Group tour Vs Private Tour:  Which one is best and why?

Group tour Vs Private Tour:  Which one is best and why?

If you are planning a holiday in India and you are confused on which tour plan to follow, this guide is going to help you. Here we will be discussing both the group tours and private tours and depending upon your group size you can take the decision of hiring the one that is most suitable for you. So scroll down and check out:

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Let us for talk about the Group Tours:

  • Group tours offer a great chance of socializing with the other travelers. In the group tours you can mix up with people having similar mindset like you and you get a chance to know more about different cultured and people. People who get attracted by the itinerary that you have also chosen, chances are they must be having the similar likings. So, it offers great fun when you meet new people with common likings.
  • Most of the group tours are related to trekking, expeditions, cycling trips and other activities where you can encourage each other and build a spirit of friendliness and support. You can make friends with each other and take the relationship of your friendliness to another level by organizing trips together in future. For people who have single kids, it is a great chance to explore the new places with families where there are kids of their similar age. So the kids make new friends and they enjoy the trip.
  • It also makes the travelers going for a group trip to help each other during the trip and if the circumstances go wrong, they can offer each other the feeling of true companionship. It also helps in enjoying the adventurous activities as a group because it is more manageable and people can boost each other’s enthusiasm.
  • Touring in groups offer value for money deals and since the price of the entire trip is shared by many different people the cost per person is quite low as compared to the private trips. The cost of such activities includes the charges applicable as guide fees, cost of transportation and other excursions that can be quite expensive when hired for private groups. Since the number of buyers is higher the cost involved is divided among the various people and it is cheaper.
  • In group tours you get the chance to explore the places well. There are many itineraries that are not easy to create for the individuals however for groups it can be simple and easy to check out each and every place.

There is a lot more fun in the large groups and it is a great opportunity to have fun together as a whole. Group tours are wonderful opportunity for people who want to have fun and are open to socializing with new people with same mindsets.

Now let us talk about the private tours:

Private Tours offer alone time and people who don’t like to socialize much, this kind of tour is the best. If you are on your honeymoon or want to spend exclusive time with your family you can book a private tour. Private tours offer quality time that you can spend with your loved ones without any disturbance and you get a chance to be flexible in the trip.

As already mentioned, private tours are flexible in nature and you get the complete freedom to choose the date and time of your trip. You also get a chance to decide on the places that interest you and your local transport and stay is also as per your own choice.

There is a freedom in the private tours and you get the exclusive guides during the trip. There is more independence and there will be no disturbance from the other travelers.

Private tours are not restricted to the couples. If you are a family or a group of friends looking for having fun together, you can go in for it. It majorly has a less number of people and the cost of such trips is usually higher than the group tours because the facilities and services you get are exclusive for you.

You don’t have to stick to a particular itinerary or time table for such trips and you also get the chance to select the accommodation according to your own budget and style of traveling. If you are more on the luxurious side, you can book a five star hotel that you might not get a chance when you book a group travel.

Both group tours and private tours are enjoyable activities. Both have their own unique qualities and charms and both the trips can be enjoyed t the fullest according to the purpose of your holiday. So saying one among the two is better than the other will be incorrect. Depending upon your own choice you can select the one that suits your requirements the best.  If you are planning for a trip to any location of India with or without your family there are few things that you need to consider to decide if Private or group suits your requirement or not.

  • Your Budget: This is one of the most important thing that you cannot afford to miss considering at time of planning for your trip.   How much you can afford for the trip is something which will decide if private tour will match your needs or not. In general private tours are expensive.
  • Days of trip: If you are planning for a weekend trip then you can think of private trip as due to low number of days the overall cost will be within a budget friendly limit. But in case the duration is above 7 days then negotiating on group trip will appear to be more suitable compared to private trip.
  • Distance to be covered: If the trip is to a distant location from your home city and not a getaway destination then going with a group is best suitable for safety, security and budget.

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