the Hyderabad Metro’s reliable timings, you have the liberty to plot your day precisely how you want it. Thus, providing you with peace of mind and making your tour experiences in Hyderabad both first-class and predictable.

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Hyderabad Metro Fare

Exploring the town of Hyderabad would not have to break the pocket. Thanks to the Hyderabad Metro’s budget-friendly options. Starting from INR35 to INR80 (one way). Travelers can enjoy hopping from one end of the metropolis to the other without the worry of costly tickets. Whether or not you are a daily commuter catching the metro, or an adventurer to discover each corner of Hyderabad.

Tickets can be easily purchased through multiple channels, such as clever cards and mobile apps, offering convenience and performance. Furthermore, the metro machine affords insightful information concerning fare zones. Thus, the Hyderabad metro route and fare are easy to understand, making sure you usually know how much your journey will cost ahead. Additionally, look out for special discounts to be had for various passenger categories. Thus, allowing you to shop even more for your travels. Embrace the ease and affordability of navigating Hyderabad with its metro system, making each trip a cheap adventure.

Hyderabad Metro Lines & Stations

Red Line – Starts from Miyapur to LB Nagar through MG Bus Station, Nampally, and Ameerpet.
Green Line – Begins from JBS Parade Ground to MG Bus Station through Secunderabad.
Blue Line – Commences from Nagole to Raidurg through Secunderabad & Ameerpet.

Metro Line

Length (Km)


Starting Point – End Point




Miyapur – LB Nagar




Raidurg – Nagole



15 (9 active)

JBS Parade Ground – MG Bus Station

Red Line

Terminals: Miyapur to LB Nagar

Station Name

Interchange/ Connections



JNTU College

Airport Shuttle

KPHB Colony









Bharatnagar Railway Station



ESI Hospital


SR Nagar



Blue Line



Errum Manzil



Khairatabad Railway Station

Lakdi Ka Pul

Lakdi Ka Pul Railway Station




Hyderabad Deccan Railway Station

Gandhi Bhavan


Osmania Medical College


MG Bus Station

Green Line, Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station


Malakpet Railway Station

New Market








Victoria Memorial


LB Nagar

Airport Shuttle

Blue Line

Terminals: Raidurg – Nagole

Airport Shuttle

Interchange/ Connections




Airport Shuttle








Airport Shuttle



Secunderabad East

Jubilee Bus Station, Secunderabad Railway Station, Airport Shuttle

JBS Parade Ground

Green Line, Airport Shuttle





Prakash Nagar



Begumpet Railway Station, Airport Shuttle


Red Line

Madhura Nagar




Jubilee Hills Road No 5


Jubilee Hills Check Post


Peddamma Temple




Durgam Cheruvu


Hitec City

Aiport Shuttle


Airport Express Line

Green Line

Terminals: JBS Parade Ground – MG Bus Station

Station Name

Interchange/ Connections

Parade Grounds

Blue Line

Secunderabad West

Secunderabad Railway Station

Gandhi Hospital




RTC X Road






Sultan Bazar



Red Line

Salar Jung Museum











Falaknuma Railway Station


Wrapping all of it up, the Hyderabad Metro Route Map is greater than just a navigator. It’s your price tag for a trouble-free ride in this bustling metropolis. We mentioned the information on Hyderabad Metro station, timings, and a breakdown of the fare. Whether it’s your everyday shuttle or a quest to find the town’s hidden gems. The Hyderabad Metro station stands ready to take you there. So, why wait? Embrace the convenience of the Hyderabad Metro for your subsequent metropolis journey, and tour like a pro. Happy exploring!

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