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Is a Trip to Rotterdam Worth It? The Netherlands’ second-largest city

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Trip to Rotterdam The Netherlands’ second largest city can be a rich cultural experience. Rotterdam is a cultural city with historic roots and a haven for shopping. Rotterdam is also one of the busiest ports in Europe. World War II completely devastated Rotterdam, but it rose to new heights to become one of the most famous tourist attractions in Europe. Is a trip to Rotterdam worth it? The Netherlands’ second largest city can be really fulfilling. Read further and find out for yourself!!

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Top reasons why you should visit Rotterdam

There is not one, but several reasons why you should visit the Netherlands’ second-largest city, Rotterdam. Some of the top ones are shown below.

Incredible architecture

On your trip to Rotterdam, you will view some incredible buildings, which are testimony to the brilliant Dutch architecture. Some of these buildings are not just beautiful, but their design has a functional appeal. Some of the buildings with incredible architecture in Rotterdam are:

  • Erasmus Bridge
  • De Rotterdam
  • Van Nelle Factory
  • Het Nieuwe Instituut
  • Rotterdam Centraal

Arts & Culture Scene

A trip to Rotterdam will reveal vibrant art galleries and museums. But the art is not limited to indoors. You can admire outdoor art installations, sculptures, street art, and galleries. Some museums and art galleries you can visit in Rotterdam are:

  • Museum Boijmans van Beuningen
  • Nederlands Fotomuseum
  • Maritime Museum
  • Witte de With
  • Natural History Museum
  • Rotterdam


In Rotterdam, the Netherlands’ second largest city, you will see windmills, and they are iconic to Rotterdam and the Netherlands. You can see 19 of these beautiful and massive windmills on your bike ride to Kinderdijk, which is a small village and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The windmills were built in the 17th century to stop flooding and control the water flow.


You will love the nightlife in Rotterdam. There are pubs, bars, and lively nightclubs, and these are the favorite hangout spots. You can have food, and drinks, and hang out with the hipster crowd, and enjoy the party-life atmosphere. Some areas in Rotterdam are famous for their nightlife such as:

  • Witte de Withstraat
  • Rotown
  • LantarenVenster
  • Bird Rotterdam
  • Dizzy Jazz Café

Food & Cuisine

Rotterdam has a lively food culture and this is a result of the mix of cultures. You will find Rotterdam to be an exciting mix of world cuisine and street food culture. You can taste African food, Thai food, Middle Eastern food, and food from several other countries. There are Michelin-star restaurants, food halls, bars, pubs, cafes, cooking classes, food trucks, and many other options. Some must-try are:

  • Market Hall
  • Fenix Food Factory
  • Bazar
  • Vegan Junk Food Bar
  • FG


The festive culture and vibes of Rotterdam make it worthy to have a trip to Rotterdam. Arts, entertainment, music, and dance, when added to a sizzling food and culinary scene, make Rotterdam even more exciting. Some events and festivals in Rotterdam which is famous for their celebrations are:

  • BoothStock Festival
  • North Sea Jazz Festival
  • International Film Festival
  • CuliNESSE music festival
  • Summer Carnival

Day trips from Rotterdam

You can go to several places from Rotterdam on day trip tours. These places are close to Rotterdam and trips are generally affordable. Some popular places are shown below.

  • The Hague
  • Amsterdam
  • Leiden
  • Dordrecht
  • Delft

Things to do in Rotterdam

A Trip to Rotterdam The Netherlands’ second largest city can be incredibly exciting as there are a number of things to do here.

  • Go to the top of Euromast Tower
  • Have a stroll down the Old Harbor
  • Admire the art, cuisine and boutique stores at Witte de Withstraat
  • See the marvelous architecture of the Cube Houses
  • View architectural exhibits and Dutch designs at Het Nieuwe Instituut
  • Enjoy global cuisine and dine at Market Hall
  • View 19 beautiful windmills at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kinderdijk
  • View the red panda, and other exotic wild animals at Rotterdam Zoo
  • Explore paintings by celebrated artists in the Museum Boijmans-van Beuningen
  • Go on a stroll through Delfshaven

Is Rotterdam expensive?

Rotterdam is not an expensive city to tour. Most of the city’s attractions are free to visit. Also, public transport is not very expensive. You can tour most attractions of Rotterdam with public transport, walking tours, and biking tours.

What is the ideal duration to tour Rotterdam?

You can tour the most famous attractions in Rotterdam in one day. However, you can plan a 3-day trip to Rotterdam and visit the attractions and do most activities here.

Where to stay in Rotterdam?

You will find many accommodation options in Rotterdam like apartment rentals, hotels, and hostels. You can even find a good stay in a cargo ship.

What are the best ways to tour Rotterdam?

Walking tours are the best way to tour Rotterdam. But several other ways are even more exciting and offer varied perspectives of Rotterdam. Some of the tours that you can do in Rotterdam are:

  • Cultural Walking Tour
  • Rotterdam Harbor Cruise
  • Boat/ Splash Tour
  • Rotterdam Bike Tour
  • Rotterdam River Cruise
  • Architectural Walking Tour

Amsterdam or Rotterdam – which is better?

If you want to choose between Amsterdam and Rotterdam, then it might be right to say that both are equally good choices. If you want to visit other places like Germany and Belgium, then Rotterdam will be a good choice. Rotterdam is less expensive than Amsterdam. You can visit Amsterdam if you want to visit the canals. Both these cities have a rich history and impressive architecture.

Conclusion: So it worth visiting Rotterdam?

So, the above points will tell you the answer to the question of “Is a Trip to Rotterdam Worth It?” And the answer is YES. If you are planning a trip to Rotterdam, then the above points will act as a Rotterdam travel guide. You will love the nightlife and culture of Rotterdam. The architecture is equally fascinating and so are the history, cultural museums, and art districts. If you are a first-time traveler to Rotterdam, then you will love the scenery of the windmills and the canals. Rotterdam is that rare mix of culture, history, and adventure that you crave so much on this trip to Rotterdam, The Netherlands’ second largest city.

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