Comfortable 12 Seater Tempo Traveller Hire

Hire a 12 Seater Tempo Traveller and Enjoy a Comfortable Journey

India has many majestic places that lure your senses with its extraordinary beauty. There are historic places, mountains, lakes, ancient temples, flora and fauna to entertain the visitors. Similarly, the different cultures and cuisine of every state in India are unique and vibrant. And to explore everything comfortably, all you need is a 12 seater tempo traveller.

A comfortable journey helps to enjoy the scenic beauty of India better. You can book a 12 seater tempo traveller with Japji Travel if you want to explore the entire North of India. Want to know the details? Here is it:

Explore North India on a 12 Seater Tempo Traveller

Every state of North India is beautiful in its own way. And to make your journey memorable, Japji travel plans the best comfortable tour with its 12 seater tempo traveller

Be it Delhi, Rajasthan, Himachal, UP, Punjab or Uttarakhand, Japji Travel arranges your trip with a 12 seater tempo traveller. Read on to get details about tour operators and tempo travellers.

Why book a 12 seater tempo traveller with Japji Travel?

  • Knowledge about places

Tour operators like Japji Travel have complete knowledge about the place. So, they can suggest the best places to try the cuisine, the best shopping places and more. You don’t even need proper research and Google when you have tour operators like Japji Travel with you. 

You can also get better information about the culture and lifestyle of North Indian places with tour operators. Since they travel often and have all the details about the places, they can be the best guide. So, a tempo traveller 12 seater is all you need for a group tour to North India. 

  • Perfect time management

We usually plan a trip once a year, but tour operators have experience in regularly planning the trip. So, they know to adjust the time perfectly. It is not easy to plan the itinerary if you are visiting North India for the first time. Why? Well, because you don’t know the exact timing of which place is open till when, and when you land up at the wrong time, you will miss the fun. 

However, tour operators know every detail about the place. So, you need not plan any itinerary. They will take you to the best places at the right time. 

  • Budget-friendly

Many of us think a 12 seater tempo traveller is costly. However, in reality, it is the opposite. How? While you are new to a place, you don’t know about the transportation and best places to explore. However, with the help of tour operators, you need not worry about transportation because they have all the arrangements for your tour. 

Transportation in a local vehicle in any new state may cost you more. When you a book tempo traveller, you save a lot on your transportation budget and explore the place comfortably. On the other hand, you cannot trust public transportation, you may have to wait for a long time for the vehicle to arrive, and this may affect your itinerary. While you hire tempo traveller with Japji Travel, everything is on time without any delay as their reputation, and client satisfaction is their priority. 

  • Complete safety

Tour operators promise complete safety in your journey. Their services have always proved to be the best choice. Whenever you are travelling to a new place, you may get uncomfortable with public transport due to new people and lack of knowledge.

The tour operators such as Japji Travel have trained drivers, and you are completely safe on your trip. You will have all the details of the driver and company. So, nothing can go wrong with you. 

About 12 seater tempo traveller

One of the features of tempo traveller is being comfortable, other than comfort, it is the best option for group tours. You get good space in the tempo traveller to rest your legs and also good pushback seats. 

There is also enough space to keep your luggage. Tempo traveller is best for family functions, marriages, office picnics, and pilgrimages.

Bottom Line

Book 12 seater tempo traveller with Japji Travel and unravel the beauty of North India. Be it pilgrimage places of Varanasi, the surreal beauty of Himachal, colourful Rajasthan or the Capital Delhi, tempo traveller is all you need. So, what are your travel plans? 

Tempo Traveller FAQs

What are the advantages of booking a 12 seater tempo traveller?

It is budget-friendly if you are travelling in a group whereas private and local vehicles will cost you more. You also get the best luggage space for a group of people and comfortable seats. In addition, your itinerary will also be planned with easy pick and drop services. 

Will the driver be experienced enough to drive in hilly terrains with a 12 seater tempo traveller?

If you book a12 seater tempo traveller with Japji Travel, they guarantee the best-trained drivers. Their drivers have well-experienced in driving in hilly terrains and also in city and rural areas.

Where can I hire a tempo traveller in Delhi?

The best company to hire tempo traveller in Delhi is Japji Travel. They offer the best facilities at a budget-friendly price. As well as, they have years of experience and have successfully planned many tours.

Do tempo travellers have mobile charging points?

The availability of a charging point depends on the different companies of the tempo traveller. However, most tempo travellers have a charging point. You can confirm the availability of a charging point before you book for it.

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