A Handy Guide for First-Time Visitors to the UK

A Handy Guide for First-Time Visitors to the UK

The UK is one of the most anticipated travel destinations for explorers. The underground subways to red telephone booths all are unique in their own way and display the zeal of this amazing place. However, if you are planning for a trip soon, you can consider this handy comprehensive guide for ease. But firstly, you need to have travel insurance for UK from India, and the trick is to apply early so that you have ample time on your hand to plan and deal with emergencies accordingly.

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Checklist to Refer If You Are a First-Time Visitor

For first-time travellers, it might be difficult to remember every aspect while formulating the plan. Hence, consider this checklist for planning your trip so that you tick every checkbox.

  1. Know Your Budget

While planning a trip to a foreign country, budgeting properly is by far the most important thing to consider. A proper plan to spend your money can provide an idea of the hotels you will stay in and the landmarks you will cover. Besides this, a proper budget will cease the unnecessary outflow of money that is more likely to happen in an unplanned trip.

Pro Tip: For budgeting, you can check social networking sites and travel vlogs which provide a comprehensive idea about the cost of travel.

  1. Make An Itinerary

The UK has numerous tourist spots, and visiting every place might not be possible on a single trip. Hence, listing places in the UK and chalking out your time is important to avoid wasting time, and prior planning also makes a journey smooth and hassle-free. Besides this, an itinerary is also important for making a budget and calculations for the trip. Also, an itinerary is an important document for a tourist visa application, and providing it will allow faster processing of your application.

Pro Tip: Always check the timings, the entrance fee, and additional activities online while making an itinerary. If possible, try online booking prior to visiting the place as it will save time and ensure a smooth journey.

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  1. List Out The Places You Plan On Visiting

The UK has a lot to offer for tourists. However, from Stonehenge to London Eye and Urquhart Castle to Killarney National Park, covering every landmark in the UK might not be possible even for a busy traveller. Hence, to avoid any misjudgment or skipping a place of your interest, it is best to list your favorites.

Pro Tip: Use Google Maps and ‘Things to Do’ snippet to locate your favourite places and calculate travel time. Additionally, you can also see the timings of those places from maps. 

  1. Keep Additional Cash for Emergency

In this uncertain time when the world is still recovering from the pandemic, individuals can expect a sudden spike in the COVID – 19 graph. Hence, it might cause disruptions in plans, and to return home or explore and skip a few places, you might need some handy cash. Other than this, chances of any medical emergencies cannot be avoided, and some amount in hand for ambulance and treatment expenses might be essential. However, some cash will be helpful if you want to sit for a quick coffee or grab a snack.

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  • Book Flight Tickets Early

If you have already decided on a trip to the UK, it will be best to book flight tickets at the earliest. Booking flight tickets early means there will be less demand for them, and you might get tickets at a discounted price. Also, book tickets at least 3 months prior journey to get the lowest prices.

  • Learn about Visa

One of the most important things required for visiting the UK is a visa. First, you have to apply for a tourist visa, and for the application, you need to submit a few documents. Some of those include personal details, financial details, travel itineraries, travel history, proof of funds to stay, proof that you can pay for your air travel to and from the UK, and that you will leave the UK at the end of the visit. The costing of the UK visit visa from India depends on the stay duration.

Pro Tip: Apply for the visa as early as possible as it might take more than 6 weeks to process a standard visitor visa application.

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  • Read the Health Advisories

Due to the outbreak of COVID – 19 and monkeypox, health advisories for international travellers might change without prior notice. Hence, it is advisable to know the rules and regulations before entering a country. Furthermore, as not all COVID vaccines are acceptable globally, you must complete your acceptable vaccine doses before the journey.

Pro Tip: Check local news channels and read the online local news to keep yourself updated with the regulations.

  • Follow COVID Protocol

While visiting the UK, it is important that you follow every rule issued by the authority for the general public and international visitors. Any violation can lead to legal problems, which is the most unwanted thing on a trip. Therefore, as a general COVID norm, maintain the minimum distance and take preventive measures as put forward by the government for the tourists.

  • Get International Travel Insurance

While travelling abroad, it is essential to have travel insurance to cease unnecessary monetary flow. Moreover, international travel insurance can insure against flight delays, medical emergencies, loss of wallet and passport etc. Hence, opting for it is a smarter way of travelling, and most insurance providers provide two options – the basic and the comfort option. Also, online travel insurance provides the facility of easy claim settlement with minimum deductibles for an insuree.

Hence, proper planning and budgeting are the two primary things for a UK trip. Furthermore, if you are a first-time visitor, make sure to know the rules and keep emergency cash within your reach. Also, apply for a UK visit visa from India at the earliest and know the regional etiquette. Lastly, try local cuisines, explore narrow lanes for beautiful pictures, and get ready for unpredictable weather.

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